Photograph – Ed Sheeran

Hello everyone, and welcome. Today we study “Photografh” by Ed Sheeran. We must first lowering of a tone
1/2 the top rope, then the G will become a E. The song arrangements are only 4. Prime is a MI taken in this way: putting
3 of 5 on the Seventh String button and 2 of 4 on the Sixth String button. According to the agreement it is a C # -7. We take as a power chord to 9 button,
then the one on 9 of the Sixth Key Rope, 3 sull’11 Button Rope 5 and 4 sull’11
the IV chord button. Then we have a B4, Power Chord at 7 key,
then the one on the 7 key of 6+, 3 9 5 on the rope and the key 4 on the 9 key
4 of Rope. The latest agreement a A9, Power Chord always
on 6 Rope: with 1-5 Button 6 Rope, 3 7 on the 5 key and Rope
4 of the 7 key 4 Rope. Rhythmically we play this way all
Down strums. Simple. The first part will be played then stopping the
Ropes. One-Two-Three and Four
But we will give accents. First in groups of 3 and 2 from the last. So: A One-Two-Three-Two-Three ….. They will be always so Ottavi
the duration of the notes is always the same but only change the accents. Emphasis is put on 1 Pennata on
4 Pennata and then on 7 Pennata. The introduction we play it this way:
We position the Finger 3 on 4 2 Key Rope and with the Right Hand will play 6, 1,
Rope 2, then 6:01 the same time, but 2 in the meantime we removed the finger, then
Vacuum play. 6 Then again, this time with the 5 key
3 of rope that will play with your finger 3 of the Left Hand, and then we’ll slip
the 4 button. Repeat 2 times. We do the same thing but this
Once we place the finger on the C # 2, 4 Button 5 of rope. Other notes will be identical. Practically, we play the C # instead of
I Basso. Same thing for the next agreement, but
This time we use another Basso which is an SI: 2 of 5 Corda button. Here, however, it has to change a little fingering
the Left Hand. Always with the finger 3 beginning on 4 key
the second rope, but we will use the little finger, that is, the finger 4 to go on the 5 key 3 Rope. Final position: 5 Rope Empty, exactly
like the one location but use the 5 Rope Empty. One Two Three Four
Let’s try to sing the song.

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