Photographer Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk Bio | PRO EDU Instructor

(soft music) – I have the constant
urge to just make stuff. I feel good when I can create, when I can translate what’s in my brain like to a visual. I painted all my life and I was drawn to the weirdness in painting
and the freedom you can have because you can create
anything that’s not real. I kind of started in
the multimedia sector. So, I did that for a while until I gave birth to my first daughter, and then things changed. I always kept on painting, that was a good thing
because that was for me one thing to relieve my stress. Then in my private life things changed and I met my husband. Together we have five kids,
so we’re a blend family. That’s a lot of dynamics
going on everyday. I had to stop painting because we don’t have a lot of space in the house to paint anymore. So I had to find
something to replace that. I started going into
photography by accident. For me, the zoo was a way
to get to know my camera and experiment and make a lot of mistakes, but it also gave me the time with no pressure to experiment. That was also the moment I was more aware that I needed to do more than only taking pictures at the zoo. The moment that changed
my life in photography was a little Facebook ad. Like okay you can shoot a portrait with a kind of painterly style. I never had used or seen a strobe before and it was very intimidating but I was kind of like,
okay, I’m gonna learn this. I went over there for just one afternoon and I got so hooked on it. I got the feeling I could
make a painting with a camera. Now I can use my painting background. I can use light in a way I was used to. I think when you really want to make something, you can do it. And don’t let yourself
distract by what other people think is right because I
think you create for yourself, and not for some judge at a photo contest. The most important thing
is to make a translation of what goes on in your brain and put that into an image.

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