Photography and Digital Art | Maryville University

(camera shutter clicking) The photography program
at Maryville is unique because it actually brings
together three different areas that photography covers. So we of course have our
critical thinking, conceptual aspect of the program,
which is the first pillar. The second pillar would
be the commercial work. The third is communications. When you come in as a
freshman, you take your foundations courses, you
take design one and two, and drawing, and then any
gen eds that you have, and then in the second
semester I took my very first photography course and
you take digital media, so that’s when you start
to learn Photoshop. It’s important that our
graduates learn how to create those images and understand
how to use those images, how to sell those images,
how to promote those images, how to collect those images,
and understand those images. Many of our students from
our recent graduates of the program have got
positions at companies, such as Brown Shoes,
working in the advertising aspect of publication. We have other majors who
went on to get positions with architecture firms. Last summer, I went to North
Carolina for the summer and I interned at Beaufort
By The Sea Magazine and it was a photography
internship, so I did all the types of photography for the magazine. I did event photography a
well as editorial shoots and then I also got to
do some advertising work for different local companies
that sponsored the magazine. Students excel in this program
if they are self motivated, meaning that they have a creative idea and they can run with it and
apply, adapt, and execute their passion to an idea.

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