Photography Composition: How to use negative space

to me negative space is very
counterintuitive I want to fill the frame with everything I got because the
picture in itself is a fraction of reality but on the other hand it has
some effects on the viewer and the expression your picture has so I think
it should be part of your toolbox so in this video I go through negative space
and what it will do to your pictures if you watch a video where the angle tilts
from the person being shot bottom-up or top-down and I think you will notice
that there’s a large shift in the impression we get of that person even
though the person basically it doesn’t do anything different just the angle
changes a lot negative space and photography can do the same it can
change the balance between your object and its surroundings so if the
surroundings takes up more relative to the total frame then your subject
becomes more fragile or more self-assured I don’t know exactly how to
express it but I think you get the idea that that it changes the balance in the
picture negative space it doesn’t really require that much it’s basically about
having some sort of surface or area that is one big uninteresting area for the
viewer so that their eyes naturally sliding towards the objects of your
picture and if there is no object in your picture then that becomes a problem
I think that pictures with only empty space they can be nice they can be very
beautiful like this example I’m showing here but I think also they quickly
become very boring because you simply miss the story what’s the picture about
you quickly get confused and say well what is exit
the story yeah but if there is an object you can basically use negative space as
this example show and I will let the pictures speak for themselves and hope
you enjoy them should you want to know more about
negative space I can highly recommend the guy called Mike Brown he has a lot
of good videos and one that is particularly good is the one about
negative space I will post a link to it below so you can enjoy that video as
well but otherwise thank you for watching take care bye

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