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We’ve been getting lots of request to update
our “What to Buy to Start your Studio” list. So, here’s the updated list for 2017. You know after working this business for 25-plus
years, I really understand the things a photographers and videographers face. I know the industry. I know what you need to overcome the problems
you face. Sit down with me in a mentoring session. I’ll help you overcome the problems you’re
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your problems. Hi, this is JP Morgan. Today on the Slanted Lens, we’re gonna take
a look at that how to start your studio, the equipment you need to buy to start your studio. From three different points of view, we’re
gonna update it today. We’re gonna look at those three different
places to enter into the market and to be able to put together enough equipment for
you to get out, take pictures and make some money. Now that’s what this is all about. It’s giving you the equipment you need…when
you say start your studio is to start to make money in photography. This list is starting your studio from scratch. It doesn’t take into account…you may have
a camera and a lens already or you may have a computer already. I think the one thing we didn’t put in this
list that you really kinda have to have is some way to look at images. A computer, a laptop, some way to be able
to look at images. Does not have to be Macintosh, does not have
to be a brand new Macintosh, but some way to look at images. That’s not included in these numbers. This first category is $1300. This is a very inexpensive way to get into
the market to be able to make some money. It’s around $1300. Let’s take a look at it. First, a Canon Rebel T7i. It’s gonna have an 18-55m lens, it’s a kit
lens. This is a great entry point. When people ask me what camera should I buy
when I just wanna start in photography, this is the camera you should buy. You can go down a little more to the older
ones, to the T5i or one of those as well, but the T7i is brand new. It comes out in March. It’s a great place to start. With that, you’re gonna have to have some
way to augment the light. So, I got a Photoflex MultiDisc Reflector
in there. So, you get that reflector so you can bounce
a little light in on the person. You’re gonna be shooting mostly with natural
light with his kind of $1300 kit. You’re not gonna have money for strobes and
things. You’re gonna need a stand to be able to put
that reflector on so that Coupe [SP] stand is kind of the universal stand. That stand will last you your entire career. It truly will, and you’ll probably abuse it
to death. Then we’re gonna have a SanDisk 64 Gb card. Interestingly enough when I did this lesson
last time, you could hardly get a 32 Gb card for this price of $35. Now, you can get a 64 Gb card. So, things…those cards have dropped down
in price quite a bit. An A clamp so you can just clamp your reflector
on the stand. And we’re gonna add a tripod, the Vanguard
Alta 233AGH tripod that has the pistol grip on it. The reason I put a tripod in this kit, and
a lot of you are thinking, “Wow. I would probably never use that.” I want you to learn how to use a tripod. I want you to learn what a 1/4-20 is. I want you to learn how to put your camera
on it. I want that to become a part of your work
flow. And think about times you’re gonna use that. You won’t always use it but you use it sometime. And last of all, we gotta have a card reader. That way you’ll be able to read your cards. You can look at it on your computer. So just to recap the list, we got a Canon
7Ti with a lens. We’ve got a reflector, a stand to put that
reflector on, an A clamp to hold the reflector. We’ve got a tripod to start to learn how to
use our tripod, and we’ve got a card reader and a card. And we’re off and ready to go. So, in this next kit, we’re gonna raise our
price to almost $3000. It’s gonna give us the ability to get a little
nicer camera some things. But it’s gonna give us some options we didn’t
have in our beginning kit. First we’re gonna start with the Canon EOS
77D. This is a new camera that’s just coming out. It’s a crop sensor camera but a fabulous camera
with a great pixel count. So, check that one out. We’re going to put with it though a 28-75mm
lens. It’s a crop sensor lens, so it’s made for
that camera. So, it’s a true 28-75 2.8 lens. But that’s more of a wide to portrait lens. And I like that lens a lot because of that. A 75mm gives you the ability to get on the
face a little better. It’s a nicer kind of portrait lens. We’re gonna also go now with some strobe. We’re gonna do two of the Baja B4s. So, they have two B4s. Those B4s in that battery platform, you can
take that out on location, shoot anywhere you need to whether it’s just a fabulous way
to work. But with strobes you gotta have several things
to support them. We’ve got a wireless transmitter, then we
gotta be able to modify our strobes. So, we’ve got a Photoflex Extra Small OctoDome. I like the OctoDome because it’s round, it
gives you a nice catch light in the eye. It’s just a pretty look for me. And one Photoflex convertible umbrella. I love that convertible umbrella because you
could pull the cover off from it and shoot through it and get a beautiful light like
that, or you can leave the cover on and bounce out of it. It’s a great light. So, then we’ve gotta have a speed ring for
our softbox. We’re gonna add that as well. And we’re still gonna keep our Photoflex MultiDisc
reflector. We now have three stands, one for each of
our heads and one for our reflector. We’ve got our 64 Gb memory card, a card reader,
an A clamp, and our tripod, our Vanguard 233AGH tripod. And there is our $3000 kit. Now, in this last kit, we’re gonna go all
the way to almost $5500. It gives us a lot more options. We’re starting to get into more professional
equipment and equipment that last you throughout your entire career. We’re gonna step up to an older camera and
there is a reason I do this. I like the EOS 6D. I like the 6D because it’s a full-frame camera. You have the ability now to have a high pixel
count on a full-frame, just gives you gorgeous images. But it’s a very inexpensive way to get you
into the market. If you’re gonna get into that full-frame world,
and I think you should. So, I think it’s a great camera. We’re gonna step up to a 24-70mm. So, a true 24-70mm, it’s a Tamron, 24-70 2.8
throughout which give you a great lens to use on that full-frame camera. We have our Baja B6. So, we have a B6, so a little more power. And then we have two of our Baja B4. So, we now have a three-strobe kit, so you
can do three-point lighting. You can have a key light, a rim light and
a fill light, and just be able to set things up in the studio and on location. With those Bajas, you have the ability to
be outside, inside. It works fabulously. We’re gonna have three speed rings now, so
we can put modifiers on all three of the lights if we choose for or just one, two or three,
whatever we like to have. Again, we need our wireless trigger so we
can fire them. We now have three strobe heads, so we’ve gotta
modify those strobe heads. So, I’ve included an extra small OctoDome
which is very small and gives you a nice catch light in the eye, and a small OctoDome which
is a larger OctoDome. You could replace the small OctoDome with
a softbox, a medium softbox. Both of those would be interchangeable, two
very similar kinds of things. You have to decide which one works best for
you. Then we go to that convertible umbrella. So, we now have our three ways to modify those
three different lights which gives us some options. We have our speed rings to be able to put
modifiers on those lights. And then we have to have four stands, three
for our lights and one for our reflector. This is a very solid kit now. You have the ability to put up a reflector
and a light, or three lights and a reflector. You got a lot of options with that setup. Last of all we’ve got our SanDisk 64 Gb card. And I think on this one I’m going to sneak
in two SanDisk 64 Gb cards, because you’re gonna need them. And maybe even three. I’m thinking I always get three in this package
and still keep it at that price of $5300. And then we have our A clamp. We’re gonna have an A clamp for your reflector. And last of all, I’m gonna step up to a much
nicer tripod. This is the Vanguard Alta Pro 284 Carbon Tripod. They are light weight. They are fabulous to carry around. They are much more expensive, but just the
light weight portability of this tripod makes it worth the money you spend on it. So, there is your kit. Your 6D, your 24-70mm, your three monoblocks,
your modifiers, your reflector, your stands, your A clamp, your card reader, your tripod
and you’re ready to go. So, there you have it. There’s three entry points into the world
of making money with your camera. First one is just about camera and just one
little reflector. Second one is more about strobes to be able
to give you more ability to shoot in different places, different times. And the last one gives you a really nice full-frame
camera that gives you the ability to give you great images and a full, three-point light
system. So, check those out. Figure out which one works best for you. Take a little bit of each if it works for
you to do that. Most of this equipment is gonna last you your
entire career with the exception of the camera and lenses. You probably gonna wanna update those as you
become a little more professional. As you understand, you wanna do different
things, you’re gonna change those out. But the rest of the equipment is gonna last
you pretty much the rest of your career. So, keep those cameras rolling, keep on clicking. If you want just a great work horse lighting
kit, there’s this new StarLite Kit by Photoflex. We’re giving one away now, so get a word with
us at and sign up today. It’s the lights, the softboxes, the stand
and the case. So, get over there. [00:08:06]
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