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  • Can't wait to tell you guys who my very first editor is going to be!

  • I love how these guys can take the simplest scenes and locations and make it look so badass!

  • Freaking uncanny!

  • Just a tip for fps, it depends on what you're shooting. If you're doing a lot of action sports or fast pace moving things, its better to shoot in 60fps than 24fps.

  • It's like hanging out with you twice! 😂

  • Love raw video. Hate the workflow but love the dynamic range, sharpness, and grain you get. I use magic lantern on my 60d for raw video.

  • 🤙🤙 good points

  • That is bad hair Matti lol

  • hi ,nice episode Matti

  • Peter and those Off Whites!

  • Thanks for the helpful tips Matti and Teppo! Great stuff here. Can you talk a little more about how you ensure you are nailing focus for video when filming broll? I film on a GH4 and often find myself using the little "auto" button to pull focus quickly when shooting broll. It works well but I would love to know what tools/steps you use to help you nail focus every time. Thanks!

  • Hey Matti. Thank you for this awesome tips. They’re really useful especially for a beginner like me in understanding more on the difference settings in both land. Also, those quick tips on what settings to begin with when you’re in the field are awesome too!

  • Does the 180 shutter rule apply for slow motion frame rates? (120, 240, etc)

  • Well this one cleared all my confusions😊😊

  • Thanks again for the tips Matti and Matti Double…always helpful

  • So, I am a photographer and I am traveling through whole Europe with my Family the next 12-18 month. I definitely want to film a lot to simply document the journey and I would love a cinematic look. For the first 4 weeks I mainly shot 100fps, cause I simply don´t know if I want the clip to be slow motion or not. I am not that experienced to see the difference yet, but how do I decide if I want to do slow motion or real time, while shootig run & gun?

  • Hi Matti!

    Great channel and great work. I’ve been doing video for about a year and learned so much from you, Peter, and other YouTubers.

    I wanted to echo an earlier comment that newbies could benefit from you explaining more about how you used your ND filter for that particular clip.

    Also, maybe tell people the dangers of auto white balance. I didn’t really think about it until one of my clips turned from blue to green while filming because the auto setting changed!

    I’m embarrassed that my first comment on your videos is criticism/feedback…you’ve been a wealth of knowledge and I’m so so grateful!

    Thanks again,


  • Nice ^^

  • Hahaaha I love when the Finnish accent pops out when you called your brother

  • I know there are other vids out there, but would love for you to cover more examples of the different frame rates and the effects they have (instead of just explaining it)

  • Amazing video as always haapoja's brothers haha

  • Yesterday was my 38th birthday and I really wanted a one wheel but my friends told me its not for girls! You have made me fall in love with the one wheel!

  • Hai! I'm wondering how you keep your exposure at the same level since you stuck with all settings – lowest iso, 1/48 and let's say f/2.8. Should be at least ISO auto? cheers!

  • Can anyone help me with this question: Hi Matti! Why not shoot at 60fps all the time so that if you didn't know at the time of shooting that you wanted to make the scene 'slow mo', then you have the option….versus shooting at 24fps and not have the option to slow it down because you don't have enough frames (and you don't want to remap the video speed percentage). Would a 60fps clip placed into a 24fps sequence be the same as 24fps straight out of camera?

  • Excellent video as always!

  • how many stops for your ND filter ? and what brand are you using ? any recommendation for nd filters

  • Hey guys–what about ISO increments of 160 on Canon DSLR for video? Is that still a thing? 160, 320, 480, etc?

  • You didn't touch on how you set your ND filter in your example to prevent it from being blown out..?

  • Question for video-I want a 4K camera, would you recommend 5dmk4 or Sony a7s?

  • Hi Matti! Thanks for all this info, I have a quick question: Variable ND filters range a lot in price, is it a false economy to go with a mid priced one like Gobe available here in Canada on Amazon, or is it best to spend more? I guess you get what you pay for, but also want to budget where possible.

    Also, do you buy one for each thread size or use step up/ step down rings? Any tips are much appreciated! I’m ready to order! Keep up the great work, love your videos 🙂

  • hey matti, im wondering if it is worth having a photo camera and a video camera, for example if i like to use a nikon or even pentax which are great stills cameras but lack good video esp in autofocus for vlog style videos and then have a second small sony to shoot video with. Is this a good idea or should i not use nikon and pentax if i intend to use some video and just use a sony for example. Thanks 🙂

  • Anybody know what lens teppo was using??

  • I wish that you would have shown some samples of what the video looks like when you shoot in like 60p at a 1/3000 shutter speed. I see so many people doing that and when you say something they get all pist.

  • Another tip always buy quality ND filters….. never put cheap filters on nice glass. Tiffen is good and so is K & F

  • As someone who jumped straight into video but has no photography training, this video was SUPER helpful. Thanks guys!

  • Hey Matti! It will be nice if you do a video how to setup your camera mode for videocraphy / photography and both!! Thanks!!!

  • sure … u look the same hahahahaha

  • 👍👍😎👍👍

  • Matti, While riding the 1 wheel the audio was amazing, what settings do you have your Rode Pro+ set to? HPF @ 75 and +20?

  • I wouldn't completely agree about the 24 fps that it looks the most cinematic. Because Marques aka MKBHD always shots 30 fps and his shots are stunning

  • Hey Matti, great video! Did you know that you get the greatest dynamic range out of the 1Dxii at 400 iso?

  • Thanks! I'm just getting into videography and this was really helpful. Any more videos on avoiding rookie mistakes?

  • thanks man love your videos always a lot to learn and your delivery is great

  • Hello friend, we love your videos

    What you recommend us more to filming, talking about filters

    a polarizer or neutral density ??

  • I've heard some filmmakers say that they shoot everything in 60fps and simply conform it into 24 when in edit. Obviously there will be a lot more data space consumed on a given shoot, but are there any other drawbacks to this practice in your opinion? Thanks!

  • Regarding FPS; I keep hearing from yourself, Peter and others that 24FPS is the way to go; yet when filming on a motorcycle 24 FPS is choppy where as 50 (PAL) or 60 is much much better and this is the frame rate many YouTube motobloggers use. Thoughts ?

  • "Matti ja Teppo, Teppo ja Matti."

  • You guys are so good looking, Im having a hard time concentrating on what youre saying…..

  • As far as ND filters go, do you used fixed value ND filters or variable so you can adjust easily on the fly?

  • Great video. I'm learning alot here. So… The ND filter, is that used at all times of the day?

  • Almost your twin

  • Awesome little video right here. I want to get a one wheel so bad

  • Hi Matti, nice video! Just a question: when you selected your camera settings (24fps, 1/50s, etc) you didn't mention about the ND filter? Do you just turn it until you get the proper exposure in Live View? How it works? Thanks!

  • I learned so much in 11 minutes that I never really knew, massive thanks!!!

  • I am seeing doubles… but in a good way.

  • Do you film weddings in 24fps or 30fps?

  • Bum! This is it! :Db BIG thanks for this video, this is exactly what I was looking for. Simple but pro tips 🙂

  • I think you can do better with your sound, because every time you speak I volume up and then the music in between is loud for me.

  • Do you work with Premiere Pro?

  • I’ve never learn so much in 1 video

  • good info, thanks guys.

  • What is that haircut called???

  • Thank you

  • Damn. 4 minutes and two ads before you actually start talking about camera settings… yikes

  • Really answered my question, thank you so much!

  • 24 fps was used in the old film days as a speed that was slow enough to conserve film (money) but fast enough so the normal human eye cant see stutters… with digital you dont need to worry about that. I can see why people won’t want to watch 60 fps. Its a little hard on the eyes but there is no reason not be shooting at 30. I and many other can sometimes see stuttering in 24 fps. Most notable at the edges of the screen during slow pans across busy frames.

  • This video really helped me a lot ! Thank you!!

  • Geez, you guys look like twins

  • So then when you're shooting for video and you want a shallow depth of field you always focus manually? I'm assuming so because you probably don't want the autofocus to try and refocus every 2 seconds but then how do you get the assurance of focus done right? That question especially holds for moving subjects, how go you guys handle that?

  • Too much of talk…can be shorter video

  • a lot of people may not realize that around 10:20 – you would need the ND filter for those settings.

  • Its like hanging out with you twice hahahah

  • this was a very long video for a 5 sentence explanation. Would like to see more original content

  • Thank Sir

  • I like use my video camera's Kelvin white balance setting. I never use daylight, tungsten or AWB sittings. Always fully manual Kelvin setting.

  • So yes, im in photography land, trying to understand video land, and would love more videos like this!!

  • Double the Matti, double the fun.

  • Hi Matti, great video! You mentioned the SS needs to be double the frame rate in video, but what do you do if your footage is still overexposed on a bright, sunny day (using ISO 100)? Does an ND filter bring down the exposure sufficiently? What other options do you have other than using a higher shutter speed?

  • I am a beginning videographer and am confused about how to make footage look great when you go from real time to slow mo in the same shot. For example, in this video, it's done at the very end from around 11:00– 11:29. How did you make this look good? It must be in post?

  • Moi Matti Haapaoja! 🙂
    Oletan, että olet suomalainen profiili nimeri perusteella. Esitänpä nyt kysymyksen.
    1. Miksi videossa ei mainita PAL fps.iä vaan pellkästään NTSC fps:ät?
    2. Miksi tuplata shutteri (en koskaan noudata tuota juttua)… Jos esimeksi, joskuvaan 25 FPS PAL en siis voisi käyttää sii koskaan 240 asteista rolling shutteria enkä myöskään 90 asteista enkä tai siitä ylempää tai vielä alempaa 360 asteeseen asti.?
    Speed huttererissa sama homma, ainoa joka kelpaisi tuplauksessa olisi normaalistikkin 1/50, ei muut. En käsitä.
    50fps PAL samat säänöt tottakai. Tai NTCS 24-30-60-120 FPS.
    Minun siis täytyisi tuplata silloikin shuttri kun käyttäsin clear scan shurrerissakin? Jolloin siis shutterin nopeus pitäisi asettaa hertzeinä, enkä edes osaisi laskeasitä päässäni sitä arvoa.
    Slow Shutterikin sama homma.
    Joka tapauksessa noudatan vähän sääntöa, koska käytän lähes jatkuvasti 180 asteen rolling shutteria, muitakin käytän jos tilanteet vaativat niin.

  • Just so you know leaving your kid sibling to think he was alone is not nice. You're fortunate your brother can laugh at it today, but it truly is a traumatic experience — and by traumatic I mean the feeling never goes away…completely. But here's the thing, apparently, he still trusts you?

    Anyway yes, you and your brother are the type that people would think are the same person until they get to know you. Also, great topic and one I share with people all the time. Just never made a video about it. One more thing, did the two of you collab to get the hair parted opposite to each other?

  • great and informative vid guys! keep doing that like this

  • On the photography side, the mnemonic is, "Never forget your WIFE".
    White balance
    F-stop (aperture)
    Exposure (shutter speed)
    If you never forget your wife, you'll ensure you've got everything set to go before you take a photo.

  • Just subscribed and already love your tutorials!

  • Wow… I'm very new to the photography and cinematography world and it can be quite overwhelming the amount of things you need to learn. I'm loving your content Matti. It's well explained, detailed but also easy to understand the concepts. So thank you very much!

    Ps: I'm Brazilian and I've been living in Toronto for 5 years now. I just started my YouTube channel (this one I'm writing from) and I need to learn to make awesome videos like yours and Peter's lol such a boost in energy watching you guys 😍

  • Hey Matti I have the same Vans sneakers 🙂 The best I've ever had.. want to buy more, but cant find this model anymore

  • This video is a good example of horrible quality and serious vignetting. The video must have been shot using the same kit as you used to shoot that Red camera shoot with that fat Chinese Potato bloke, the results are exactly the same, horrible!

  • Your in a lane all by yourself🔥🔥

  • U all so cute ❤😊

  • Great video Matti. One question, I do get about the shutter speed, iso, and aperture in photography. But what picture style do you normally use on your canon camera when shooting raw? Is it neutral? Standard? Though I know you said it doesn’t matter what you shoot with but I’d like to know which one you usually use. 🙏🏼 Thanks bro!

  • Fantastic video, very helpful. Thank you very much, Matti!

  • The video starts at 3:20

  • You look the SAME. The first time i've seen him was on his channel. And i said this guy Matti's brother.

  • I really appreciate your effort on creating videos like this. You ppl look in to the details in such a level…. remarkable. For an instance, on 11:29 time, there is a fly disappears from the white pant. Of course there are much more.. It just caught my eye. Keep up the good work. Learned a lot of things from you ppl.. This is one of them 🙂

  • I think we can all agree you two look alike but troop had more of a baby face

  • Hey matti. I like you and peter McKinnon a lot.

  • Thank you for the priceless information!! It helps!

  • So shoot jpeg in video?

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