Photojournalist Street Photographer’s Camera Kit

I’ve been wanting to feature more
photographers on this channel for a while now. I had a really good opportunity
recently with my friend James. He’s been in Thailand for quite a few years, but it
came back to this area for a little bit. We were able to organize something
together. But we’re gonna go to different videos for this. The first one is about
gear. Of course, we’re gonna look at his equipment with his street photography. He
has a real large focus in journalism. I think is really oral history, which is
his main focus. With that comes all of the photos side of it. So we’re gonna look
at his gear this time. He has two different sets of gear. Two different
kits! We’ve got one for all the street photos and then one for all the extra
stuff like tripod work. Let’s take a look at that. Hope you enjoy it. When I do
street photography I do this. The 30 f1.4 or I do the 20 millimeter, because that 20
millimeter it’s… I I love the 40 millimeter on a full frame so the 20
millimeter is just that equivalent. At nighttime if I’m doing street
photography at night in Bangkok I’ll use the 30 millimeter f1.4
exclusively. (okay) And then even wide open it’s still pretty sharp, so the only
thing is that CA (chromatic aberrations) is really bad… The CA on that.. on that 30 millimeter is
so bad. So if you get like a sunset and there are cars coming at you… all of
them have purple headlights. (okay) yeah… Neon lights and fluorescent lights have
that halo around it. Any fluorescents have just purple all around it.
Kinda ruins it, but… A solid photojournalist lens. I use that a lot.
Rain, shine, winds, ice, sand and then… (The Canon for the stand-alone stuff?) Yeah!
(or as tripod stuff?) Yeah.. Anything I’m gonna do like a
like a panorama… And I also.. this is my Lowepro (Passport) Camera Sling III that I had to repair. I
don’t recommend this bag. (yeah) Like I do but I don’t because the zippers were so
poor that it just ripped open on New Year and I’m walking around with my bag like
wide open. But this zipper up here I’ve had to replace. And like down here I’ve
had to sew it back on. (yeah) But something like this is good for like.. I’m on the
motorcycle a lot and I don’t want to carry a big backpack. (okay) And if I’m like
out walking you know it’s really non-threatening you look like a tourist. No one really minds. And there’s space in here, space in this one for like a tablet. (oh right) So I put my… got like a 10 inch Windows tablet. So my Canon I got this
super super cheap tripod. It’s like a.. Zomei, but it is it’s the copy of
whatever that really popular model is right now. (mm-hmm)
As it goes for like a hundred fifty bucks. This one was I think like $100, but
it’s pretty solid. It’s pretty solid. And it’s… you can detach it. It becomes a
monopod… And then like you can put different
heads on it. I have a like a video head. I prefer the video head so I can get like
a smooth pan, if I do, if I do like a landscape or or like b-roll something. I
like that smooth pan. But this it was the smallest one. And when I came back to the
States I put the smallest head cuz that video had its like (yeah, yeah). My little
jelly rolls. I’ve got my Colorspace. This is my backup and then all the different
chords and stuff. And extra.. the extra.. cloth, keep it in a nice dry place. And then in here I have some Russian
lenses on my Pixco reducer where like this does EF but it doesn’t do focus.
These are autofocus chips that I can use on the 80D, but when you put it on the
micro four-thirds it just reduces, it’s not smart. (mm-hmm)
There’s no there’s no focus confirmation on it anyway with manual lenses, but…
(right) And then the lens that I tell everybody they should own…
It’s my Helios 44m and then these are like these are like if you can get
through it, but like its click-less and it… It’s really nice. The quality, quality is
better than it then it seems like it would be especially for an old lens. (oh yeah) And then I use the, I think this is a Pixco adapter, and they work (for infinity focus on EF mount) Some work some don’t. But I usually use EF lenses exclusively
on an EF body. I don’t I don’t like to put them on my micro 4/3rds. (right) So this is a
mess, give me a second here. So this… we’ve got… 24, is that the 24 or the 50… That’s the 40, 50 and then
this is the tank. It’s not a good lens. I don’t recommend it, but you can
beat it up. (okay) I don’t, I really don’t recommend that lens. Umm, and I’ve got your
standard like EF-S lenses in here. And then in here, this is my (okay, do you use flash much?) I don’t, only when I need to. And then in here I keep the 24 and it’s got its got
the (okay, variable ND filter) yeah the variable ND on there. (Yeah) and I mean
it’s it’s a super sharp lens it’s nice, but it’s not good in daylight. Yeah I
was thinking maybe you might want to try that 40 millimeter, but I didn’t I didn’t
think fast enough. And so I usually cram everything in
there, but for street photography if I’m gonna use this for street photography
it’s usually gonna be the 40. (okay) I’ll go like… (A little smaller?) A lot smaller, man. Especially unlike a 5D.
You put this 40 millimeter on a 5D and that big huge 5D becomes
(yeah) real tiny. I’m gonna take this quick release plate off. But so yeah this one’s got the red grip on it.
The red thumb because I’m always sort of like gorilla grip, man…
(ohhh) and then I use… I don’t use the… I have
the hood for this, but I don’t use it cuz it’s silly. I just use a little slim guy.
The hood for this it’s like this big. Really? Well if you travel a lot and if
it goes in an airplane with air pressure changes, and in Thailand you need this.
Especially during this time of year. That is a nice compact… even with the grip. Well so I can take the battery off and then it’s just super.. (yeah) super handy
(That’s interesting) Yeah, oh this? Yeah because my hand is so big I mean if I’m
not using… I’ve got some speed lights, but I don’t usually use them (mm-hmm) So yeah, put that back on there it fits my hand. (okay) I’ve got another one for the 80D
that I don’t have, but it kind of curves down and over. (okay) So it curves over the prism bump. (nice) But this guy I was really kind of disappointed when I
got this. I thought it’s gonna have two batteries, but it’s got one. How’s that
work? Well it’s because it’s so small. Because it’s so small it’s only… (Oh, it uses the internal plus…) yeah (okay) So it’s the… (yeah, makes sense) Yeah, but then
you’ve got the one the the internal battery… (The Pentax I use had that
set up. So you have to take it off to change the internal. Yeah, which is kind
of a pin in the … 8 and 16 gig (okay) and I have the speeds. I’ve marked the speeds. They’re
not very good cards. I have a plastic bag really tightly folded up. I have the battery
cover for my extra battery. (Okay) And I have I have a lens cloth. (makes sense!) You can stick SD cards in here. They’re great. It’s interesting to see
what kits other people use. Especially in different types of photography that I
don’t normally do. So with street photography is great to have James there with his kit so I could see what he uses. See how he works and learn from that. In
a future video we’re going to be going to the actual city market that we
checked out. We took photos at. Tried to talk to people. Take photos of them. A lot
of other situations that were pretty fun and interesting. Of course, all of the
links for his social media will be in the description. I’d suggested checking them out. Anyways, hope you enjoyed the video. I’m Scott from Photography Banzai. If you did enjoy the video,
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