Photomast MK2- Pole Aerial Photography – Hochstativ Fotografie – Hoogtestatief fotografie

do you want to know how you can take
your photography to a higher level with images like these the Photomast mark 2
for aerial photography is easy to work with a lightweight to carry around and
can be deployed on a few square feet to control your camera you can use any
Wi-Fi app on your smartphone or tablet you can choose any holder size to fit
your smart device the camera is attached to a monopod tilt head of your choice the photo mask bag can be rolled up into
a small package and is designed for protection and easy transport and can be
carried around by using the shoulder strap when you extract the photo mask
just put your toes on the rubber base to keep the photo mask grounded open the
quick-release clamps and start extracting the photo mask to the
required height the photo mask is made of the best high-density carbon fiber to
ensure stability and 13x because the photo mask is a large
monopod it’s easy to change the composition of the image by tilting it
forward or backward the 30 and strong high density carbon allows large angles
while keeping your camera safe and stable the new designed rubber base makes it
possible to keep the photomask leveled on any uneven ground without
slipping away because of the narrow space between the base plate and the
upper parts you will be able to move the photomask
in any required direction keeping the base plate fully connected to the ground
the photo mast is very sturdy and allows you to work in windy conditions keeping
your camera stable in the air with the app from your camera brand or an
external device you are able to control the camera and see what you are doing by
using live view this image was taken at eye level and this image was taken at 7
meters under the tilt head there is triangle plate mounted so you can place
the photo mask against a wall or on the ground keeping your camera safe
obstructions between you and a nice image can be easily avoided by bringing
your camera to a higher point of view within seconds the triangle place can also be used when
the photo mast is fully extracted just put it carefully against an object
walking around and working in urban circumstances will be easier because of
the compact shape and strong lightweight materials the new designed clamps are
strong and quickly adjustable distinguish yourself from the crowd by
presenting aerial images to your customers or friends and bring more
depth into your photography work the photo mask mark 2 for aerial photography
is designed by photographers bring your photography to a higher level
share your love for photography and go arial order yours at photo mask calm

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