Pokemon Go Fight Caught on Camera!

Get this stuff [grunting] keep recordin’ it it’s a Bulbasaur you f***stick [music] so I was in the house and I was putting the baby down for an afternoon
nap when I saw my front window that there’s this Black Dude and this Indian
Lady standing on my grass sort of staring at their phones and walking
around and then he said something to her and she said something to him and then a
fight broke out I saw that there was a Poke stop outside this house I thought it would be nice to set up a
lure module and maybe attract some rare Pokemon maybe even meet some new friends my homeboy who actually told me about
Tinder — What’s Up Ray-Ray! he told me to get this Pokemans app
right here so I went and got and I got these cool little characters like
dinosaurs and ducks and s***, You know then this guy shows up and he starts calling the
pokemon by the wrong names I don’t know just on purpose to
patronize me making fun of me I don’t know what his deal was he called Bulbasaur that’s Onion Turtle Geodude Punchy Rock Meowth That Cat with the Long-Ass Arms Ekans Purple S*** He called Diglet that’s Floor S*** right there and Dugtrio That’s Three Floor S***s he knew Pikachu but everybody knows
Pikachu oh yeah that’s Pikachu right there He called Weepinbell oh that’s Almost a Pear Weedle Party Weiner Beedrill Everybody know that’s Big Dick Bee bees don’t even have dicks it’s
a stinger she just like lost it and then this girl started screaming at me all crazy and s*** and I’m just tryin’ to catch these Party Weiners you know what I mean man, like this s*** is funny as hell And so I came outside and I pulled out my phone to record the fight [grumbling] playing this game [yelling] hey I said stop fighting [grunting] [more grunting about Pokemon…seriously] I’m filming this you better learn the game knock it off get off my lawn I said stop fighting Are you recording this? [slap] [grunt] Pokemon Damn Pikachu [grunting] Are you okay? [heavy breathing] Yeah? Come on, come on somehow they made up and now they’re friends and they’re still in my front lawn and they invited their friend you know if people can stop coming on to my lawn I don’t know how my house became a part of this game that everyone is playing on their phones but
whoever made the game if they could take 3921 Fologna off of the game that would be great are you gonna air the part where I say
my address? yeah could you not air the part where they
say my address also I don’t want to say “black guy” but you said “black guy” okay

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