[POV] Library of Congress | GoPro on my Camera

hey guys it’s Angela and for this video I thought I would do something a little different I’m attaching a GoPro on top of my camera so that you guys can see a little bit of what I’m doing while I’m out taking photos if you like this video let me know and that was my Segway and so here I am walking up to the Library of Congress it was a particularly busy day because the reading room was open to the public it’s a big deal because it’s only open to the public twice a year Presidents Day and Veterans Day and luckily I was able to meet up with my friends Mike and Rachel so I could explore the library with them I film this entire video was a GoPro mounted on top of my camera so I apologize it was a little shaky but I do think it’s really interesting to see what the GoPro camera saw compared to what I saw so this was actually with my 35 millimeter lens a completely different view when we got into library Congress we went through security and we went straight into the Great Hall it is amazingly amazingly beautiful definitely one of the best interiors in DC so we went there because we figured that everybody else would be waiting in line to go into the reading room and we wanted to take advantage of the less crowded time so when you go here one of the first things that you may want to do is to go directly in the middle where mark is standing right now and look about the ceiling is amazing like I had mentioned before I had my thirty five-millimeter on and as I was looking up it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for I wanted more space [Music] so that’s when I decided that I would switch to my 16 to 35 I ended up using that lens for majority of the time that I was at the Library of Congress is just a great wide-angle lens that you can walk around with so I went back to the middle and tried it again this turned out better but I think I could have gotten lower or maybe tried something a little bit wider to really get everything that I wanted in that shot I’ll try to get next time I also found that having the GoPro mounted on my camera made me a little more hesitant to take fertile because I was worried about how the video would turn out or if we would look really awkward I don’t know I just thought that was an interesting observation [Music] after a few more images around the Great Hall we ended up going up the steps and to the second floor but taking a quick second in the middle of a staircase to pause and to capture a pretty cool image of the first floor and second floor all in one frame [Music] now that I’m on the second floor I turn to the left and go to the middle of the hallway I’m standing at a similar view of where I was when I was standing on the steps but this time I’m a little more elevated and you can see the difference [Music] now this is the view my favorite view from the second floor is when you’re on the west side of the building facing towards the main reading room visitor gallery I just love all the layers that the columns create and in the circles that are in the windows just everything here is lined up so beautifully and again you’re going to want to stand in the middle for this so you can get everything symmetrical [Music] [Music] so if you look behind you through the windows you see a pretty nice view of the US Capitol I just wanted to show you to give you a little context of where we were but now I’m back trying to capture some images of this beautiful long hallway vertically since there were other people there it was a little difficult to get very centered so I just stood there and tried my best and just waited patiently until I was able to get into the center in situations like this when there’s a lot of other people around and you want your image to look a little different try to get down lower and get more of the floor so that automatically already makes your image unique when everybody else is shooting at our level [Music] here we go back on the East End of the building still on the second floor right outside the main reading room visitor gallery I took a few moments just to capture everything that was in front of me the columns the staircase everything and this pilling is so beautiful [Music] [Music] so here we go just a little preview of the reason why we are here on normal days this is just as much as you can see of the reading room so you’re standing behind glass and you’re only allowed in this little section of this viewing area so it does make it a little more challenging to capture an image from here I tried my best to look up and to look down but I knew I was going to be down on the floor anyways so I didn’t really try to capture too much from the spot and now I’m just trying to line up a composition with Rachel and the image so that you can get some perspective and some scale of what it was like being there now finally we’re headed down to the main reading room [Music] as you can see it is crowded in here the best thing to do is just to go off to edge and try to capture some images from there because you will be rushed out of this center area because there’s so many people around you’re walking so we ran into our other friend Zack and I thought it would be fun to take some pictures of Zach and Rachel taking some pictures and of course I had to capture some of my own images looking up in the reading room floor and it was at this time where I noticed that the desks at the library have this really nice reflection I was trying to get down low and trying to find all these different angles but I think it was the lamp that’s on top of the desk that was a little bit too distracting for me and I couldn’t really find anything that I liked and then at this point was when I noticed and the role of desks in front of me that there was this cool green hat and I was trying to see if I could use that as a foreground and the reflection I still wasn’t really working so that’s when I decided to switch to my sunnies 200 actually I think this is a really cool view from my GoPro that you can see the edge of the lens and you can really see what I’m pointing at but again the GoPro view and the 782 hundred views is completely different and then I obviously had his house AK how cool it is to have a GoPro on your camera so this was probably my fourth or fifth time being in the reading room when it was open to the public so sometimes it can be a little bit more difficult to find unique interesting compositions so I like having several lenses with me to try to change things up with the 16 to 35 I was able to capture these wide shots you are able to see a lot more of what was going on around me but with this 7200 I was able to zoom in on the details [Music] I said hello to a couple more friends and they went back out to the Great Hall to capture some more detailed images with my sonís 200 [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so I hope you guys enjoyed this it was my first time really filming a POV style video like this if you’d like to see more of these please let me know in the comments below or subscribe to my channel because I would love to do more of these this was a lot of fun thanks again for watching and I’ll see you guys next time bye [Music]

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