Practicing photography at the Pound Ridge Car Show – the beginners guide to learning photography.

hey guys welcome back to TohirT’s
channel Tohir here I hope you had a fantastic week are you thinking of
practicing your photography skills are you an amateur photographer semi-pro or
even pro who just wants to hone your skill well I have an idea for you I do
not think there is a better place to go and practice your photography skill in
the individual small bubble in the middle of the car show yes I am about to
talk for the third time for the third year in a row about the boundaries car
show and why it is one of the best place to go and test your camera let’s do this yes it is the third video it is the
third year in a row at this car show I am honestly having a blast for the past
two years I’ve made videos one about the car show itself which was also one of
the first videos on this channel so this place does have a width of that
sentimental value to me last year’s video was primarily about the attention
to details that the car owners put into it but this year as I was thinking about
my attendance at this car show what I’m about to shoot and what I’m about to
record I realized I never spent properly time at this car show actually taking
photos yes the one of the only guys for the proper camera did not take a single
photo last year this year was the year as some of you recall 2019 is the year
when I’m trying to hone and practice my photography skills and the surprising
thing was the weather it was very questionable on the day it was supposed
to rain yet it did not rain and the gray sky above the car show turned into one
of the best lightning effects that you can ever have as a photographer that
gray white sky was essentially that white box the professional reflective
white box that just spread out an even light throughout the entire area so
every single photo that you take is nice and even you don’t have to worry about
the Sun just completely eroding the details in certain parts of the picture
the car show itself was top-notch as always
year after year I’m amazed at the level of details and love in every single car
that is in attendance at that car show you can see how much energy people
invest into it and you cannot not be inspired for your own passion so yeah
I ain’t grabbed my camera and here are several reasons why you should attend
the pound rich car show next year or any other car show in the area to practice
your photography skills here is the setting you’re an amateur
photographer who is about to walk into this car show to take photos why reason
number one you will not feel singled out this kind of event the cars show the
poundage car show any kind of public event of this kind where you have a lot
of people walking in with their cameras their cell phones maybe their bigger
cameras professional cameras amateur cameras and just running through taking
photos and videos you will never have to worry about whether you look amateur or
not so frequently when we practice the photography skill or practice any other
skill that feeling of everybody’s watching us can really act to a
detriment of you actually practicing the skill and when you have a camera at the
car show you don’t have to worry about the fact that everyone’s looking at you
at how you take photos because they probably at the same time three other
older gentlemen using their cell phones to other kids
maybe using their cell phone other camera and a couple of other semi-pro
pro or maybe amateur photographers like yourself taking photos of the same car
as well so you can really just hone in and focus on the actual quality of the
photography and the details that you see in your frame rather than worrying about
how you look second reason why this is a great opportunity for you to practice
your photography skills in the visual diversity some of us are great at
portrait photography others product photography some others are amazing when
it takes the landscape shots yet when you are in a location like this in case
of bondage car show they host the event in this open park area so you get a
little bit of a landscape yet all those cars giving the opportunity to take
almost like product shots and all the people walking around those are your
models that you can take portrait photos of in action candid or non candid
whatever you want it’s all about you looking around don’t be afraid to think
about what kind of frame you want to create what kind of photo you’re going
after in practice practice the product shot in terms of the car practice the
landscape when you look at the entire event or practice the actual people
portrait photography when you ask certain people to stand in front of the
car and capture that moment or maybe just take a candid shot there are so
many possibilities all of them are only limited by your imagination and what it
takes for you to take a great photo is to look around find the right model and
snap that far the third reason is an opportunity to compare the notes so to
speak we identified in the first point that there’s
many other people snapping photos of the same cars so once you’re back home you
uploaded the photos from your card or from your phone onto your computer now
it’s a great opportunity for you to go to Instagram or Facebook and look up
other photographers work check out who else posted photos from Palm Beach car
show or any other car show or similar kind of event that you attended compare
how they took a photo of a particular car that you also have on your memory
card maybe they took a different angle maybe they focused on another detail or
maybe they found a completely different perspective on the entire scenery where
that car was located it’s all about finding those minor details what people
pursued and taking them on as a lesson of source that you can in future
replicate when you’re taking another photo of some other objects or maybe you
want to reach out to the photographer and learn from them why did they make
that particular decision in that particular photo the bonus perks specific to the poundage
car show is the fact that it’s free admission you don’t have to worry about
the cost of actually entering the facility you don’t have to worry about
any restrictions when it comes to taking photos or taking videos I love it there
is a reason why I consistently come back year after year to this show and the
community aspect is always strong in this kind of local events I had so many
brief yet fulfilling exchanges with different car owners they would see me
taking pictures of very specific details of their car and it would ask me why am
i focusing on that part what is so interesting to me about it I would use
it as an icebreaker to tell them the story of why I like personally in my
style to pursue the details rather than the bigger picture simply because I feel
like if you’ve never seen that video on the attention to details I think the
small minor details on every car will tell you how much love and how much time
people spend actually building up that project I love that exchange I love that
community aspect of it I love the interaction and the inspiration that I
gained from every single conversation so as I brought them in that even powered
me up more to take better photos to try and showcase in the best possible light
what those people are showcasing on the floor of the event here are a few
examples of the photos that I took as you can see I practice what I preach I
found my unique style when it comes to taking photography at these events and I
continue to hone and practice it I still find different details different tricks
and I still make ton of errors there are so many photos I think I took a couple
of hundred photos out of them I think Quorra are not really usable because
either I didn’t pay attention to some detail in the background or did not pay
attention to the focus so I’m still learning everyday and this is why I
think it’s important for you as a photographer to come out to this event
and keep practicing and now that I’m thinking about it it will be funny to
see the reaction of people on my Instagram because probably for the next
few weeks to a couple of months my Instagram will look like an ideal world
for any petrol head and to be honest I have zero regrets about it one of the
Testaments to how much I think all people out there loved the show was when
it started to rain yes some of the mostly I think convertible owners
freaked out and took their cars and left all the others remained there they kept
trying to wipe and clean up their cars because I think they a appreciated each
other and they enjoyed that community feel when they could get together and
talk about the cars and I heard so many different conversations about them
sharing the stories of how they were created how they replaced or how they
build from scratch some of those cars and for us attendees like myself it was
amazing to see that those car owners are there to stay they appreciate the fact
that we’re here to enjoy to inspire ourselves so maybe our kids with the
hard work that they put together so all of this combined just gives me so much
of positive emotion from attending it alone but when you come with the camera
and you get to practice your photography skills that is just icing on the cake do you plan to practice your photography
skills at the similar kind of event do you have the next year spot which car
show on your calendar and what are other kind of venues places maybe special
geographical locations that you think are great for photographers to practice
their skill at let us know and share links comments and geo tags in the
section below clearly I had a ton of fun at this event I am proud of quite a few
photos that I took go check out my Instagram and enjoy what I’ve created
hopefully you like it as well and definitely go and check out the Facebook
page and the actual website for the poundage car shows down in the
description below they’re amazing and what they’re doing and I highly
recommend for you to come back to this show as for me I’m a little bit said
that this year’s car show is already over I cannot believe that it’s middle
of September were already done with it but I am very much excited to see how
much bigger and how much better this car show will be in 2020 thank you very much
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button and check out the videos in the backlog and if you already a subscriber
thank you very much for stopping by as always liminal in a comment section
below what you thought about this video and I will see you all next Saturday
10:00 a.m. Eastern on this very channel completely off-topic but I actually get
a chance to test field tests if you have my new equipment pieces more on this to
come I think maybe I don’t know maybe not worth talking about in the next
video but I had a lot of fun and I got to energized for just in general taking
photos and I think that’s what I’m gonna go and do right now I’ll see you in the
next one peace you

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