Putting You In Your Place in Real Estate Photography with Scott Bunn : EPISODE 1 : Photography

August 5th 2019 is a big day our show
has been created the title of the show is Scott Bunn putting you in your place
and there’s you know I’ve been I’ve been searching for the name and I was driving
down the road listening to some music and all of a sudden hit me a lot of people are gonna be concerned
with the name and they’re gonna think it is too aggressive but we believe in it
and we’re not asking for permission we’re just gonna go be successful with
this name and we’re really excited to get started today I’ve got my media guru
Skye King and we’re just really the first episode here we’re still debating
it but we’re done debating it in private without doing anything we’ve collected
the equipment we have this makeshift studio here in the back of my real
estate office and and we’re just gonna sit here and try to format this show to
have some consistency to use other shows out there as an example and and to
create something that we can get behind and create good thoughtful content at
least once a week if not once a day you know like we really want to get this
thing to to a daily piece so you know a couple of my ideas you know just looking
at other shows and just things to rip from and to creating consistency I like
The Tonight Show you know the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show
so you’ve seen that oh yeah okay alright so you know I every Friday he does the
same thing write thank-you letters and sleeps all
derivative of David Letterman he’s the one that started the whole talk show
thing that talk show was all him right and everybody else is kind of just
kind of copied from him and taken inspiration exactly like some people
have done a really good job with it like Fallon and Colbert at all those yeah and
our premise is always gonna be well who are we putting in their place today you
know and and that’s not a derogatory thing that can be that can be like we
can highlight somebody you know we can we don’t have to always it’s not a
negative context that we’re gonna be putting people in their place and they
does something wrong you know it’s to commend some people it’s it’s to like
champion a you know champion their their thing their platform
you know like helping them grow type things so it’s not just it’s not just
like oh we disagree with that so let me put you in your place you know
it’s not gonna be it’s not gonna be that it’s not gonna be politically driven
even though we might talk about some political items or you know shout out
something that we disagree with when it’s not gonna get it’s not gonna get
crazy political so it’s not gonna be that type of show
so it’s just you know let’s just forget about the cameras and and just really
just hammer out like you know the opening of the show like the content of
the show like introducing guest of the show like when that’s gonna happen I
bring in people in like you know having them like you know we’re creating like
our version of a Hollywood show right so you know we’re gonna open the show we’re
gonna invite the guests in we might have multiple guests in a day right right my
two guests that’s how the Tonight Show does right and then they have a musical
guest right you probably won’t do the musical yeah but you know like we’ll
have the main feature and then we’ll have somebody that’s looking for a
platform okay so so what do you think about that like opening the show like
when you look at the time everybody’s got the theme music and things like that
have you thought about anything like that so first things first before we go
any further yet excuse as close as you can to the backdrop right that way
like you’re not blocking my light and you’re getting what else is coming from
behind you right so um for music so he just put me in my place so for
music what we’ll probably do is either just get free stuff from SoundCloud
because that’s what Gary Vee does just message or reach out to content creators
and ask them if we can put them in our show maybe like offer them like some
kind of something for that or maybe use epidemics sound because they’re the ones
that all the beg you to burrs use it’s just a small platform you pay 15 bucks a
month and you can use like tens of thousands of different songs and as long
as you’re paying for the license which is 15 bucks a month then you can
continue to use it so that’s a really good thing let’s just offer this out to
local artists too if a local artist sees this here’s this whatever and you want
some opportunity to produce our theme song or some
like that just say we can kind of boost you up and and get you get your content
driven to some people that might not ever hear it we would be open to talking
to you about that so from there you know as far as like you know the content
we’re going to talk about to begin with like putting like debating who we’re
gonna be putting in their place you know with with the guests so today today you
know we would be talking about you know who can we put in their place and how is
it relevant to something that you’re doing right and I think we bounced out
the idea of like photography you know our media you know and when I but I’ve
got a big problem with and what one of my big goals is here not one of my big
goals is to level everybody up I want to produce and help people become an elite
real estate agent or you know content producer or whatever it is like I’m
trying to help people level their game up and and one thing one of the things
that I see that just drives me crazy is someone that is a real estate agent
trying to take their own photography number one and taking it with their
iPhone in an incorrect manner you know like you know whatever the ratio is
they’re holding it straight up and down and they’re holding it like this and
they’re supposed to be holding it like this you know you know landscape
versus portrait or whatever and and not editing the photo and they it’s just
really bad so you know help these people with you know editing tips maybe or you
know so we want to put the real estate agent in their place
that are taking their own photos in an incorrect way is that so good yeah
sounds like a plan okay cool so let’s just talk about who’s influenced you and
like who have you researched and like tried to copy your style after you know
with just like you know proper strategy going into the
ass right talk about that a little bit well I think I’m currently going to film
school at Virginia Tech and they teach you a little bit about photography but
the difference between say like real estate photography and just kind of like
general video work is that with video stuff you can kind of be expressive and
you can kind of like cheat the rules a little bit you know if you’re if your
camera is kind of sideways okay why is your camera sideways you can just kind
of blame it on being artistic and say oh it’s a Dutch angle I did that on purpose
I just try to make it look good yeah whereas real estate photography there’s
very much a right way and a wrong way to do it and if you if you give these
photos you deliver them to your client say hey here’s your pictures your house
and pictures are skewed or that sort of thing there they’re gonna tell you
they’re gonna say what the heck is this yeah do it again there is very much a
right way to do that and the first I really say um the first place I started
looking for instructions was YouTube just because YouTube is just like this
huge plethora of information that anybody can reach out to there’s like lots of
photography blogs that sort of thing there’s a there’s a book that I found
through a photography blog called real estate interiors which is a really good
place to start if you want to do your own photography a little bit more
advanced than just like iPhone shooting and that sort of thing and we’ll try to
link we’ll try to link that stuff the things that the things that he’s
discovered we’ll try to link that stuff in whatever whatever platform that
you’re finding us on like will try to give you this information so you can you
can go and do your own research on these platforms because subpar photography in
the real estate game is gonna damage your brand it’s gonna damage it you know
when I can come in and show perfect photography versus someone that does
subpar photography they’re coming my way every time you
know it’s a differential point you know like what separates me from from
everybody else is the thoughtfulness and the care and my aggressiveness to do
everything that should be done so the small things just showing up every day
and making sure that you know things are done properly and photos are number one
photos are so important I think more and more people kind of shopping for houses
the same with your shop or things they might go and they might see the
house they’ll have it appraised they’ll do all sorts of things but at the end of
the day when they go home to their house they were sitting at home on their
laptops and they’re looking at all the pictures of the houses they saw that day
and they’re saying okay I really like the kitchen in this one but if the
pictures of this kitchen make this kitchen look better they’re gonna lean
towards that one not only that if you’re trying to sell a house and your pictures
are really kind of like slapdash kind of like thrown together they’re not even
gonna want to see the house yeah because everybody checks the internet first a
lot of my friends who are buying houses now they told me that when they were
working with their buyer’s agent most of the houses they saw they told their
buyer’s agent about they they had like alerts from from Zillow and that sort of
thing and then their agent took them there to see it but the houses they
didn’t go to see were the ones that you know didn’t look good because of the
pictures yeah it was the pictures that really decide what they wanted to bother
to take the time to go out there and see them so if you don’t have good pictures
nobody’s seen your house our job is to create urgency as your sales
professional we’ve got to create the best story with the best photos that get
people to react in a manner that they feel like they’re gonna lose you know we
are very emotionally driven consumer here in our area here around Southwest
Virginia Blacksburg is where we’re located
you know people people tend to go and purchase based on things that they might
lose out on you know urgency but you know coupon cutting I always this is the
script I go to we’re very coupon cutting type of consumer you know when the deal
is a good deal we go and we buy it if we don’t think it’s a good deal it stays on
the shelf so when when the package isn’t it isn’t pretty you’re gonna get less
money then you possibly could get with a better-looking package so just just like
look at your own consumer behavior and when you when you see photos that are a
different aspect ratio’ every other photo it really damages the package so
so what I tried to create is something that looks shiny
that’s not dented up and that’s on the right shelf in the right aisle on
so the consumer goes out to that product first that’s what that’s what me and my
team try to do it’s got straight half the attraction of
buying a product really is the packaging that’s why companies like Apple spend
so much money in the beginning when they first started putting out iPods those
like beautiful packages that so that when you bought it you really feel like
you were opening something special and that’s why everyone else is copying them
now nobody just has like little cardboard boxes they all have those nice
like bristol board packaging is what I think what it’s called presentation
really is everything in real estate is no exception
you really have to do the same thing all right so again we’re putting the real
estate agent in their place that is still shooting on their iPhone look we
get it sometimes you can’t afford the freelance photographer they do charge a
lot and sometimes you just need to get your product on the market you know you
need to take the home to the market as fast as you possibly can so really I
think I think what we need to do is maybe do a tutorial of how I would shoot
an iPhone you know take take you through the house and how I would shoot with an
iPhone and you know the post you can still edit on the iPhone you know if you
can’t afford the freelance or in-house media person that can go out and take
your photos for you which you know there is costs associated with that but again
are off topic I’m gonna just kind of interject here on my own thought if
you’re not alright if look there’s we might have to edit some of this but
anyway there’s the same that goes if if you don’t have an assistant
you are one so that’s that’s really important like it you know if you’re not
a photographer don’t try to beat one you know you got a or at least take the time
to be thoughtful and go learn about it which is the point we’re trying to make
here but you know iPhone allows you to edit the photo there’s there’s filters
there’s color differences you know differentiating colors that you can kind
of move back and forth with like we should really show you guys how
do that and I’m gonna do that in another video all right so so that’s pretty much us
shooting on the real estate person trying to take their own photo you want
to maybe talk about some of the mistakes that we think that just like real estate
photographers might make or real estate agents might make when they’re doing
their own photography yeah like a whole two wall thing like some yeah I’m
strategy going through the house okay yeah so like you know how to make the
space look bigger and you know that type stuff okay so the first thing the
biggest mistake I see I see real estate agents making when they’re taking their
own pictures is they want to show as much of the room as possible so they
stand in the back and they get a picture of like the left wall center wall and
the right wall and you really don’t want to be doing that because if you can see
three of the four walls the person looking at the pictures they know
exactly how big the room is the best method at least the one that I’ve been
taught is called the two wall method you’re specifically kind of want to make
a diamond shape you stand in one corner and at the the center of your screen
should be the opposite corner so you only see two walls right and the reason
you do that is it’s kind of an optical illusion a kind of plays a trick on
people’s brains because the walls extend past the edge of your frame they don’t
actually know how big the room is because those walls could go on forever
obviously when you take the picture you take it in such a way so at the wall and
it’s just beyond the edge of your frame but because the person people looking at
those pictures can’t see the edge of those walls they think oh those walls
must go on forever the room is really big and obviously consciously they don’t
think that but it’s just kind of this thing that happens with people’s brains
where they can’t help but think that the room is bigger than it is because they
can’t see the edges so that’s the first big tip is that you really just want to
get to walls not three walls and we’re not really trying to manipulate the
situation where you know we’re trying to portray something that’s not reality we
just leaving some things to the imagination you know we want people to
call we want people to be excited to come to the home to actually see it live
so we got it that’s a part of the storytelling aspect of it all and the
strategy behind that is to make the space look as real-life as possible yeah
and we sometimes when you get third wall in there it shuts everything
down it actually makes it look smaller than real life yeah because the cameras
aren’t like like especially phone cameras aren’t like our eyes we have
like really wide visibility we have like really good dynamic range we can see
really bright stuff and really dark stuff at the same time whereas cameras
can’t do that so you kind of have to cheat the camera just to get the same
look that your eyes are see so so the terminology there and if you dig down
into it is we’re trying to give you a true to life experience and the only way
to do that is to to position the camera in a way that would leave the the
imagination open to a little bit exactly yeah and it’s it’s not that we’re trying
to like cheat anybody by showing them something it’s not they’re obviously
they’re gonna show up and see the house and it is something totally different
than what was in the pictures they’re not gonna accidentally spend $150,000 on
regret it later bill you don’t want to like make it so exaggerated or so
spectacular or anything like that they come in and say what the heck is this
yeah that’s not gonna help you and that’s not gonna help your reputation
you just want to take the best possible photos you can of what is actually there
so yeah after your life is is very much what we’re shooting for
pardon the pun yeah next thing I noticed a lot of real estate agents doing wrong
when they take their own photos is they take them in the dark
like they’ll turn the lights on but they’ll keep the window shades drawn and
that’s a really big problem because even though your phone will artificially
brighten the image it’s gonna introduce this stuff called color noise which is
basically like the sensor it sees just a lot of black and when it brightens it
there’s like these little dots of like color noise that get intensified what
you really want to do is you want to open up all the windows because when
people look at photos online they really want to see like a well-lit area it’s
super crisp and super clear and if you’re shooting with like the shades
drawn and just regular light you’re not gonna get that so that’s the second
thing I’d really recommend is real stations do is just get better lighting
just open up every window if the door is out of the shot like the front door or
something like that you can open the front door too yeah cool so I mean
that’s that’s good stuff man that’s really good stuff I feel like I feel
like you know the minutes we’ve been shooting on this I think it’s very very
very to the people that would stumble across
our content if there’s any questions that you have for Skye or me about this
just link down you know comment down in the section that would allow you know
for that you know if you’re on YouTube or Facebook or wherever we’re putting
this if it’s allowable to comment any questions just let us know and we’ll
jump in there and help you out further all right so so we’re done with that
little section how do we the transition period between you know the content that
we’re delivering versus kind of how we continue the show what do you think
all right there.these this would be a great time to run an ad you know you
know hey we’ll be right back you know like a five-second YouTube ad or when we
introduce the next topic yes because we got to make make it what’s coming oh
yeah right right right so stick around because next up we’re gonna have a
project gotcha so we have nothing really to deliver on
that right now realistically like Episode one you know we’re just trying
to debate this and have the cameras rolling so like future content right future
content I want to get I want to get my lender in here you know my my primary
referral partner when it comes to like lending and talking him you know we’ve
had this discussion in private you know have you know some entrepreneurs come
through you know kind of you know maybe deliver that questionnaire or something
like that I have something that we can start like thinking on and like
preparing for and that type Thanks so we need to look at like how how other shows
have done that the Joe Rogan show like how he gets his guests and how he has
things to talk about for an hour you know so that’s really interesting as far
as I tried to create this thing and and being able to deliver on like whatever
whatever schedule we set up right you know do you have any ideas as far as
like the second segment of putting you in your place so like we just finished
the first right so how would we transition into maybe like
a second type of like entertaining type of you know almost wrapping up the show
almost maybe something that’s just topical like
for example what was it the the festival that was just downtown this week he’s
stepping out stepping out they did a really great job this year I had a lot
of people friends tell me that they were going and they haven’t been in years
because it was a lot less corporate it was a lot less there was name there’s no
political stuff there at all from what I heard it was very much about building
community he was very much about like so there was no yeah there was they were
denying people that wanted in to push the platform right yeah like political
affiliations gun rights like all that stuff they were just turning those
people down oh yeah no it was it was all about kind of trying to help local
business owners and local craft makers and that sort of thing kind of come out
and get their their name out there so that people could give back to the
community and they could meet people locally that they might other not
otherwise meetings give me a we should probably try to schedule around like go
into some of those vent events and doing some work during those events to get
like b-roll type stuff just so we can kind of you know highlight some some
things to do around the area to work for other things
you know maybe besides this video that is a great that is a great little event
now to talk about it like a touchstone things just happened in popular culture
Avengers Endgame just became the best-selling movie of all time
Wow which regardless of how you feel about Marvel movies or if you’ve got
superhero fatigue or if you love them you gotta admit that’s that’s pretty
significant that like there’s so there’s so few cultural touchstones that
everyone experiences but that’s one that I think is like touching everybody
everybody was talking about that everybody’s excited about it that’s
really cool right so we get some debating to do the second half of the
show I was just racking my brain like things
that I think that are funny that you know like this morning at the gym you
know seeing seeing people do things out of the way at the gym like having a
segment of you know if we do it Wednesday show well it’s it’s you know
etiquette in the gent like putting you in your place at the gym you know like
everything’s gonna start with putting you in your place yeah so putting you
put putting you in your place at the gym half reppin’ you know I not doing a full
range of rep you know like half reppin’ you know and like you know just trying
to like educate people that are in there like doing too heavy away and not doing
that for like the guy was literally like I think he was on the row machine and
he had like three plates he had like three plates on the row
machine and he was doing this I you know like you need to go full range of motion
to actually complete a rep just some silly stuff like that we could just talk
about like two or three things like that and then that could be like oh maybe
like we’ll get someone hinting that we might either first ever now we’ll get
someone local for that or maybe for like a gym thing oh okay like a personal
trainer for that or someone yeah exactly said like the end of like one episode is
kind of like the beginning for the next kind of or at least like for shattering
or you know introducing the next encounter and we need to I guess we need
to be consistent on our time we need to we need it like everybody’s show is
either you know a 20 minute show or 47 minutes show you know that type
thing run time 30 minutes with a couple commercial runtime 47 minutes with a
couple commercials mm-hmm you know for an hour time thing or do you know Joe
Rogan I think he spends an entire like two minutes of his show reading of all
of his ads before he actually gets into the show or something like that so one
thing a lot of people do is instead of running as that might be like
unrelated to their interests like I have like a lot of youtubers that I follow
that like do card games and so they spend like the middle of their show just
talking about like oh these are the products that we like and they sponsored
the show yeah so if we have something like oh we really like this camera or we
really like this local sign shop we can put the word out that way yeah
so what you know the study that I’ve been doing in the video that I sent you
with the two real estate guys and the one got talking about his ad revenues
yeah from yeah that was pretty that was like eye opening like what that can do
so I mean you know we’re not trying to create content just for that we want to
be valuable we want to up everybody’s game but we feel like you know we feel
like we want to you know have an opportunity to do that type stuff too so
I just think that’s very interesting in I like you know meet Kevin he was
talking about you know well he can do it I can do it you know that’s how that’s
how I feel like we’ve been debate I’ve been debating doing this for years you
know trying to collect equipment get familiar with equipment not like the
equipment get rid of it like finding excuses to not actually get started so
no matter how raw this is you know this studio setup you know the the stuttering
the tripping over words maybe you know the we still need about we still need to
get good equipment and obviously we’re gonna outgrow this little space right
here and have to do something if if we’re getting a hundred episodes deep
and we’re running ads and we’re getting sponsorships and things like that and
we’ve got any influence about putting people in their place then we’re gonna
have to get some better type studio but we were tired of talking about it and we
just we wanted to get started and here it is so today August 5th 2019 putting
you in your place is a real thing and we’re gonna continue to do it and we
hope you enjoy it so I guess we’ll just wrap it up
there yeah hey man I really appreciate you you guys just so you know you know
he is very talented I appreciate everything that you’ve done up to this
point like you are making a big impact for me and I hope it’s making a big
impact for you and like wherever you know wherever this is gonna take you I
know you’re gonna be successful so I appreciate you know just a moment of
your life here with me doing this is amazing yeah absolutely I could be
working anywhere I got friends working at McDonald’s and that sort of thing but
instead I’m here doing video stuff which is what I want to be doing so well I’m
glad that we can partner up on this and and maybe make an impact yeah cool all
right guys

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