Q & A with Tatiana Kurnosova | TAG Fashion Photographer

Hey guys! Tatiana’s here and today I’ve decided to shoot a photographer TAG video Well, the first question is : How did you get into photography? Well, I got into photography while I was in Japan Everything was so inspiring, so I always brought my camera with me And I was photographing just everything It was so beautiful, so interesting! Well, I guess it was the time when I fell in love with photography Is photography a full time job for you? – Yes, it is. What camera do you use? I use Canon 5D Mark II It has been with me pretty much from the beginning of my career and I’m OK with that. OK… Lightroom or Photoshop? – Photoshop. I don’t know… I just don’t like Lightroom… Actually I prefer not editing photos at all. But if required, I will use Photoshop. How much time fo you spend taking photos during the week? Well… For example, I can have 3-5 shoots per day if it’s model tests Oh, it’s always different, because it depends on the job you get If I have a serious shoot or something like catalog or lookbook it probably will be one shoot per day
because it usually lasts from 6 or 7 a.m. to midnight not usually but it can be When was your first shoot? My first shoot was also in Japan I was photographing my friend. It was on the street and then on the rooftop. It was fun! Mobile or camera? In daily life I usually bring my phone with me And I photograph using mobile phone. But for work it’s camera, of course What’s the best thing about being a photographer? Well, I guess it’s being able to work with really talented people… Creative team… Meeting new people… I just enjoy the process. What’s your favorite subject to photograph? It’s people and garments. And beauty products as
well… I like seeing something new in people, in models… Different faces I guess… Well, that’s it. OK, and the last question is: What’s your inspiration for photography? My biggest inspiration is Asia and its culture And also I try bein inspired by everything around me… Everything related to art… Places, traveling… Interesting people. Yeah… Sorry, I’m nervous 🙂 Well, that’s it! Thank you so much for watching. Please let me know what you think in the comments below. If you’d like to see more
videos like this on my channel… Maybe some blogging or travel videos… What would you like to see on my channel? Thank you again for watching. Bye!

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  • a visit to Bali and doing shots here ❤

  • You did a great job!
    Would love to hear more about your process.

  • Hey Tatiana,
    I'm happy to see that you have not changed much character wise since your early time in deviantArt, your work has of course (I miss the colors, but that's personal taste. The quality of course is much better now).
    Keep on being so positive, humble, down to earth, and keep on laughing!

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