[Real 2PM My House] ‘Chansung’ Come On~ Photographer’s House

Hello, this is 2PM’s Chansung. It’s been a while to film Real 2PM. The place where I am is My house. It’s a real house where I am living. Why the light continues to off. Anyway, It’s the first time to publicize. Everyone, Shall we go? The sofa The table And cherries There are stuffs not matching with me For example, My mother gave nuts by thinking of her son. I am so glad I brought this sofa from the residence Mother moved pots around my house window because JeongGam ate them often. Isn’t it cute? There are pictures. This is the piano from fans This piano cover is not I purchased, but by mother did. One day, she brought the cover because of dust. I was surprised. Thank you mother. And, the summer is arrived. Mother gave a flyswatter to avoid mosquito bites … And This is Not a kind of the satellite cable But a speaker When I turn on the music with this I usually use it for monitoring, and I am going to play my song as a preview. Up to here Got it? I will play my song Good Anyway it’s like this Over this door is a dressing room It’s a dressing room. I cannot publicize at this moment This room is bedroom, Can you see? You can’t? There are Pla model(plastic model), which I assembled There are books. Little by little, I will show the parts Here is the kitchen… hold on The fridge Because my mother is taking care of it, I could stay in healthy. And this is kimchi fridge They are trophies, but they are not all. I brought them from the resident. Trophies such as a grand prize are probably in Jun. K’s home. Junho took some part of them. Our members divided the number of trophies This photo is taken with Shinhwa brothers… It was one of the contest programs, The God of Triumph! Yes, the program title was The God of Triumph There is the special point in my house. If I go outside, There is the laundry Take a look There is the balcony It looks very visible Normally, apartments or buildings have a river or a mountain view, Many houses can be seen from my place Everywhere is a house and building, and there is a mountain in the far distance I photographed my members while working I will show you These pictures were taken during concert They came out great Aren’t they? Among members, Wooyoung is the photogenic in fact. He naturally treats me as a ghost. But that’s the most favorable as a model Jun. K is the next, then Nichkhun, then Junho.. Taecyeon is someone catches my camera too often He often looks at me. Even few meters distance away, he discovers me. I originally share photos right after taking To do that, I bring my labtop, I select photos, edit tonality and angles, then share Then the reactions from 5 out of 10 people are “Ah, I should lost weight” They are my recent works There was the chance to visit West Sea side to enjoy its landscape and have a class The landscape changed at sunset. So I photographed it. This was Chansung, the first runner of Real 2PM’s Our Houses How was it? They need many improvements This is my first own home that I had no idea to decorate the space. Yes, it’s an excuse. Anyway It was not enough, but if you’ve expected I will show more in another chance, so please watch it again And 2PM is going to have comeback sooner We really are going to present many great songs. Please expect a lot and give your loves. Thank you.

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