#ROGRigReboot19 Entry by PiggySam

Hi Linus, it’s nice to see you my name is Yancun
I know I have a hard name to pronounce but that’s because I’m from China I’m currently
living in Singapore in the exotic continent of Asia. People screw up my name so
badly that I tell them to call me Piggy. If you think this is not INTERNATIONAL enough then
who cares I will quit…just kidding… okay enough intro, let’s talk about my rig. I’m
just a normal kid who had no money to spare stuck with my laptop that can do
nothing instead I’d love to mess around in the world of cyberpunk but found no way, in the end, to run it on this junk. Therefore little poor me have no games to play. One day I told myself I had enough of it. Flipping through Linus’s videos finding for a fix. It was then that I realized…huh… EXTERNAL GRAPHICS CARD! Obviously I
couldn’t afford one so I decided to use my brain the greatest and latest graphics engine
one can ever obtain! But it’s a dual-core i5 so what do you expect? Such a
waste to use my brain with the CPU bottleneck! I GIVE UP So in the end who cares I will just quit. Already having the best computer up there in my brain! Hey man! You alright? Yah…Linus. You’d better choose him or he will probably go bananas…

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