Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera PROS + CONS!

What’s up guys I’m Ben from authentech,
and the Samsung galaxy s20s were just announced yesterday now is that new
camera system good enough to get me to switch off of my iphone 11 pro now in
today’s video I’ll be talking about the top 5 camera features that I’m most
looking forward to and some big cons that no one else is talking about first
up I’m probably gonna be getting the s20 now it has a 64 megapixel telephoto lens
now those high megapixel numbers are always flashy on paper but it’s not
about the quantity of pixels but it’s the quality of each pixel and on the
sensor now remember this iPhone 11 pro it records 4k 60 I think it has the best
autofocus and dynamic range of any video camera out there right now and it’s only
12 megapixels the s20 ultra has even more insane numbers it has a hundred and
eight megapixel primary camera samsung says with those higher megapixels on the
s20 ill have a 3x optical zoom and a 30x digital zoom which has cool potential
but of course it’s not gonna be used for everyone and on that ultra they say it’s
gonna have a 100x zoom which again looks very cool and it’s gonna be fun to play
with but I’m not sure how many people are actually gonna use that full
potential now I can see some parents using it snapping some photographs and
videos of their kids playing some sports ball game on the field or maybe those
neighbors you want to zoom not just joking in real life though just because
it has 100 times zoom doesn’t mean you need to use all of that range now it’s
nice to have that range available meaning if you’re at the concert or
wherever and maybe you want to zoom in 20 times or 50 times maybe use half of
that range that should help produce some better
clarity in your photos and videos but we’ll see once mine comes in I’ll
definitely compare to the pixel 4 which already has a very impressive digital
zoom the price tag on that s 20 altra is just insane it’s starting at $1,400 for
the 128 gig model then $1600 for 512 gigs that is a lot of money I personally
don’t have that sort of cash I wanted to shell out for a phone so I’ll probably
vine that standard s20 I like it’s smaller physical size plus its price tag
is way more aligned with the average consumer out there and even that is
still super expensive at a thousand bucks
I really thought phones on prices we’re gonna start coming down soon but I guess
not yeah so again make sure you stay tuned as when I get that s20 in I’ll be
doing real-world camera comparison tests versus everything you want to see number
two 8k video that’s right it’s here very funny that so many people don’t even
have 4k TVs or computers or other screens to view 4k video at and yet a ke
video is now rolling out now I don’t hate it because there’s some cool
possibilities for one at digital crop in and zooms and posts for example I’m
recording at 4k in this frame but if I start to zoom in and punch in digitally
well it’s gonna look pretty pixelated and soft and sort of junky but if I
record in full 8k and then punch in in different sections of the screen well
then you’re gonna maintain that 4k clarity and it should hopefully look
good we’ll see number three part of that 8k video feature that means higher
resolution sensors which in return hopefully means better looking at
sharper 4k video and possibly better image stabilization a big bummer here
though I saw they discussed the super steady feature in their presentation
yesterday and again it has cool potential but as a big boohoo I found on
their website in the fine print it’s still locked in at only 1080p like in
previous models like here on the note 10 plus a big disappointment and I really
wish we could have saw that awesome at steady stable ization and video at 4k
and another big bummer with that a K I couldn’t confirm on their website but
I’ve seen a lot of people mentioning that the a K video is only recorded at
24 fps max not 30fps now if that’s true I find it pretty lame I’m a big 30fps
guy so I probably would never actually even use the a K if it’s maxed out at 24
now another positive of the 8k video recording it basically allows us to
screen grab images out of the video clips so this means if we have a cool
video clip and there’s moment we want to save as a photo well
we can basically pull out a 33 megapixel still photo out of that video so that’s
very cool potential there one rumor I had saw going around before the
presentation was possible 4k 120 FPS that doesn’t seem to be the
case but I guess I’m not surprised I personally would have much more
preferred 4k 120 over eight K 24 fps but I’m not sure you guys let me know your
thoughts down below I’m guessing most people probably don’t care either way oh
and you guys let me know down in the comments if you think $1000 starting up
to 1400 Plus seems absurdly high for a phone or is that to be expected for a
phone of these sort of specs I’m not sure number for speaking of video
Samsung finally caught up to the iPhone on this one and we can now record 4k
60fps video on that front-facing selfie camera again that probably won’t affect
most people out there but for myself I’m creating content every day and sometimes
I need that front-facing selfie camera for framing up my shots and to record 4k
60 is a nice option to have one feature that I think Samsung has now one opt
iPhone at it can seamlessly switch between the front and back cameras while
recording a 4k video that’s pretty cool and I could actually see myself using
this once in a while number five a larger sensor again this should help
some key areas that could possibly affect the average user out there a
larger sensor should help in those tougher low-light conditions because
let’s be honest myself and a lot of you out there are usually snapping photos
and poor lighting conditions like inside and if I’m chasing my little guy around
who’s moving very fast all-too-common my shots come out blurry or soft I’ve
missed the focus hopefully this larger sensor should help honestly I wish there
was a lot more camera talk out there on the autofocus and dynamic range both
which I still think i phone 11 pro beats out the Samsung’s in all my past camera
tests we’ll see with us as twenty stay tuned now does the phone itself look
very cool absolutely it has awesome pressive specs like that 120 Hertz
display massive bad top tier processor and memory and so
much more that Galaxy Z flip what’s the hinge design dual videochat no tripod
needed for some camera shots very cool technology but again that price tag of
1380 that’s a lot of dollars and I’m not willing to drop that much cash on it
there is good news for a lot of people who don’t want to pay these absurdly
high prices meaning last year’s devices are coming down in price example that
s10 a I’ve heard good things about still good phone good cameras good display
it’s down to about $600 now that’s still not cheap but don’t miss Samsung’s
trade-in program I’ve personally used it before and they give a pretty penny for
older devices if you have any Lane around or if you’re looking for a really
budget phone then maybe wait for that upcoming Google pixel for a if Google
repeats what they did last year with their pixel 3/8 that was a very good
device for around $400 which is pretty cheap stay tuned for my hands on camera
comparison test coming soon versus the note 10 I phone pixel let me know your
thoughts down below thanks so much for watching guys and until next time
let’s live authentic

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