Saturn & 65% Moon Plus Unknown Streak – Canon R Camera & Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Lens

well hello there, I’m just out taking
pictures tonight but I thought I’d hit record anyway, here we are on Tuesday
November 5th, I think, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. up here in Northeastern Ohio and at the moment we’re looking
Southwest with Saturn being the brightest one over
there oops, let me shut that stuff off, there we go and over here in the south, there we go,
we have a 60-some percent lit moon there over to the right of the willow
tree, along with a whole bunch of stars and we are on the Canon, no we’re not,
we’re on the Tamron 24 to 70 millimeter F/2.8 lens and we are at the 70, the max
zoom it has and just to take a look at the southeast sky there hello, my shadow waves hello, okay
now, all right, lets uh get our wide-angle view here so that’s the Southeast and the south over there and the Southwest over by that orange
tree, that still has a lot of leaves on it and right before I hit record on here I
was taking pictures and something was streaking past I don’t know what it was
I couldn’t see it by eye, so it could have been a satellite or something I
don’t know, I don’t think it was a meteor like I said I couldn’t see it by eye so and I’m not sure if the video is gonna
pick it up but there is a large halo ring around the moon, what I see on the
monitor is like a double halo but what I see by eye is just the regular rainbow
ring oh and I did put it on 1080p 60 frames a
second instead of the 4k okay so just to check our settings here
we have the 1/8 shutter speed, F/2.8 for the aperture and the ISO is uh cranked up
to 20,000, and it will be interesting I’m going to just put the 4k on real quick
I’ll be right back okay there we go with the 4k so we can
see the crop zoom at our seventy millimeters and back down
to 24 see if we can get Saturn and the Moon in the same shot, nope we sure can’t, oops sorry, my big ole hand, so
there we go with the moon over in the south with a whole bunch of stars showing up okay and there we go, we’ll end up back on
1080p with our wider field of view as more and more clouds head on in anyway that’s good enough I just want to
get some pictures anyway but if I do put a video together I’m gonna wave hello
and goodbye to you so y’all take care it’s now
7:13 p.m. up here, bye now

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