Scanning Documents using an Android Device Camera (HP Smart App) | HP Printers | HP

Capture documents or photos using the camera on your Android device. Capturing with your Android device camera requires a minimum of five megapixels and auto-focus capability. Select the document or photo you want to capture and place it on a flat surface. On your Android device, open HP Smart. Tap the Camera icon. Alternatively, you can tap the Camera Scan, Camera Scan to Email, or Camera Scan to Cloud tiles. Focus the camera on the capture document as close as possible without losing focus on the image. Tap the Camera icon to take a picture of the document or photo. If you need to recapture the image, tap Retry. If you are satisfied with the capture, tap OK. HP Smart determines the document boundaries for you automatically. To adjust the borders, tap on the blue dot corresponding with the area needing adjustment and drag it to its new
position. Use the Zoom finder to accurately position your borders. With the image captured and all borders defined, tap Next. To capture any additional pages, tap the Additional Pages icon. With the document or photo captured, it can be edited, renamed, saved as PDF or JPG, saved to your device, printed on your HP printer, or shared through email or cloud services.

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