no guys, I did not convert to islam but this is a new video ! welcome to the new episode of 2 film shooters as the title says this episode was recorded in Petra which is one of the seven wonders is a city b built by a population called Nabateans about 2500 years ago in jordania. is a city built into the rocks, carved out by the rocks with modern system and building as aqueducts, monastery and so on petra is really a big city especially if we consider the historical period i also choose to put clip and photos of the wadi rum desert in this video beacuse is a stunning place and match really good with the colors of Petra my equipment was basically my yeshiva mat 124 g beacuse is a 6×6 medium format film and Is really portable I love this camera, her fixed lens is amazing and you just have to expose and compose . for taking a good exposure I use an App that Andrea and me suggest to everyone If you want to know more you can see our video about it is a very simple app, it works beautifully and in emergency cases it saves your life, and it’s free of course I choose to take 3 different types of film, a Kodak ektar 100, a Kodak portra 400 and a fujifilm pro 400H THIS IS : SHOOTING A SEVEN WONDERS – FILM PHOTOGRAPHY EDITION ok guys I’m here with Francesca and gas and we are going to the monastery and it takes another hour you are step on a shit! oh donkey shit, not we say poo and there are a lot of stairs, a lot STAIRS ONLY STAIRS we are really tired, we arrived in Petra at 9.30 am now is 2 pm look at Francesca’s face the sun is burning us there are 45 c degrees the yeshiva is always with me, let’s go we arrived at the monastery ! finally ! uuuh there is people riding donkeys! with the donkey is easier but we love walk. jeep is broken and there are camels I choose to shoot with the Kodak ektar 100 for the desert because is warm tones and I never tried it, so this is a test we are in a canyon inside the desert, with STAIRS what do you think about the stairs into the canyon ? Nabatean joke we have just lost a tyre what happened ?!?! we lost a tyre. and welcome back for the conclusions I hope you liked both the video and the pictures ! apologize me for the bad quality but for technical issues I was forced to use my iPhone to record I really love jordania and I suggest to you all to visit this beautiful country ! bye guys and see you in the next video !

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