Scottish RED DEER RUT Part 1: Deer, Downpours & Ditches | Wildlife Photography | Nikon Z7 + 500mm PF

there’s been a disaster we’ve driven off the road hi folks I’ve come up to the highlands today
to look for Red Deer stags because they’re in the middle of their rut right
now it’s sort of week or so into October and yeah they’re truly magnificent at
this time of year they’ve got big antlers that they’ve been growing over the
summer and their coats and beautiful deep red and generally they
were a real spectacle so I’m in a location where it’s quite well known for
red deer and what I’ve been doing so far this morning is just driving along
slowly and listening to see if I can hear them roaring anywhere around here
and I have located a few groups and I’m pretty hopeful a little bit later on
I’ll be able to catch up with some and get some photos it’s been a lovely drive
up today it’s been raining a little bit but there’s beautiful autumn colors and the
hills have been looking majestic with wreaths of cloud over them and some
occasional patches of rain it’s been really really nice so actually going to
be meeting another photographer today guy called John Barrass I hope I’ve
pronounced his name correctly who got in touch through YouTube and Instagram and
was also interested in coming and looking for some deer today so he’s
driven up and I’m gonna go and meet him now and then we’re gonna go and decide
where we should go first to find some deer yeah I really hope we catch up with
some I’m obviously as I said I’ve seen some but that doesn’t mean that we can
actually get anywhere near them to take any pictures but it’s so nice here that
I suspect we’ll have an absolutely cracking day whether we see any deer or
not that was a really nice moment
so it wasn’t the Stags but rather the ladies the Hinds and I came across my
first experience of a deer Jam which I assume is a bit like a bear jam in
national parks of the United States because there were several vehicles and
photographers pretty much blocking the road at this point where these four
Hinds well three Hinds and one youngster were grazing but yeah they didn’t seem
to mind us being there at all I think they’re probably pretty used to people
coming and photographing them just here fact there are signs everywhere that say
don’t feed the deer so yeah they they they know about people they’re there all
right with us here um anyway yeah I got a few pictures I hope and they’re really
really nice to see them but while watching them and hope getting some nice
pictures Icould hear absolutely monster bellowing in the Glen must be a really
big stag down there somewhere so gonna go and see if we can find him after we
found John John first stag second, it’s quite exciting so while I’m waiting for John I thought I could
record a shameless little bit of self-promotion which is that I have
produced a calendar this year here it is I actually produce a calendar every year
for the last I think maybe 14 or 15 years but this is the first time that
I’ve even considered promoting it to a wider audience than friends and family
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some of the videos so the calendar is A4 size and it’s got a hole drilled in
so you sort of have it open hanging sort of as a double spread like
that and yeah these are available for pre-order on my website and there will
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want any more details just give me a shout cheers other thing I wanted to kind of quickly
mention in this video is I kind of shout out to rode microphones customer
services I am not in any way sponsored or affiliated to rode microphones
although I seem to own a lot of their kits so if somebody from a rode is
listening and you know give me a shout I do rather like your products anyway this
guy the rode videomic pro that I’ve been using developed a fault and it stopped
recording any sound at all so I went online and I discovered that it has in
fact got a five-year warranty and even though I hadn’t registered the
microphone when I bought it that warranty was still usable as long as I
went in sort of retro actively got my receipt off of Amazon and sent it in to
them and they just fixed it no questions asked within I think it was three days
they sent me an email to say that the fault had been this little wire
that goes into the microphone here and that they would send me the repaired
unit the next day which they did absolutely fantastic I was really really
impressed and yeah to prevent damaging that bit of wire in the future
I’m now zip-tied the wire to this bit of the support mechanism so that even if
that gets tug for whatever reason that’s not actually pulling on the the wire in
the body of the mic which i think is probably what damaged it in the first
place but yeah rode microphones double thumbs
up really really awesome customer services thank you very much right folks I found John and I’ve fallen
in the ditch yep oh yeah let’s take two happens a bit right so caught up with
John it turns out he was parked in the next lay by 100 meters away so all’s
well and we’ve sorted our kit out and we’re just going to walk down down to
the river and along the Glen and see if we can catch up with those deer I could
hear roaring earlier hopefully we’ll find them and get some nice pictures we’ve been walking along for a little
bit and we have seen a few stags with their Hinds but they’re far up on the
hillside on the other side of the river so a long way away and well far too far
to really take any pictures but we’re going to keep walking along here and did see
some more deer in this direction this morning so maybe we’ll catch up with
those in a bit oh it’s wet ah well we got thoroughly
soaked and walked back along the river and we nearly got back at the cars without
seeing anything but just at the last moment there was one stag and a few
Hinds and I managed to just catch a tiny bit of video mostly mostly because I wasted
a load of time trying to get the water off the front of my lens before actually
using the camera so there were just a few seconds of that but back at the cars
now dried out to some of the kit and rather than walk about in this and get
even more soaked what we’re gonna do next is just drive along the Glen and
see if we can see anything from the car and if we do see deer relatively close
to the car we can get out and sort of go and look at them or we could even try
and take pictures out the car because because that’d be a lot drier which I think
would be quite good Oh there’s been a disaster we’ve driven off the road Oh and to cap it all it is raining you couldn’t have couldn’t have scripted
this so we saw some deer absolutely fantastic group with a couple of stags
and some Hinds in a field but the fences in this field wouldn’t contain them then
jump over that in without thinking about it but yeah just as we drove away from
there we had to get off the road because there’s a car coming of the way that
didn’t seem to understand the concept of waiting for us to get to a passing place
and the car ended up in the ditch huh so that’s sorted now luckily because
a guy came with the tow rope able to pull us out it didn’t take very long but add a second
disaster to the mix just while we were trying to work out how to get out I
thought I’d film what was going on and you may have noticed some of the footage
up till now in this video has been a little bit wider than usual and
that’s because I was using a wide angle adapter on the Osmo Pocket well
that also went in the ditch and the guy with the tow rope didn’t pull that out
because we can’t find the bloody thing so going to go and have another little look
for it now nope that’s not from being found so in
one day review of the Freewell Wide-Angle adapter for the Osmo pocket it does indeed adapt the Osmo Pocket to give away the
field of view which I thought was pretty good and I quite liked but it falls off
really rather too easily and now it’s gone it happens oh what a day
well we’ve come back to the cars now and yeah after our little adventure with the
ditch we went right down to the end of the Glen here and there was a stag there
bellowing and he was really cool to watch it was starting to get a little
bit too dark to get any photos video but he was a bit too he was a bit too far
away as well to be fair and the wind was unfortunately taking away the the
roaring sound so one of the things I kind of wanted for this video was to
actually record audio of the stags roaring and not really managed to do
that anyway we’re back at the back at the cars now and we’re kind of setting
up our camp for the night I’m just going to sleep in the cars cos its
everything’s really wet so probably easier just to do that
and the plan tomorrow is to get out again and see if we can find the deer
that’ll probably be a separate video and for now I’m gonna just finish and say
that been a great day out it started off as a day looking for
roaring Red Deer stags but really as has happened in the past the stars of the
show in terms of photos I’ve got much more likely to be the Hinds I haven’t
really looked at the photos yet but I think I probably got some quite nice
pictures of them being great fun photographing with John and meeting him
that was really really cool that he’s come to visit and have a look up here
and he’ll probably put some of his pictures on Instagram and he’s got a
really cool Instagram account and I will put the link for that in the video
description so definitely check that out so yeah if you’ve enjoyed the video
please like and share and consider subscribing to the channel if you
haven’t done so already and yeah thank you very very much for
watching and I’ll see you on the next one bye bye

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    BTW: Bear jams in Yellowstone are a bit bigger than that – can easily be miles

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