Send Photos from DSLR to Your Mobile Device. The reDefine Show with Tamara Lackey

Hi, this is Tamara for The reDefine show on AdoramaTV and on this episode we walk through how to a wirelessly transfer images from
your DSLR to your mobile device whether or not you even have a
wifi-enabled camera. Adorama TV presents The reDefine Show with Tamara Lackey. So Im here with the Nikon D750. I’ve been shooting with this camera for last month and a
half or so and I am incredibly impressed with not
only with the ease of using it, the video capabilities and the
equality of the files. I’ll be circling back to give another review in-depth with the D750 but for right now let’s
talk about how you can use the Wi-Fi built into this camera to transfer
images to your mobile devices. This of course is one camera
that has Wi-Fi built-in, there are multiple cameras now that do. The process I’m about to show you will work for these as well as if
you have a camera that does not have built in Wi-Fi. You can use a wireless mobile adapter
that you can buy and plug in your camera and do the exact
same process I’m about to show you. This is Tamara Lackey, be sure to check out Adorama’s latest contest to win some fabulous prizes. So I’m here with my Nikon D750 and
I’m looking at a few images I just shot outside the studio. I just walked around and took some photographs. What I want to do is transfer
these images to my mobile device. Wether you have an IOS or Android you can do this pretty simply. So the
first thing I do is go into my menu, go into the setup menu here on the side, the little wrench and I’m going to click Wi-Fi, and then it says network connection I’m going to click that and simply click enable. That’s all I’m gonna do as far as
the camera goes. Next I go back to my mobile device. So the one thing that you have to do
before you start doing this ongoing, and it’s just a one time thing, is you wanna
download the Nikon mobile utility app. That is a free app. You just download that to your
device and Nikon suggest that you go ahead and
secure your network because your basically creating a network between your camera and your mobile device. Similar to
downloading a router and wanting to go ahead and put a password on it when people don’t drive by your house and steal your wireless. So I’m gonna go into the mobile app and you can see here
that you can either take photos from your mobile device our view photos.
Let’s go ahead and connect the DSLR to the phone. So I’m going to click back here and go into my settings and my Wi-Fi is already going. I have
it hooked up to my a studio network. I’m going to scroll down
here and I see right here the Nikon Wireless option. I click that I wait for
it to connect. The nice thing about this is I can make
this wireless connection whether I’m in a park or at a client site or any sort of place
that doesn’t even have Wi-Fi. I don’t need that because I can create it this way. So I’ve got that set up I go ahead and
pull out, and then I click right into
the mobile app. I mentioned that I have these two
options. Let’s look at the ‘take photos’ real quick.
If I click ‘take photos’ and I turn my camera on I now can operate my camera from my phone by simply clicking
and setting up focus based on where I want to take a
photograph and I can go ahead and take a picture. Right there and I can make adjustments
as needed. That’s pretty cool. It will immediately
download. By the way I have this set to raw file. Let’s go back to the view
photos which I want to show you. It immediately is calling in the
pictures on my D 750. So I go ahead and click there and I look at the
photographs I have just recently taken walking around the studio. I say, okay like that one. I can
click on it and see it big. Again this is a RAW file and I can select that
image I can go back. I might wanna select multiple images. Right here from the screen. I can just do
that. I want that one and I like that one. I simply hit
download. It confirms how many images I want to download. I say yes and it starts downloading
these raw files at a pretty nice size. It can give you the raw
image or it will give you recommended size based on what you prefer to do. It downloads those files and they go
right into my camera roll on my phone. So I click out, I go into my
camera roll. Then I look and see those images I just downloaded from my
camera right here on my phone. It really is as
simple as that. If I do not have Wi-Fi built
into my camera I can actually buy the wireless mobile adapter. Click it right
in and have the same sort of functionality that I have that’s built into the
cameras right now. Thanks so much. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments and I will check back. otherwise tune back in for our next reDefine show and don’t forget to subscribe to Adorama TV for all kinds of wonderful photography
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