SIGMA 56MM 1.4 REVIEW // The BEST Portrait Lens for Sony E & MFT?!

SIGMA 56MM 1.4 REVIEW // The BEST Portrait Lens For Sony APS-C & MFT?! What is up people Dunna here and today
we get to complete the trilogy of Sigma lens reviews for the contemporary series
with the tiny tiny and fantastic bokeh master the Sigma 56mm f1.4
this lens is the 3rd in the contemporary series following the stunningly sharp 30mm f1.4 and the wonderfully wide 16mm f1.4 if you want to watch my reviews for either of those lenses I’ll leave links
in the description all three of these lenses have been released not only for
Sony aps-c e mount but also for Micro Four Thirds like your panasonic g series
for the most part i’m going to be talking about my experience with the
sony version of this lens but for the micro four-thirds shooters out there
watching make sure to stick around because i got a special treat for you so
here’s what we’re gonna go through some of the good things about this lens some
of the not so good things about this lens what this lens is good for i’m
gonna show you guys photos and videos so you can make up your minds for yourself
and as always i reached out to you on social media to ask what you guys wanted
to know so everything i’m gonna talk about today is based on questions that
you submitted ok let’s start with the build of this thing right away when i
took this out of the package i was blown away with how small it is this lens is
super compact at about half the size of the 16 millimeter from the same line and
approximately the same size as the sony 50 millimeter f1.8 however
even with the small footprint it still has a good weight to it and it feels
like it’s built really well the focus ring is incredibly smooth and it has a
nice resistance to it it does have weather sealing and they claim that it’s
dust and splash proof so maybe not a waterfall or a heavy rain but it should
be ok for a little bit of moisture and some dust the size and weight of this
lens pairs really nicely with my sony a6500 it balances well and it really does
honor the idea of the mirrorless cameras being nice and compact easy to carry
around now what about image quality Sigma
boasts that this lens has image quality to rival their art series line of lenses
and while I didn’t do any direct comparisons to the art line I will say
that the image quality out of this thing is fantastic I took my first couple of
photos without really thinking too much about it just trying to get an initial
impression and right away I was so impressed with how amazingly sharp this
lens is the colors and the contrast really do remind me of what you see from
the more expensive art line it’s definitely got that Sigma look to it the
30mm f1.4 from this same line has been DxO marks sharpest
aps-c sony e-mount lens that you can buy since it came out so I was really eager
to see if the 56mm could beat it and in my testing I do think that the
56mm is slightly sharper than the 30mm which is really
amazing considering how sharp that 30mm already was I also tested it
against the Sony 50mm f1.8 for aps-c and the 56
millimeter basically blew the Sony out of the water
wide open at 1.4 this lens is tack sharp in the middle and although
it’s not perfect it’s still pretty sharp all the way out to the corners and if
you just stop it down to even F 2 or F 2.8 you’re getting pretty much a sharp
image all the way through I did notice a small amount of color fringing on high
contrast areas but it really wasn’t a whole lot and it’s really easily fixable
with a couple of adjustments in Lightroom so on a practical level that
doesn’t really bug me now everybody always wants to know about these
third-party lenses and how they do with focusing on the Sony bodies and at this
point I’m pretty convinced that Sigma pretty much has it figured out the 56mm focuses is really well using the a6500’s autofocus features to
their fullest for photography I found the speed of the autofocus to be great
with very little hunting even in some really challenging low-light situations
at F 1.4 with that shallow depth of field when shooting portraits with this
lens using the eye autofocus feature was a snap and the accuracy was great in
video mode I found the autofocus to be smooth and accurate it played really
well with the settings that I have dialed into my a6500 basically the same
quality that I would expect from a Sony lens now with manual focusing although I
think they do keep getting better with every lens that they put out it’s still
that fly-by-wire system so it’s never gonna feel as good as an actual physical
focusing system that being said as someone who’s pretty used to the manual
focusing being all focus by wire on these
type of lenses I do think that they’ve done a nice job with this one now let’s
talk about that focal length and that beautiful F 1.4 aperture 56 millimeters
might seem like a weird focal length when you first hear it but if you take
into account that 1.5 x crop that you’re getting on the sony version you’re
actually getting an 84 millimeter equivalent lens which is right in the
wheelhouse of that 85mm length that so many portrait photographers have
come to love and with the super fast F 1.4 aperture you’re going to be able to
get some beautiful looking smooth bokeh in the background of your shots it seems
pretty obvious to me that this lens is intended for portrait shooters so if
that’s something that you’re really into I think this is actually a really great
grab it’s only $479 US or $649 Canadian which if you were to compare that to
some of the other great portrait lenses that are out there the bokeh masters if
you will this is actually pretty reasonable this lens is also great for
some close-up b-roll if you’re a video shooter and may be useful if you do
product photography although the minimum focusing distance is nowhere near macro
so if you need those super fine details this might not be the one for you for
street shooters the lens is perfectly inconspicuous and small but I find that
that 56 millimeter is just a little too tight for the kind of street shooting
that I like to do and I still prefer my 30mm in fact the biggest thing
that I found that’s working against this lens is just that I’m not used to
shooting with such a tight field of view it’s not that it’s a bad focal length I
can see how it would be extremely useful in the right situations but it’s
definitely not that kind of all-around lens that you can just leave on your
camera it’s more of a niche thing that you can use for certain types of shots
and I definitely don’t recommend this as a vlogging lens what’s up YouTube squad
fam let’s get right into it just like the rest of the contemporary line this
lens has no image stabilization in it but it’s more apparent in this lens
because it has that tighter focal length you’re gonna see more of those little
handshakes because you’re further zoomed in so if you’re using this lens for
video you’ll have to be more careful with your handheld shots or you’re gonna
have to use something like a gimbal or a tripod to get those nice steady shots
speaking of the focal length of this lens
I’ve only been referring to the APS-C version of this lens for Sony if
you’re a micro four-thirds user this is going to be a 112mm equivalent
so even tighter than the aps-c version but since I’m not a micro four-thirds
user invited my friend Gerald from his channel Gerald Undone to give us his
take on how this lens works on a Micro Four Thirds system
let’s get undone hey Dunna thanks for having me on so I got the lens here for
Micro Four Thirds I’ve got it on my g9 right now and I have some mixed opinions
on it I like the lens I think that it performs really well I think that the
focus is as good as you know anything else for the most part on Micro Four
Thirds I think the image is sharp corner to corner is great I like the balance
and the weight of it I’m kind of curious how you like it on your Sony because
you’re so many bodies a little bit smaller but I think that it balances
really well and I was actually able to get pretty steady shots considering that
it’s 112 millimeter equivalent for the g9 that’s a bit tight for steady
handheld shots for the most part but with that tightness that comes the other
side that I didn’t really like that much it’s a bit too tight for anything that I
would personally do with it now I’m sure there’s people out there for whom this
will feel a perfect niche and for them it’s probably going to do a better job
than anything else would at that price point and I think for Sony the focal
length is probably going to be a little bit better but I’m curious to see how
you like the focal length because the crop factors obviously reduced but for me
I tried in a few different applications for portraits I thought it was a bit too
tight I’m more of an 85 millimeter guy I know there’s people that like shooting
105 120 135 but that’s not me for video I try to use it as a as a B cam as a
second angle as some tighter coverage and then the coverage was just too tight
for my studio you need to have this thing like 10, 12 feet away in order for
it to produce a result that you want and at that point I think you’re probably
better off with like a telephoto zoom for more flexibility
even though yeah you’d be trading off some light with the smaller aperture so
I think it’s I think it’s designed well I like it there’s like some weather
sealing and that’s pretty good great price point but I don’t have any use for
it but I think if you do have a use for it you’re gonna love it I think if the
120mm range on micro 4/3 is something you’re after for this price with this
edged edge sharpness it’s going to be a perfect product for you and I also think
Sony users will like it but obviously I’m gonna let you handle that Dunna
anyway that’s it thanks for having me I look forward to hearing your thoughts
nailed it so that’s a perspective from the micro 4/3 side of things huge thank
you to Gerald for giving us his knowledge I highly recommend you go
check out his channel and subscribe if you want a fresh take and a whole lot of
amazing information on cameras photography and videography
I’ll leave his link in the description to make it super easy to go spam his
comment section I mean to go subscribe to his channel so to wrap things up here
the Sigma 56mm f1.4 is a fantastic lens at 84 and 112
millimeters respectively for aps-c and Micro Four Thirds if those focal lengths
are something that’s actually going to be useful for you image quality wise
this thing is fantastic it’s really gonna depend on what you shoot and what
you need in your kit so before you buy this lens ask yourself if those focal
lengths are going to be helpful for you if you are interested in picking up this
lens I’ll leave a link in the description as well as links to all my
other gear using those links does support the channel without costing you
any extra so thanks in advance as always I want to turn it over to you what do
you guys think of the new sigma 56mm leave a comment below let’s
start a conversation if you had fun or you learn something make sure to give
this video a thumbs up it really does help if you want to be friends click the
circle subscribe to the channel and hit that Bell notification so you don’t miss
anything if you want to watch another video there’s one right here I think
you’ll really like it and I’ll see you next time SIGMA 56MM 1.4 REVIEW // The BEST Portrait Lens For Sony APS-C & MFT?!

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