Sony a6500 Accessories (OR ANY CAMERA) – Must-haves for your setup!

what is up people Dunna here and today we’re gonna talk about my top 5 sony a6500 accessories that are must-haves Sony a6500 Accessories – Dunna If you’re anything like me, and I assume are because you clicked on this link
then you probably nerd out over camera gear a lot what you really quickly
realize when you buy a new camera is that buying a new camera is not just
buying a new camera you’re always gonna need more than just the camera you’re
gonna need cards and lenses and tripods and stands and lighting and all that
kind of stuff just to make your life easier so that you can go on making the
best productions that you can with as little friction as possible
now i recently picked up the sony a6500 and i’m loving it and i actually
got out ahead of the curve on this one because i knew this from previous that i
was gonna need a bunch of accessories to go along with it so the first thing i
did is a bunch of research on what accessories go well with the sony a6500
and I found my top 5 accessories that go with this camera
that being said all of these accessories are gonna go with other cameras or there
are versions out there that match with other cameras so if you’re not a sony a6500 user that’s ok all of this should still apply to you and if you’re
interested in any of the gear that you see here today I’ll leave all the links
in the description they are Amazon affiliate links so if you do buy from
there it does help me and it doesn’t cost you any extra so thank you so much
alright let’s have some coffee and get on with it
the first accessory that I would suggest is the small rig cage and I happened to
get the version with the wood handle and it is nice it has a little bit of heft
to the camera so you feel like you’ve got a little bit more in your hand which
is super nice first of all the smooth out shots second of all just to know
that you have a secure grip on the camera it’s got these nice little wooden
grooves here for your fingers to go in still nice and easy to hit that shutter
button on the newer versions of the cages it’s got an ARCA Swiss type mount
on the bottom so I don’t actually have to have a tripod mount on the camera
it’s just the cage itself and then it’s got about
fifteen thousand million quarter twenty screws on all of the sides as well as a
bunch of different attachments that I actually don’t even know what they do
you could literally rig up your whole system on this if you had monitors and
microphones and lighting I definitely suggest the wooden handle as a nice
add-on there’s so much more if you check out the small rig website – they have
all sorts of accessories now I just have the base model but I love it it never
comes off my camera the second accessory that I love for the Sony a6500 is
this guy well not this guy but this guy this is the aperture Ameran AL M9 which
is quite the name but essentially what this is is a tiny little LED light that
puts out so much light and it’s such nice high quality light it’s perfect if
you’re just kind of like running and gunning and you need to attach a little
bit of light or you need to like hide it somewhere I’ve used it in previous
videos I put a little bit of a gel on it and I hid it behind the guitar just
taped on the back to add a little bit of a like a cool little light in the
background one of the coolest things about this light is that it’s USB
rechargeable it’s got internal batteries so you’re not constantly switching out
batteries the downside to that is it does mean that when the battery is done
the battery’s done you got to wait for it to charge back up to use it again but
it lasts quite a long time and it puts out so much light check this out
just that little guy couple of feet away from my face and I’m already I’m seeing
spots okay I gotta stop this guy’s super handy and it fits like anywhere it comes
with a cool case it comes with a little mount that you can attach to it that
goes on the top of your camera I have this little ball mount on it so that I
can swivel it around but that doesn’t actually come with it and then it also
comes with a couple of gels so you got an orange color and a blue color you
know what I might as well use this right now throw a blue gel on it hide it in
the background somewhere there it’s a nice little extra the third accessory
that I bought for my a6500 that I absolutely love and is an absolute
must-have are extra batteries this pack that I found online made by DSTE comes
with two batteries and they’re actually bigger batteries than the ones that come
with the sony a6500 by bigger I don’t mean they’re actually
physically bigger I mean they actually have more milliamp hours in them so you
should technically get a longer lifespan on them so you should be able to shoot
more video more photos but the real winner here isn’t necessarily the
batteries it’s this charger that it comes with so it’s got two slots it’s
got little indicator lights to let you know where the batteries at and it’s
just USB chargeable one thing to note is that it doesn’t come with the wall brick
that you plug the USB into that’s something that pretty much all of us
have actually you would have got one with your Sony a6500 if that’s
the camera that you have because that’s how it charges but being able to charge
two batteries at the same time has been such an amazing feature when you get the
Sony a 6500 the only option that you have is to leave the battery in the
camera and plug the camera into USB power which ties up your camera you
can’t really use it unless you want to stand by the wall where the plug-in is
so this is a must-have this makes it so nice and easy they charge really fast
and being able to charge two at a time like I said is just it’s the best I
never want to go back to having to charge one at a time this might be the
one that I’m the most excited about to be completely honest the fourth
accessory that I’m in love with is the neewer carbon fiber tripod monopod this
guy is so light and so small it just fits right on my bag it folds down to
almost nothing you can see it’s barely the size of my torso and yet it folds
out long enough that I can actually get like a straight on shot where I’m
looking right at the camera it takes like a couple of seconds and
you’re out also the ball head that comes on this
thing it’s really killer it’s a really nice smooth ball head it’s got lots of
adjustability I love that it has the little level on it and if you really
want if you love the monopod you can actually convert this it comes with a
little bag and it comes with everything that you need to turn it into a monopod
I don’t really do that much because I shoot by myself all the time so I kind
of need the tripod and I found it in this sexy gold color too – mmm it’s nice and
the fifth and final accessory that I love for my sony a6500 or any camera that you want is the peak design capture light strap I cant… how do you… peak design capture light strap the Sony a6500 does ship with the
strap like most cameras do but I would only keep it if you really enjoy chafing
I don’t know a lot of people that enjoy chafing like I’m talking rug burn on the
back of your neck whereas this guy is nice and smooth the easy adjust system
is really awesome I actually did an unboxing video when I got this and I
have just been in love with it since unfortunately I don’t use a strap a
whole lot but when I do I’m always so thankful that I have this one the quick
attachments are really nice you add these little strings with the nubs on
them and then it just snaps right in super easy
anyway speaking of the nubs wonder if there’s a more official name than nubs…
meh these are actually one of the reasons that I love this strap and this
whole system so much there are more straps and more accessories that
actually work with these nubs hehehe…nubs but one of the things that I love so much
about it is that when the Sony cameras ship they come with these stupid little
keyring lookin’ triangle things on the camera itself that you attach the strap
to and they make so much noise they just rattle like crazy
and this is a pretty widely known thing from Sony users I know when I made the
video about me getting the Sony a6500 a bunch of the comments actually
had to do with the fact that people are like take those things off their garbage
when I found out that the nubs from the peak design stuff actually fit in the
eyelets on the Sony cameras it was like ahhhhh…amazing
now they do make a little noise I feel like a cat I’m like but it’s pretty
minimal and as long as you’re not like whipping the camera around you’re okay
and the fact that they can just stay on there and they’re pretty silent and
they’re just so easy to use is amazing I’ve tried to look for a bunch of
different ways to connect a strap to it nice easy systems that would
but this is the first one with the string that actually fits through the
eyelet on the Sony cameras so those are my five Sony a6500 camera accessories
that I think are must-haves I would love to hear what you guys think our
must-have accessories for the sony a6500 chances are I’ll probably go buy
it leave it in the comments let’s get a discussion going like I said before all
the links for these are in the description if you do use those it does
help me out they are Amazon affiliate links so I get a little piece of that and
it doesn’t cost you anything extra so I really appreciate that if you use those
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notification and I’ll see you guys next time Special hidden subtitle message from Dunna: You’re awesome! Thanks for watching my Sony a6500 Accessories video!

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