Sony A7Sii Custom Settings – Wedding Videography Tips

hey guys what’s up Adam here hope you’re well slight change of scenery this week as you can see I’m in the office just been
editing a couple of wedding films which are starting to pile up now as we’re
getting into the season and I’m spending most of my time nailed down to my desk
so I thought I would shoot this video from here basically in this week’s video
I wanted to talk about custom button settings and how I’ve set mine up on my
Sony cameras to most effectively efficiently shoot my weddings if you’re not making use of custom
buttons in your camera or you’re just not not familiar with the custom buttons they are so so handy especially for us guys on a wedding day to quickly
change your setup without having to go and dive into the menus and go through
reams of settings which you never ever have time to do in the middle of a
wedding especially with Sony camera I shoot on sony a7s’ and the
sony’s give you tons and tons of options loads of customizable settings which
it’s brilliant don’t get me wrong there’s so many ways you can customize your camera
but there’s that many settings that it can be a little bit of overwhelming
sometimes when in reality you only need to change up a couple of things anyway
let’s get into it you know for custom button settings I’m going to go over
into the second tab this gear tab here over to subheading 6 and down at
the bottom you’ve got custom key settings so you can see you’ve got two
pages worth of settings here page 2 page 1 on the actual camera you’ve got 4
custom buttons there is custom button custom button 2 here there’s custom
button 3 and custom button 4 down the bottom here but you can assign settings
to the control wheel as well on the left button the right button so there’s
there’s so many options and so many settings that you can change in here and
I’m not going to go into each into every single one but this is my set up a
custom button 1 which is this top one up here have that set to picture profile
so I’ll come out of here press custom button 1 that’s my picture profile I have
it on picture profile one as I’ve explained in a previous video this is
custom picture profile that I use for colouring my image if for any reason I decided I wanted change that up or switch it off it’s just there in the custom button
custom button 2 which is right next to it this one here I have it
set to white balance 99% of the time I just I use auto white
balance and I let the camera automatically set the white balance for
most of the wedding day sometimes I’ll go into shade or cloudy white balance
just to warm the image up a bit if I tend to use this at night when it starts
to get a bit cooler and the light starts to go but most of the time it’s auto
white balance and just quickly change it because I’m just pressing this button
here rather than having to go all the way through the menus now custom button
3 is the one I use the most and the one I’d recommend setting the
most so I have that set to movie now custom button 3 is this one here
and when I press that it starts recording the actual movie record button
in the camera is this one just here this red dot here but as some of you will
know it’s immensely fiddly it’s a lot easier to press that and record a shot
than it is to go and press that it’s a bit of a fiddly button one of the only
bug bears I have with Sony so much easier more intuitive and quicker to
just press that to record custom button 4 which is this one down here
I have set to focus settings so when I am recording the shot I can press c4 and
punch straight into the image to see if the subject is in focus which is
massively handy for things like when you’re halfway through the speeches or
the ceremony and you just want to double check your in focus so that’s my 4
custom buttons set one on picture profile 2 on white balance 3 is that recording
movie button and 4 for focus settings I tend to ignore the centre button now
on page 2 you’ve got you’ve got the option to change up these control wheel
buttons the only one I’ve changed which is the right arrow and i’ve set to ISO
rather than having to go into the menus I can just press the right button
it’ll bring up my ISO and if I need to I can crank up if I need to change
exposure when I’m outside I’m normally on a hundred ISO and I’m using the shutter speed to adjust my exposure but when it goes inside or it gets darker I’ll just
crank this way up the beauty of Sony’s is that you can go up to 6400 even 12000
ISO you don’t have to worry too much about a noisy image and yeah that’s my
setup I mean you know if I wanted to set the down button to something I can go in
here this there’s so many different options creative style picture effects
steady shot settings there’s auto focus settings obviously depending on what
using my focus peaking, zebra’s there’s so much you can change so it just it all
depends on what kind of what you shooting how you shoot your style and
what’s going to be best for you on the day because for us wedding filmmakers
anything that can save you a few seconds here and there is makes a massive
difference so just being able to just press a button and get the setting that
I need at the click of a button makes a massive difference so yeah that’s my
setup as ever anything that you want to chat about or any questions let me know
in the comments as you can see I don’t really change that many settings but
anything that can save me even a few seconds on a wedding day
I’m all for because you know that a few seconds can be the difference between
getting the shot and not getting it so definitely definitely consider think
about and consider what custom settings you should have with your cameras to best suit the way that you film and and let me know I’d love to hear how you have your
settings I’d love to chat let me know in the comments hope this video was helpful
I might quite like shooting here at the desk I might do more of them I might
shoot all my videos at the desk don’t have to leave the desk at all yeah see you in
the next one

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  • Can't wait to see what the A7S iii brings to the table ๐Ÿ™‚

    I need to sort out my custom buttons, so that at a basic level I can quickly switch between 25p and 50p ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Another good video adam!

  • Good video. Are you not choosing double the frame rate for the shutter when outside? Just controlling the exposure with the shutter and therefore not needing an ND filter…I'm just wondering if this has any adverse effect at all…as it's generally advised for less jerky footage in slow motion to set it at double he frame rate…I'm just asking as I'm trying to get my self set up for how I will shoot in August..

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