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Hi I’m Richard from DPRview and this is
the Sony RX100 IV, the latest in the company’s range of large sensor compact
cameras. Like its predecessor has a 24 to 70mm equivalent zoom. Usefully it has an F1.8 – 2.8 maximum aperture which makes it really useful in low light
despite its rather modest zoom range. But the big news for this latest model is
it’s fast sensor which allows features such as 4k video recording. The body is the same as the previous model’s meaning it’s small but perhaps a little
lacking in external controls. This is made worse by the limited control over the function of the dials however, the camera offers a lot of customization so it’s possible to tailor the function menu and several buttons to give quick
access to your favorite features. The faster sensor helps make the RX100 IV very responsive and also appears to significantly improve the autofocus
performance, both in terms of how decisive it feels, and how well it’ll focus in difficult, low-contrast conditions. Continuous autofocus is
surprisingly capable for a compact camera, too though don’t expect miracles:
general subject tracking can be somewhat inconsistent. On the other hand the camera’s EyeAF system, that attempts to track and focus on the subject eyes is
particularly impressive. The video is also significantly improved adding 4K capability and 1080p shooting at up to 120 frames per second. Together with very effective image
stabilisation you can get some compelling footage, and no line skipping
means it’s really detailed footage. There’s also a high frame rate mode that
shoots and up to 960 frames per second creating slow-mo video down as low as
1/40th of the original speed. The RX100 IV’s image quality isn’t significantly changed
compared to the Mark III The JPEGs feature more subtle noise reduction but other than that it’s pretty similar. This is no bad thing, though, since the RX100 series have the largest sensors available in a pocketable zoom compact. And the camera’s lens is consistently sharp across its whole zoom range, meaning you can use it to its full
capability. For us, the autofocus and in particular
the well-implemented Eye AF system, along with the video features, make the Mark IV a worthwhile upgrade over the Mark III though these capabilities do come at a cost. The user interface, for instance, is somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer number of features you might want access to. But, overall this is without doubt, the most capable compact ever made.

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  • From the A7R II, the RX100 IV and the RX10 II, if Sony's next camera that joins their lineup which will either succeed or accompany their NEX-7 or their a6000, and if it is met with as much praise as has been heaped on the three new cameras already mentioned, Sony will have swept the "Best of" awards in the most sought after consumer classes of dedicated cameras for 2015.

  • Full of sensor dust. Very poor review

  • You could mention the 5-min recording limitation in 4K, and the need to let it rest and cool off for quite a while. Otherwise, if you're in a hot weather, this 5 minutes starts to shorten, and the camera shuts down due to overheating. Plenty of videos on Youtube demonstrating that.

  • Holy cow, clean that sensor!!!

  • make a comparison with Panasonic LX100 please!

  • You've got some major dust spots, guys.  When they were on screen, I couldn't even focus on what was being said. (Edit: I see others have mentioned this, and you said that you'll implement a check from now on, so that's good.)

  • I challenge your comment about the great video stabilisation. When you set the video to 4K you don't get Intelligent Steadyshot as you do when using 1080p. This means that 4K video is often shaky and unusable. My other gripe is that it seems slower to focus than my RX100. So I hope they provide a firmware update to fix these two issues.

  • You live in Seattle ?

  • does this camera suffer from constant sensor dust issues? it seems to be mentioned in the comments here quite a bit. From the ground it seems the mark 1 was plagued by dust problems

  • how are the pictures of the guys face at f3.2 and the last picture at f9? isnt the range only from1.8-2.8?

  • Thanks for your review… In your opinion witch is better between this camera, the Panasonic ZS100 and the Canon G7X M2?

  • Please how long will it record on high frame rates? Been looking everywhere for that info before I buy it thanks!

  • can it do manual focus and exposure when recording video?

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