When I first came across to the
mirrorless system what confused me was when I went to shoot with my old Canon
strobes or flashes a lot of the time when you are using a flash you might be
dropping the ambient light down really low so if you’re using a third-party
flash the screen will go black as if it’s not letting any of that ambient
light into the display or EVF I still have some of the cheap young neuro
strobes and I have to do this every time I use them to keep seeing what you are
photographing you need to go into the menus tab to page 6 of 9 and switch a
live view display off with this off the monitor and EVF will now act like an
optical viewfinder and you can go about your business seeing what you’re
photographing just remember when you’ve finished to turn it back on
on the other hand if you have a flash made for Sony it should activate this
automatically but it’s really something you need to know about when using manual
or third-party flashes or if you’re using a flash you really need to know
that this is the setting that you turn off so remember tab to page 6 of 9 turn
live view display off for more videos subscribe and make sure you turn on
notifications also head over to my youtube channel where I have a growing
library of photography tutorials I’ll see you in the next one you

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