South Farm | Emilie + Duncan’s Military Wedding 2018 | Cambridgeshire Wedding Videographer

First I am required to ask anyone present who knows a reason why these persons may not lawfully marry, to declare it now [LAUGHS] We’ll just ignore them, sit down gentlemen! No, we’re fine! I Duncan, take you Emilie to be my wife. To have and to hold From this day forward For better, for worse For richer, for poorer In sickness and in health To love and to cherish ‘Till death do us part. [CHEERS] Now being with someone who serves is not an easy thing. After doing some very quick maths, I believe out of the five years we’ve been together my work has seen me, my work has seen me be away a year of that time. Despite all this, she has been a driving factor in us achieving everything we still want to as individuals but also in what we have done so far as a new family. and it is a true testament to how patient, loving and amazing she truly is. I’m so proud to be your husband Thank you for everything you’ve done and will continue to do. I just love you and that’s all there is to it. [WHOOPS AND CHEERS]

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