Speaking with Myles Wright, Sigma Photographer

Life through the lens is sort of a
celebration of their their album because yeah it’s been almost two years this May
I think is when I first shot them so it’s sort of like a celebration for me
celebration for them of their first album because I mean that album had so
many hits so many hits like a genre of their type sort of yeah
number one with Paloma top-ten album they had about six hit singles off it
they’re all in the top ten so life through the lens life it was cool it was
interesting it you got to see behind the scenes things the paying fan ticket
people that paying for tickets don’t get to see and that was the whole point of
me sort of being there so I could do the fly on the wall backstage soundcheck on
stage shots because you can see stuff from on stage that you can’t see from
offstage so it sort of gives like what the band’s perception is to a pain
person so it’s just it’s just really interesting to see and how did you get
involved with Sigma in the in in the first place so I was the in-house
photographer at the Ritz in Manchester on Oxford Road and I heard of Sigma and
I got offered like do you want to shoot the shit and I took it up because I
heard the changing song they did Paloma Faith and I really liked that and when I
got there the guys are just like you’ve got a triple a pass so do you want you
one so I got loads of like footage backstage stuff as well and they were
really chilled about it and then the management was just like we want you to
come more shows what thoughts went behind your selection of photos for
tonight’s event I have no idea I had so many to choose from like I I went off
from the very first show that I did with them at the Brits and I took the best
out of that bunch went on to the next went through every show that I’ve ever
done with them not the best and then just doing that
over and over again until finally I had maybe like five from each five from each
show because there’s like 27 downstairs now so I had to cut and chops I love
them and do you have any adorn X project will be moving forward or are you still
looking for the next leap to make following this this long experience of
this one particular group no I don’t know I mean today took so long it’s my
first exhibition yes so I didn’t realize the struggles and the challenges that
would come with it I mean it’s taken me ages to set up so whether I do it again
I don’t know I’d love to do it again and also the cost it’s it’s been a very
hasn’t been cheap to do it but I don’t know I mean for the foreseeable future
I’m sure that I’ll be doing more shows of them I’d love to do another event
like this based around Sigma but maybe another two or three years down the line
where I’ve got at least half a decade’s worth of stuff of them they will be
available to buy with 15 percent of all profits going to mind charity it’s a
great cause I mean I’ve got friends that are very close to my charity for one
reason or another I’m close to mine charity the guys going back my charity
and it’s it’s just one of them things then it’s a key issue in this like where
we are now in like in the news mental health more people talking about it it
needs to be heard more so it’s just one thing that I it’s the least I can do for
them to help that

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