Spitfire Audio LABS – Trumpet Fields…. Um… OK?

hey there fellow minions of technology
my name is Tim Lee and welcome to legacy studio in today’s video my wife is
baking a cake in the background so you might hear some excess noise plus I now
have a puppy and well let’s get to the topic de jour of this and that is the
fact that Spitfire audio has released a new lab component aka
trumpets now for those of you who have seen my other videos you’re going who
are you to judge trumpets that’s a very valid question I’ve made mention an
awful lot of my videos that I really don’t utilize trumpets very often
because they often sound very fake to me and I’m not really certain how to use
them properly and truth be told I felt that way for a long time until just
recently when I saw junkie XL s trumpets and I loved it because that kind of
shows or the real tenacity of some of the sounds that you can get out of
trumpets more so than just a WHHHANK kind of sound now of course once again junkie
XLs library on trumpets is forever more expensive than I can afford just as
so much of Spitfire stuff is so seeing that they’ve released this pack this lot
this lab this free library on trumpets makes me very curious so we’re gonna
install it together and check it out as a first opinion review give it a shot
see what it does let’s see what we can do with it
first off the download process let’s go ahead and switch over here to my screen
where I have the website pulled up Spitfire audio comm forward slash labs
the link will also be in the description below
trumpet fields is what it is and it looks like they got a little audio that
you can play to sample it what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go and hit the
magic get button allow me to log in real quick without you knowing my login hit
saying alright so do you have this spitfire audio app installed on your
computer you’ll need it to install this product I already do so I’m gonna go
ahead and hit yes with Spitfire audio app installed click below to install
trumpet fields need help getting started click here we’re gonna hit download and
it’ll say do you want to open this bit fire audio yes so now we’re gonna go
ahead and allow access and if we switch over to my other screen here
now we should be able to see that that install is ready to install so we’re
gonna go and hit install and the math begins additional shortcuts I’m gonna
add it just because I have no idea what it’s trying to add since I’ll maybe it’s
updating because I don’t know if I’ve updated recently to the latest version
there we go so here we go it’s gonna go ahead and get this opened up and let’s
see what happens and while it’s doing this let me remind you guys we got merch
if you enjoy unicorns and music you can go into the description below
buy our merch and/or if I didn’t include it in the description watch at the end
of the video at the end of video cards there’ll be a link to our store where
you can buy our merch t-shirts okay so let’s go ahead and see what we have here
I have all of these different sounds already in here I have like all of the
lab stuff which are all amazing so here’s trumpets fields we’re gonna go
ahead and click on install here and I’m gonna tell it where I want it to save
please select location to install labs trumpet fields I have a folder already
on a separate hard drive because I jump hard drives between computers doesn’t
exactly work well but you know what I still do it anyway so if I come to a
samples Spitfire here I have one called Spitfire our audio labs and I’m gonna
hit OK to that so it installs it there and I’m gonna hit download so now it’ll
begin the download and we’ll be back in just a couple seconds yeah as we wait
what feels like forever for this stuff to download hope you have fast internet
just sayin now as I’m waiting for this download to finish up here I thought of
a kind of an important note that probably you should do either have a
extra hard drive installed into your computer if you’re using a desktop or
get an external hard drive that you can save your data on separately and I love
this one personally this is the samsung t5 it is a portable solid-state drive
which is really epic because it basically works anywhere it does not
take much power it’s not like a hard drive that’s going to run a disk which
means it needs more power so you can plug that into devices
that are like hubs and other things like that and it won’t require any more power
per se than say this little guy right here does which is absolutely fantastic
that’s a one terabyte and I have all of my sounds saved on it and I think it’s
totally worth it did you guys see that weird little hair thing going on over
here I do have hair okay I know I wear hats but I do have plenty of hair except
right on the top okay this is done downloading let’s go ahead and see about
what we have now in our system over here so let’s go ahead and minimize these I
believe this is everything we were supposed to do it says optimize so
hopefully it is fully installed now what I’m gonna do is go ahead and turn on my
audio recorder that I have right here this plugs into my focusrite and
records everything coming out of the software here so anything that the
software the focusrite down here searches for this is going to record the
audio from that so that is how I record stuff for the YouTube channel here so
let’s go ahead and sync that up we’re gonna start it up in three two one
press ok so hopefully now we have that speeding and very little battery power
left we’ll see how that goes let’s go ahead and open up our instruments and
give it a test let’s hear how it sounds so going under the plugins will go into
VST and I have the labs right here so let’s go ahead and pull that in to a
MIDI channel and let’s take a look at it I’m excited about this because anything
that Spitfire does they’ve done to amazing quality and what they have
offered for people for absolutely free is really quite amazing one of the ones
I really love from the Spitfire labs is their choir section which is really
amazing you can also check out this video that I’m gonna put up like way up
here there we go this you can see that is a just a video that’s done really
well for me people have seen defined my channel specifically because of Spitfire
audio and labs so that’s why that’s why we’re making more videos so uh let’s see
amplified cellos some things didn’t launch properly I’m not going to wear
about it if you open up that link to the Lexx let’s fix it it will bring up a
website from Spitfire that’ll introduce how to fix all of that stuff but let’s
just see if that audio is working in here now so we can see all these
different one frozen strings soft piano strings trumpet fields okay
let’s go ahead and start listening through what these trumpet fields are
here and see if it’ll play, oh my land oh my okay um this one’s called bitten
bumblebee and it kind of makes sense why oh okay well huh let’s let’s keep going
here so the next one is going to be bumble bee there’s often times where I really have
no idea how some of these are gonna come in handy in a song but let’s keep going
next one this cautious mute I find that interesting the waning is
there which is interesting but mixed emotions there let’s move on next
one is coast is clear one I’m sorry about this thing here I’ll have to check
into that later but see there you go I don’t I don’t get what it’s no
velocity let me see if I can move our camera a
little closer here to the keyboard turning up the vibrato on it not vibrato
but the reverb alright next one is coast is clear too I can’t I can’t say I’m understanding
what the benefit is of the little extra twiddles or whatnot that almost sounds like a French horn
more so and I liked it at first but the little ABALIBBBLE things I don’t my not so many
years of experience which is very minimal is maybe kind of making me feel
like I wouldn’t know how to utilize this so much but I’m sure maybe you guys do
and I’d love to hear what you create and depending on how this video goes we may
try to create some things keep going so do that the same way every note okay double tonguing that I can see
being somewhat useful not entirely sure how but I can see a useful faded okay floating vibrato I don’t know I could see something being
useful for that one hmm nice and steady let’s see who’s
truly nice and steady ya know velocity I mean that that sounds like what I’m
used to hearing in trumpet packs let’s go to the next one nice and steady – it
sounds a little out of tune but I actually kind of like it interesting that’s not bad so nice and
steady are doing pretty good here sails hoisted the only thing I can see is maybe if you
were to record this and then sample certain parts of the phrase certain
parts of that maybe where you want that little hoc thing part there maybe that’s
where you would sample it but so far I only like this the the simpler the the
straightforward blow it’s free don’t complain that much sounds like my
dog that one’s called slow bending so that
is the pack that is the that is the library provided by labs that is very
interesting all right so here’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna end this
video here we’ve done a quick walkthrough of this we’ll make another
video of attempting to make a song with some of the parts of the trumpet fields
library if you did enjoy this video hit the like button subscribe leave a
comment go buy some merch and whatever the case
may be yeah I hope that you find some unicorns when you’re making some music
because we all need an inspiration and sometimes you know I got to admit I sit
down in here and I just I find myself brain dead not able to create something
and it just leaves you going yeah so I hope that you find some unicorns and
your music today and we’re gonna be back with more in a future video where we’re
going to attempt to make a song utilizing trumpet fields you can
download it for free at the link in the description below leave your comments
and I look forward to hearing what you think
how would you utilize this and what do you think some of these very interesting
sounds could be used for let’s see what you create I’m out of here until next
time I hope you have a good day my fellow minions of technology behave
yourselves that was that was interesting

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  • For the price you just can't beat labs. Some of the stuff is very odd but surely has it's place somewhere. Someone will love and use it to great effect.

  • I think you are approaching the pack with a different mindset, than it was intended for. If you are aiming to use these samples in a "proper" music genre, it might be very difficult to find use, of course. But if you take a film scoring perspective, every single sound might be an important tool to set a particular mood or message. On some occasions this inherent movement might just make or break the video-audio relationship.. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Of course, there is allllwayyys the opportunity to bounce it out and mingle-mangle the heck out of it.. Pitching it down for startersss… (yum)
    I will take a look at the library later today after work. Maybe even do a track with it all of the Spitfire stuff that I have.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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