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Good morning everybody Thank you for being here on time Really appreciate you coming out to our Wheelchair Sports Festival. Just so you guys know We exist to help people that suffer traumatic accidents To triumph over the obstacles they face And to reintegrate back into the community and to push the limits of their ability. I am so proud that I am asked to come
and to welcome all of you at the beginning of your sports festival. 10 years ago this event didn’t exist Triumph didn’t exist but Andrew set off on a quest and in 10 short years which is almost unheard of for a non-profit He has grown this organization into something
marvelous and magnificent. So on behalf of the entire Santa Clarita city council we could not be prouder to be able to help facilitate this event and to help in any way we can. Thank you. My name is Doug Friedman and I happen to be
a member of the board, I’ve been with Triumph now seven or eight years. You can’t not get emotionally involved in
an organization that takes people from their lowest lows and shows them their life will be different but it can still be rewarding. And so as an able bodied person to be part
of this is just a calling that I think is magical. This experience was nothing like no other. Just being a part of it, you know, like, everybody
here is like family to me. Everybody getting together and seeing everybody,
doing what we love, its great. Everybody here is so unique. People in wheelchairs, they can do just as
much as able people. You get a sense of independence. My mom, she used to drop me off here and spend
the whole day here watching me. Now I said, OK bye! I got out of the car and I was like I’ll
see you later! People have paralysis and they can’t use their legs. There’s a lot of stuff they can do without
their legs like baseball, rugby, and even basketball and hockey. Yeah. Seeing able bodies play a sport where it’s
mainly ruled by people with disabilities, it’s so fun because it’s not like they have
a disability. We’re all one as a family. My smile says it all. I really enjoyed it. With the bike rides I really liked it ‘cause
I was able to share it with my family, the experience, and I’m glad that they experienced
it with me, so, I had fun. I’m just honored to be part of them. I’m beyond blessed to be part of Triumph and I thank—I thank them every day. I thank Andrew and his wife, it’s so amazing to be here. And we all go through life-changing accidents, life-changing circumstances that seem insurmountable but somehow, someway, you gotta push through them, and you gotta figure it out, and sometimes it’s not what happens to you but what you
do about it. And I know when I got hurt it didn’t matter to me how long I live or what I was physically able to do, what really mattered was how I live. And my question to you guys
today is how you livin’?

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