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Hello and welcome to The Nerd Show.
Today I’ve got a Spy Pen camera. We’re going to unbox this and check it out. You can get
these things really cheap on line. When you open it up this is what you get. You get a
pen and a power cord that plugs into a computer and the first thing you notice is there is
no instructrions with these. To make the pen operate, just twist this end cap here, like
so. And the camera is right here, next to the clip. On the other side is a power LED
and if you click it it doesn’t work. You have to take this thing apart and charge it for
four hours. Just plug the power cord in right there and plug the other end into the PC and
it’ll charge for four hours. Try not to overcharge it because that could make the battery overheat
and it won’t last as long. OK, once you’ve charged the phone the thing to do is to plug
in… because it still won’t work without an SD card, so you gotta get one of those
separately, and then it just goes right here in the slot. Actually, it goes the other way.
There we go. It should slide in easily. Close it back up and we’re ready to record. And
what you do is you just aim that at whatever you want to record, or you can put it in your
pocket and be incognito. You have to hold the button down for a few seconds, until the
green light comes on. You can see it there. There it is. Now, when you want to record
video, you have to press the button and hold it down for a couple seconds. To take a picture,
you just click it, like normal. Just click it, and it takes a picture, and uh, hold it
down for a two seconds. It’ll start flashing. That’s when you know it’s recording. Hi. Yeah…
Spy Pen video. Alright, we can play that back later and see what it looks like. Just click
it again to stop the video, and hold the button down for five seconds before plugging it into
the computer. You’ll see it turn red and then you just let go. That turns it off. You have
to turn it off before you plug it into the PC. Allright, let’s plug this in and see what
we got. A new drive will show up after plugging the pen into the computer. Click on it, and
folders will appear with, ah, photos, videos, and a file, called “time.txt”. This is how
you set the clock on the pen. Edit, there’s the year, the month, and the day, and the
time, in 24-hour format. Save the new file, after editing, and subsequent videos will
have the correct time and date, well, almost… It’s better to set the time in advance of
the event that you are going to, and then it will be fairly close… It doesn’t really
have a clock, so whatever time you put here is going to be the time on the video. OK,
so we just go and find some videos, and we just drag them over to our folder, like that,
where you want to store ’em on the computer, and we can do what we want with them. We can
edit them, play them back, and do all kinds of fun stuff, OK? Don’t forget to safely remove
the drive when you are done with it.

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