SQ8 Mini DV Full HD Camera(Night Vision), Oprema Za Akcijsko Snimanje!

Hello friends!!! So today I finaly get my mini camera I will use is for action videos So that is SQ8 Mini DV FULL HD Mini Camera This camera is mostly in use for car-driving videos You can see how small is that camera. It can be used also like a spy camera even agent 007 James Bond will be jelous on this machine So at this camera all functions working through these two small silver switch I dont know how good you see but this two small silver keys up here So all functions- modes work thrue this two small keys This camera have night vision mode, I am not sure to that is real night vision but for sure that is low visibillity- low light reccording mode So I try to do some reccording in low light condition and it really work, ist very good visibillity at video done in low light, where average camcorder cant be used. You can se how it looks. Here that dark slot, that is micro SD bay this cam loading videos and photos on micro SD card It is not GoPro camera, there is no Wi-Fi option so it use micro SD card. This is USB connection and this small hole here I dont know how good you see that that small hole is switch for reset! If you get stuck in some mode or have some problem, like me,I stuck in stand by mode, than you can reset with some small stick! I read that in manual instructions, istructions are on English and Chinese. I recomend to study all instructions It has to be study coz, like I said before, all functions work by just two keys. I watche lots of rewievs on this camera and I decided to buy it. That will be starting of my first action videos, I wait for one more camera, litle bit better camera Elephone ELE 4K Mini Action Full HD Camera, some kind of GoPro camera I hope to I will get it soon. So this small SQ8 cam have this crocodile grab It is verry practicle when its mounted on this. Than it can be mounted on the belt or cap…or somerhere on yours clothes. I think it will be good to do action videos fishing, RC model, drones flights…and more… This is mount for car. Many peoples use this cam for car driving recording So first must to be mounted on this crooco grab and than on this mount. That can be mounted somewere near car windows or on the table. We get this cable with camera, so this small connection is for camera and at the other side there is two of connections this yellow, this is connection for TV and this is USB for PC, laptop, tablet. So it use this micro SD card, withc you dont get with camera. I buy some more equipment this small mini tripod, it can be uset even for this camera witch now I use and Elephone ELE 4K Action Camera witch I waiting for. So I order tis cam by Gearbest.com from China, i pay less than 16 USD on Flash Sale I get it for some three weeks three weeks from China to Croatia,free shiping. This is also mount for camera but for that ELE 4K Actin Camera, witch I waiting for. I also buy it by the same site fo some 2 USD like this mini tripod also abouth 2 USD tats it and i will have to try to do some videos, to practice before I go to the field! So let we reccord someting from my new tripod, it is good for my Toshiba Camileo P10 it is universal tripod, I think is posible to use it for many of litle bit of smaller cameras So this is SQ8 I want to show you how it get on this croco grab mount So it comes like this and is ready for use for mount somewere on glasses, on the belt… there is more oportunities And this is how it goes on car mount. So teat is it for now I hope so that I will get some time to use to tha end of the year Now its season of big squid at Adriatic sea and I would like to try to do some videos and to we see how it will be in function So I getting some equipment easelly so I hope to I will be able to better and better videos in future! Thats it for this video! Thanks for wathcing! Greatings to the next video! Please Subbed and liked!

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