Steve Rutherford Photography Gallery

A photograph to me is more than just a
precious moment. It’s more of an experience if anything. Something that my senses have urged me to record – I guess freezing time if you will. Hey there guys, how you doin’? We’re in a beautiful place called Mount Hood which is about southeast
right about 80 kilometers southeast of the city of Portland in Oregon and
look at this kind of scenery this is what you see right throughout this
entire place. That there, is the Remarkable Ranges, overlooking Queenstown. What a view… hey? I think when photography is done
properly it transcends the usual cliche of just framing a scene, anyone can do
that. But rather it serves as a reminder that what I saw, heard, smelt etc was
actually worthy of my stopping to not only enjoy for a short period of time
but to actually record that event to remember. When you feel that on a regular basis
you actually become addicted to it. There are days where I get anxious that I
haven’t captured something exactly as it deserves but then I’m reminded that the
image in front of me is only my opinion There could be dozens of people here
taking the same photograph and each would see something different. I think
it’s actually in the experience not just the photograph that we create our
memories. I’ve never found shyness in taking a photograph of anything. I was
given an old box brownie to play with when I was 5 years old. I didn’t care for
it at the time but in a way I now know my memories of those childhood years
have imprinted my desire to capture photographs now, and will do for the rest
of my life. I take photographs of everything people places things.
Nothing gets away from me. I wouldn’t call it an obsession it’s more of a
possession. Photography has seriously invaded my soul and whenever I think of
my next adventure I feel my excitement rise immediately like a small child
being promised a day at the fun park. Photography really flicks my switch but,
you know, so does teaching photography. This is why I explore so many places, so
I can take people, like me, who love photography in all its forms to epic
places on our planet, to experience something magical and
record that moment for their life. if you are travelling through somewhere,
record that place. if you are with loved ones, record their lives and the love
that you feel for them. if you cherish something, record it’s
existence. I think we all have a massive opportunity to recognize that the
memories we capture as photographs will someday become more important than we think. Ultimately we’re all just explorers, we’re all looking for
something. I just happen to be looking for more photographs

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