[SUB][Photography 0015] multipurpose pose that can capture both static and dynamic moments

This is the fifteenth session for POSEIDEA I left the download link for the croquis sketch of the pose in the description. If you need it, you can download it. Today’s pose is a multipurpose pose that can capture both static and dynamic moments. As a simple example, you can think of children waving their hands towards the camera. This is a pose that is familiar. Before filming, you have to decide first whether you want it static or dynamic. I’ll explain first the dynamic way of posing. If you capture an image of only the hand while moving, it will just turn out to be a dull, ordinary picture. To make the picture better you have to add more liveliness to the pose. So I suggest you to find your own techniques that could improve the picture, even if that may not be a definite solution. Some techniques that I know are First, express exaggerated movement by dropping your left shoulder. Second, make a nice waistline by raising your left hip and connect it with the dropped shoulder. And third, the most used technique, is to further emphasize the hip and waistline by slightly lowering the level by crossing the feet. The point here is that you should execute these steps all at once while dynamically moving, instead of doing them one by one. That way you could get new kinds of pictures depending on the model’s line and way of expressing. Let’s move on to the static shot. If you shoot a static pose, it really gets dull. The left hand may look awkward, too. Adding a bit of sexiness into the pose to make it lively slightly improves the shot. Since this is a sample picture, we didn’t let the right thumb go lower. But if you pull it down just before you could see the underwear for the actual shoot, I believe you’ll be able to get a very charming result. Also, it’s better to avoid looking directly at the camera. If you want to add more sexy vibe, you’ll be able to get the maximum sexiness out of this pose when you slightly pull the left strap with your left hand. I tried shooting this pose a lot of times, and my conclusion was that you could just mix these two poses. Place your thumb at the pants beforehand. Once the shoot starts give some movement while pulling it down. And moving your arm to make a cheer-up pose, raising the hip to make the waistline, crossing the knees to nicely emphasize the pelvis, and adding up sexiness with the right hand would be the best options to go. I’ll leave the final sample picture up to your imagination. I’m also frustrated at myself for not taking that sample picture. Today, I showed you a pose that could express both static and dynamic movement. In the next session, I’ll introduce you a pose that could express the body’s softness just by gentle lines. If you found the pose helpful, please subscribe and like. Thank you for watching.

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