Sunset Photography using iPhone XS

Welcome back. Today, we are going to photograph
Florida sunsets using only our iPhone. This sunset project took a couple of months of
going to different places and finding what I liked but I’m happy with the results. So
let’s see what I photographed. Start the music!
Alright, here are the sunset photos to vote on. And I would have to say that my favorite
is #10. This photo looks like a painting to me. #8 is my second favorite because of how
well the gold light blends in this photo. And #3 is another favorite because I feel
like it’s a classic Florida Sunset postcard. So, which photo do you like most? Vote by
leaving a comment below. And here we go. Let’s use our FujiFilm Instax
printer to add these to the photo album. What do you think? Do these 4 photographs look
good for the album? Hope you enjoyed and see you back here for the next one. Thanks for

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