T.I. Has A Woman Over When Tiny Drops Off The Kids | T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle | VH1

Mama. Girl, mama. (baby whines) You hear what I’m saying.
Mama! Who she think she is? Why I’m mad?
What I’m mad about? You– you changed
your tone once she wasn’t saying mama. I was changing
my tone to the way she was
changing her tone. It didn’t really sound
like a good tone. I followed her lead, so talk
to your sister about it. You finna see Dada
in one second, honey. See your funky daddy. Da da da…
(continues saying “da da”) Hey! What’s going on,
my two main main… Nothing. Come on up
out of here, man. Oh, yeah. (T.I.)
Now, more than ever,
Tameka and I have very, very busy lives. So, it’s very important that
she drops the kids off to me so I can spend time
with ’em and see ’em, and actually do my fathering
on a more consistent basis. All right,
now lay your bag down. What are you doing?
Lay your bag down. Oh, I’m not trying
to lose this, ’cause this has
all my stuff in it. Oh, okay, well, go put it
up in your room, then. Man, Major a trip, man. He’s always had
an old soul that– but, you know, now, he’s like
Benjamin Buttons with it, you know what I’m saying? Like, I don’t know
where he gets it. Hey, hey, wait, wait.
Where you going? What you doing
in that bedroom? I’m going in this bedroom. Why you going
in that bedroom for? This is still my bedroom. Hey, man, might be somebody
in there, wait a minute. Okay, well, she gonna
have to get up outta here. Your mama’s such a hater. (babbles) Yeah, she trying
to block my action. And mess around. I keep trying to tell her,
that’s what you saying, (bleep). Okay, wait a minute. Okay, hold up,
hold up. Wait. This… Oh, here we go. No, no, okay. Okay, there we are. You like cantaloupe? Where’s Major?
What’s Major been doing? You know, Major don’t wanna
be my baby no more. What has he been doing? I mean, he just been
off to his self, as he do,
playing by his self. Well, that’s what
geniuses do. (laughs) (T.I.)
It’s very important
for a mom and a dad to maintain their synergy for
the purpose of the children, for them to stay
on the same page and instill the same
values, morals, standards and principles
in the child. Co-parenting is very important. (T.I.)
Where you going? Um, I got things to do. I’ll see you tomorrow
when I pick up Major. Okay. Well, cool.
That’s what we’ll do. As awkward
as the situation is, the plus side is I have
an opportunity to pursue my own thing,
which I haven’t had in a while. So, I got a lot planned today. Buddy!
What’s going on, man?

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