Take the Creation Care Pledge!

– Hi, I’m Greg Rickel,
the Bishop of Olympia. And I’m gonna sign this pledge. – I’m Barry Beisner, Bishop
of Northern California. And I’m taking the Creation Care pledge. Because like you, we’re
committed to following Jesus, in the way of love. – I’m Jennifer Reddall, Bishop
of the Diocese of Arizona. And I’m taking the Creation Care pledge, because Arizona has some of the most beautiful wilderness in God’s creation. – I’m Scott Hayashi, the Bishop of The
Episcopal Diocese of Utah. And I’m taking the Creation Care pledge. – I’m Gretchen Rehberg, I’m the Bishop, the Diocese of Spokane. And I’m taking the Creation Care pledge. – I’m David Rice, the Bishop of the Diocese of San Joaquin. And I’m taking the Creation Care pledge. – I’m Michael Hanley, of
the Diocese of Oregon. And I’m taking the Creation Care pledge. – I’m Bishop Katharine
Jefferts Schori, in San Diego. I’m taking the Creation Care pledge. – My name is Pat Bell, I am the Bishop for The Episcopal
Diocese of Eastern Oregon. I also make the pledge to Creation Care. – I’m Brian Thom, the Bishop
of the Diocese of Idaho. And I’m gonna take the Creation Care pledge because I need to up my own game. – We can all do something. – So, we’ve entered the
season of more and less. More composting, more
cycling, more walking. – We recycle a lot at our house. But it’s time for a second
generation of getting serious. – Think about composting all the food-waste in your kitchen. – I vowed on the Creation Care pledge, to eat further down the chain. – Bishop Wagner got rid of all
the styrofoam in our diocese. The activity has gone to composting the coffee grounds from coffee-hour. – Less use of those things which are consumable like, styrofoam. – Encourage your congregations
to ditch the water bottles and the paper cups and the styrofoam, and wash the dishes. – I personally, no more
single-use plastics. I’m getting rid of ’em. – Particularly, we care about water. So, I know that, as Bishop of Arizona, I will never use a single-use
plastic water bottle. – It’s time for us to get
rid of those water bottles that are in every parish. We can do better than that. – I encourage you also, to consider your own
water-use in your house, your home, your garden. – The one step I’m taking already is, to stop shaving in the shower. My shower, now, only lasts three minutes. – We’re taking 80 acres at
our camp conference center and returning it to native
grasses and the wetlands, to bring some green to the earth. – We’ve been in a partnership with the Diocese of Southern Philippines for almost 10 years, doing Carbon Offsets with them, planting over 20,000 trees
in the Southern Philippines. Which has offset over
70,000 tons of carbon. – Few years ago, I had the ability to walk
the Camino de Santiago. These places need to be protected. And the only way to protect them, is to make sure that we
take care of God’s creation. – God has helped us to
enter into a relationship, partnership, in being
stewards of this planet. It needs our help, it
needs our attention now. – Take the Creation Care pledge ’cause this is God’s creation. And we are called to take care of it. – So, I invite you to join with me. – I invite you to–
– Join me. – I’d like you to join me.
– Join me. – Please join me in this commitment. – So, join me in the
pledge, not in the shower. – Join me in the pledge, will you? – I hope you’ll join me in
signing the Creation Care pledge.

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