The BEST part of Camera Camp…. | Part 3

– Good morning everyone, it
is day three of camera camp. And I’m getting ready to
attend a morning class. So one of the things here, I
know it probably looks like we’ve just been doing a lot of activities, but we do have a lot of
classes that actually educational and fun. And then I have some more events
planned for the afternoon. So I’m going to go grab
my stuff, and we are going to go learn some things
about cameras and editing. (upbeat music) – So here at camera camp
we have gear check out which means that basically
you could come here without a camera and you
could check out and use anything that you want. I’ve been rocking the A7R4 you could find those right here. Oh you need a 16-35 Gmaster we’ve got it. You guys
get the point, basically there’s a lot of cameras,
there’s a lot of lenses there’s a lot of microphones,
anything you could think of. – Oh my gosh you can’t- that’s incredible – Do you think this
will fit in my backpack? Just play it cool Justine, play it cool. All right real behind the
scenes her at camera camp, this is how its happening. – Just need you to hold it – I actually saw you doing that and then I got distracted by a boat. All right what have we
got going on here Justine? A little un-bagging – I’m un-bagging – Ah okay, let me go get the other camera for the slow-mo (upbeat music) – We’re getting ready
to head to dinner soon, I’m just going to walk around
and show you guys a little bit about what’s going
on, and where we are. This is the Flat Head Lake
Lodge, basically its a dude ranch its one of the most
incredible and peaceful places I think I’ve ever been. So lets go see it. (upbeat music) – Looks like we’ve got a
pretty intense corn hole game. That was good. – Get it, get it, get it. – Oh – I’m gonna play by
myself, I’m gonna throw one and see if I can make it, here I go Made it! I’m a professional, I quit I’m quitting while I’m ahead, Bye! Cya! I guess I’m a professional
corn hole player because I just made two
in a row, so now I quit OMG I have to go see my best friend Crosby Cause I see Crosby over here! Oh jeeze, now I have tree in my hair. So Crosby, he absolutely loves pine cones, so I’m gonna bring her a pine cone. (upbeat music) The hat is on, and we are
going to be heading out to The Steak Fry, which is going
to be on the Elk Preserve, Its a little cabin in
the woods and we are all looking the part, here
is Tyler looking the part – You didn’t bring your flannel. – But I feel like I’m, you know – No you’re good. – That’s a good look. – What did you do today? – I pet horses, I pet a lot of dogs (Horn honks loud) – I walked around and I waited
for this moment in my life – This is the moment! (Siren blaring) – All right so we have 4 fire
trucks and then this other little camo beast just rolled
up, I don’t know what to do about that but I’m gonna get on something. We’re heading to dinner,
just a casual ride to dinner. Which one do we pick? Hi David! – I know there’s too many
fire trucks to choose from. Never thought I’d say that in my life. – That first one was pretty shiny, Yeah! (people exclaim) This is so cute, they have
a teepee, they have a bar we have a lot of music, I think
everyone’s gonna freak out (playful music) – Dinner time! – It is dinner time, its the best time we are trying to get a group
shot, this is like madness behind the scenes of trying
to get like a hundred people in a shot… CAMERA CAMP! – I was gonna get a selfie Okay no its not – It is now time for the barn dance, so we are heading inside (upbeat music) I’m laughing so hard I’m gonna throw up We are still in Montana
and today is actually the workshop day for camera camp,
so we have a new group of people coming in, the
first thing we’re gonna do, is we are gonna go and
have some breakfast, Justine and I are gonna give
a little welcome speech, and then we’re gonna continue
on with a bunch of classes and more activities, and
I hope that everyone has the best time, I cannot wait
for everyone to experience it, right now, we’re gonna
go welcome the new group. – Kinda get them to give an
idea of what camera camp is, where it came from and, what
they hope to get out of it. – So basically Justine
and I went to an event, Called Kando that Sony put on
last year and it was more so based for photographers, and
we were invited with a very small group of youtubers, and
just the experience we had being surrounded by like-minded
individuals, it was just so inspiring, it was so amazing
to be in that community, we were kinda just like, how
do we make this happen for a bigger group, and for other
people who are like us? And we’ve just been working
with Sony for the past year, and he has been absolutely
incredible and listening to our crazy ideas and camera camp
is now a thing so I feel like we are very excited and very
grateful for all of you guys to travel here and we’re
just excited and we hope that you guys get out what we got out of it. – I mean, that was so good – We’re gonna go take out a
kayak, its finally a really nice day, the water is calm, its
been so rough that we haven’t been able to take out a kayak. So we’re gonna do that. – Don’t get me yawning
I’ve had a long weekend Is this what we’re
taking? Which ones which? – So this is a canoe. – Two seater. – Hello! – Thanks for helping us get in the kayak – You’re welcome. – Or canoe, kayak. – You ready? – Yeah I think so, oh my gosh. Okay I think we’re okay so far, thank you We’re here forever. So right now Justine and
I are in a kayak which I forgot that for this, we
use a canoe, which is a lot bigger, so we are basically a mass weight. (inaudible) Would you like me to turn you around? Justine have you noticed how
close we are to the water with our kayak? (inaudible) Should turn it back on. We’ve got the ark 0 mark 2
mounted, we’re gonna head on out I made a mistake I brought
every single camera that I own with me, I have a V7R, 3,
I have the arks 100 mark 5, I have this camera, I have my
backpack with me, my wallet I don’t know if we’re very
stable but, we’re gonna do our best to stay afloat. Oh no its actually really close to my head (Justine) Well also mine
I’m pretty close to you. – Yeah its gonna get me first though I wish these had a cup holder, I would’ve broughten my beverage. It is now time for the scavenger
hunt, now the problem is that we are gonna be
fighting against each other because we are gonna be
separating into groups and leading the groups to victory. I’m on team Blue. – Red is the winning team though. – No – Second place, is for the 1st
loser, don’t forget you guys – But Justine’s also gonna
have a team, Steve’s gonna have a team, Josh is gonna
have a team, and honestly, No competition, team blue – Friendly fire. – Team Bluebird! (playful music) – So for the past 2 hours,
team blue has been doing a scavenger hunt, and I wanna
say I think we’re doing a pretty good job, right now
he is directing a shot for the whole blue team which
is gonna be people taking a picture of a picture of
a picture, I love it. Got the concentration,
team blue, the best team. – So Jenna would be like
Hey, and then we’re all like – This is great! Team blue here, we are almost
done with the scavenger hunt we just have to go edit
the day after footage I really am proud of my team,
I think we did an amazing job I have no doubt, in my
mind, that we’re gonna win! I’m so nervous, so you are a competitor? – Yeah, well we were
really beefing against each other I think? I hope I win. – Oh my gosh, here we go. – Good luck everyone! (video audio plays) That was good! – The second place team is Jenna’s team – Yeah where’s my people! – Some pretty awesome camera shots Number one team is, drum roll every body! Team fluke! Well done you guys Hey Jus, what happened huh? – Shut your mouth. – I just got back from
doing an astro time lapse and I am so excited to see
what the footage looks like and I can’t wait to edit it,
I have a feeling its gonna be pretty amazing, because
I took a class from the one and only Stan, so here, is what I got. (playful music) So that’s gonna do it for
this video, I had the absolute best time in Montana, I can’t
even comprehend everything that has happened because
its just, its been such an emotional time, good emotional
time and I’ve met so many amazing people, so many people
have given up time, and money to be here and it is just
absolutely incredible so thank you guys so much for watching, make sure you subscribe and
watch all the other videos comes up from camera camp. – Omg I’m so tired, I had
the best time of my life. – Like actually one of the
top five coolest things and one of the most amazing
experiences I think I’ve ever experienced in my life so,
thank you guys so much for watching, I actually have
to go to bed, too much fun! I think we live here now, we can’t pack. (upbeat music)

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