The Captain’s Daughter (1928) movie

The Captain’s Daughter
in 8 parts Based on the novel by A. Pushkin
Screenplay by Victor Shklovsky Directed by
Yuri Tarich 1st part
(V.R. Streshneva) Decree on the general delimitation, as the basis of land
management for the nobility. “Assign these lands to
Count Grigoriy Orlov.” The estate of
landlord GRINEV Surveyor from Count Orlov Surveying has curtailed
the land of landlord Grinev. The master of the
land is not offended. The master – landlord Grinev –
(I.P. Arkanov) What can you do –
we’ll take the land from the peasants. A serf of Grinevs – SAVELICH
(honored artist – Stepan Kuznetsov) People are very anxious…
because of small holdings… Rumor has it that
Orenburg has a lot of land, it is possible to evict a part. Perhaps, we should look for some land. Petrusha Grinev
(Nikolay Prozorovsky) In the winter, you’ll
go to serve in the army. In the Guard, papa?
In St. Petersburg? In Orenburg. AFRICA Count Grigoriy Orlov
(N.K. Simonov) This jasper is mined in
Bashkiria, Your Majesty! How rich and vast is our Fatherland! A fine detail for a fireplace! A snowstorm has started
in the vast Fatherland. Belogorsky fortress Exiled officer
lieutenant of artillery Aleksey Ivanovich Shvabrin
(Ivan Klyukvin) The passerby
(Boris Tamarin) We advise you to wait. Follow the smell of smoke!
Turn right! “… slavery is against
the very nature of man”… The commander of Belogorsky fortress
Ivan Kuzmich Mironov (A.A. Repin) Masha Mironova
(Xenia Denisova) “… Nature, and not the divine,
is the beginning of beginnings. ” Your groom teaches your
daughter atheism, and you’re silent! Flimsy arguments and idle talk. The words of Aleksey Ivanich are
always incomprehensible and unpleasant! Part II
Belogorsky fortress Give a half a ruble for
vodka to our passerby. You should have asked your father
to give you enough half rubles. Rabbit fur coat. Tell me, my dear,
where is your commander? Tell me, dear, why your spurs are
not in accordance with the rules? “…We live in the fortress, on
bread and water.” (soldier’s song) The state treasury is selling salt. Salt monopoly was one of the
main items of government revenue. Senior officer of the fortress
Ivan Ignatievich (Alexander Zhukov) The commander’s wife
Vasilisa Egorovna (K.I. Chebyshova) No more salt! Come on! We’ve waited all night! The gate is closed by night. How
did you get in the fortress, sir? A passerby showed us the way. Call the commandant! We live in troubled times,
a turmoil’s around us, and you are sleeping, sir! PART III
Love and jasper Tastes and affections
were changed over time Replace “O” with “P”. Grigoriy Potemkin
(K.N. Karenin) M. Sh. Don’t put “Sh”, put the full “word”. Poems by Aleksey Ivanovich Papa sent you here to search for a
land, not to search for love affairs! (A tombstone) Because of this, our boundary
will go across the cemetery! They squeezed Bashkirs out of
the forests to the barren steppe. They took everything! They took land…
now graves! There is no such law! “Extraction” of jasper
for the royal palace. Stop the punishment immediately! Please don’t interfere!
We have orders. I’ll arrest you! You have no authority for that! Rumor has it that new
sovereign has been announced… He gives the land for free. By waging war with thoughts of love,
I try to forget my beauty. And I’m avoiding Masha,
in hope to regain my freedom again! You’re using someone else’s
verses to seduce the girl? In Pugachev’s headquarters “Royal markings” Petty Cossack Chumakov
(Mstislav Kotelnikov) It is not yet the time to
take on the role of the tsar. Whether you are a Sovereign,
or not – you must take some action. See… the people came to complain. Hello, my children,
Cossacks, Kalmics and Tatars. Decree… I bestow the river and the
land and grass to you… And eternal liberty… “Your well-wisher and
sovereign Peter Fedorovich”… Part IV
THE ASSAULT M. T. “…Emelyan Pugachev,
a Cossack from Don, who has escaped from the guard… …perpetrated unpardonable
impudence when he assumed the name of the deceased
Emperor Peter III… “…He has gathered
a villainous gang…” “We’ve captured the scout.” Under heavy torture,
he bit off his tongue, without saying anything. They’ve taken Nizhneozernaya!
The Commandant was hanged! In a few days Pugachev
came near Belogorsky fortress. …”if you join us, you would
be pardoned and welcome”… Hostilities has begun. A sortie. We stand up for our Empress-mother! The trial. What can you say about
this man, my children? The passerby… Are you literate? The kid is literate. I taught him. Do you remember the coat? You’ll be our clerks. Whose girls is this? The priest’s daughter, my bride. I admit, you have a good taste! You saved me, Savelyich.
Thank you. I was Savelyich.
From now on, I am Archip Savelyich. Part V
Peter III Pugachev sat in the fortress,
doing nothing. Write! The support from Ural workers Well, what is the right way?
According to your drawing? I have to report to the master. We won’t have enough
bread in the spring. We should make an agreement
with Volga peasants. I’m illiterate. I’ll teach you, father. What can I do for you? Allow my blockhead to marry Masha. Leshka!
He wants to marry your bride! From Ataman Ovchinnikov! Duke Galitsin with a large army, holds Tatishchev fortress under siege! Let’s march! What about the wedding? If you are so impatient,
do it without me! Part VII
The wedding Petty Cossacks decided to take
advantage of the absence of Pugachev. Bitter! We must find a way to
redeem ourselves… What a wedding!
Ah, what a wedding! Let ’em all get drunk, when
soldiers come – we’ll tie up Emelyka. Drink, boys, we won’t
leave it for the generals! Give a kiss to Esaul, beauty. Pugachev is retreating with
the rest of its squad, after the defeat at Tatishev… What’s going on here? The wedding. Give us bread! Bread! Bread! Defense! To your posts! Save me! You cannot stay here. The government cannons. The road to Orenburg is still free.
Go! In the gunpowder magazine. The treason. The defeat. What a wedding, ha?!
What a wedding! Take off your boots! How can you prove your noble origin? Zurin Nikolay Vitovtov. Minuet. Good!
You’ll finish dancing in the prison. Part VII
The triumph of the nobility The defeat at Tatishev has decided
the fate of Pugachev’s rebellion. Shvabrin recruited peasants of Volga. The estate of
landlord GRINEV We are the rebels. The permit for free passage The sovereign’s envoy.
Let them through! Aleksey Ivanich! In the
name of the past! Save us! They’ve hanged their landlord
in Ivankovo, we must do it, too. To “raise the patriotic spirit”
among the nobility, Catherine went to Moscow. Your Majesty! The enemy of
the state, Emelyan Pugachev, was crushed and delivered
into the hands of justice! We’ve prevailed! Set it aside! Petty Cossacks have saved their hides. Pugachev was handed
over to the authorities. Suvorov What were you thinking, thief? I wasn’t the chief raven –
just a small crow. The raven is still flying! Part VIII
Unfinished by Pushkin Masha Mironova arrived
in Tsarskoye village to ask Empress for mercy. Don’t be afraid, she doesn’t bite. Where are you coming from? I am at court now,
explain your request to me, and maybe I would be able to help. I knew Aleksey Shvabrin. But you are more interested
in Grinev, aren’t you? Thousand times more! I hope that you will not wait long,
for a reply to your letter. In Tsarskoselskaya prison… Who is Grinev here? Grinev will share the same fate as
Orlov, Potemkin and many others. I want this boy to vanish
from here in the morning! In the morning… Just an ordinary young man.
I’ve let him go home. I am convinced of the innocence of
your groom and I’ve forgiven him. I wasn’t at the Empress’s quarters!
Let me go into the village! Remove this garbage
from the garden! In the fall of 1774 Pugachev’s rebellion was crushed THE END The film was specially prepared
for airing by TV channel “Kultura” English subtitles prepared for KG
by Quigley (05.2016)

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