The Curse of La Llorona – Teaser Trailer [HD]

Can I ask you a
question, Father? Do you know anything
about… La Llorona? The weeping
woman. It’s a folktale. To some. Stay in the car,
okay? And, please, don’t wake
up your sister. Oh, my God. No! No! It’s your fault! I tried to stop her. Who did you try
to stop? La Llorona. Sam! Sam, let
me in! What’s going on?

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  • This movie is so white…… La Larona

  • I need a girlfriend to watch this with! 😭

  • I call her Mexican man

  • Would have been better they filmed inmates of Guantanamo bay with George Bush tormenting them.

  • Cant believe this movie will only be 33 minutes long

  • Mexicans ain’t scared of momo since we already had la llorona

  • How did she get to los angeles?😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲


  • Vale verga, como la historia no es de la llorona y solo es un fantasma que espanta podían haber metido a Annabelle o a la monja y de ahuevo que encajaban, pero el chiste es chingarse una leyenda

  • I grew up near a river in a small town and this was a way for parents to keep us away from the water at night when we were younger. It worked for sure and for some reason being based in LA takes away from the OG stories.

  • Who came Britty44 channel

  • They kill the whole concept of the llorona. I once wanted to hopefully bring her to film. The whole script of the movie would have been of some white folks traveling to Mexico and renting some cabin or home out there through today’s apps. Wtf is she doing in the us? Lame ass movie.

  • Fun fact: First time I heard of La Llorona was this song.

  • Velma’s still catchin monsters

  • Sierra!

  • I'm goin full screen. Wish me luck.

  • Omg I knew the girl in the movie!

  • in Indonesia, she is named Kuntilanak

  • What is this rated

  • Well I am not knocking the story a La Llorona itself but I am just tired of the same recycled rehashed ghost/demons with priests ect.. Its getting old, and boring.. And that alone is why I wont go see this movie or any other like it. The premise is over played just like Zombies

  • YES, I've been waiting for a movie like this one

  • Too many sound effects to scary people. This is not a inteligent way to make terror movie.

  • Ma ma ma myyyy llorona

  • Who else is going with there mom

  • Would have actually been also cool if la llorona actually said “ay mis hijos” but pretty exited anyway

  • I been knowing about her ever since I was little.

  • Is it a worth Movie to watch??? Any 1

  • Looks pretty interesting, why are all these horror films centered around the catholic church?

  • Gets told to stay in the car, disobeys and runs out, encounters creepy woman, has the audacity to be shocked about it.

  • what is the song 2:19 called my grandma use to sing it

  • como se llama la musica en 2:19 my abuela lo cantaba cuando era pequeno

  • Why isn’t in Spanish Tenias una Trabajo >:C

  • Guillermo del Toro should have done this movie. This movie could have been amazing!

  • La llorona started in new Mexico. People these people don't understand that. Not in LA!!! How weak

  • Lorraine Warren died last night at age 92. This is a spin off of Conjuring.

  • Today is good friday. The devil had to come out with this crap of La Llorona today.

  • No thank you!!! I jumped and screamed twice

  • Finna go see this tonight 😱👏🏽

  • As a kid i was told this local lake n my hometown was the lake La Llorona lived….

  • This movie is going to hurl chunks faster than La Llorona can drown kids. James Wan is taking advantage of the majority of people that are not aware of the legend….and totally watering it down. The best version I've ever seen is an (obscure) version my husband owns on DVD. La Llorona (The Wailer in English) 2006 (or 07, can't remember) it scared the ba-jeezus out of us. He, my hubby, is from Mexico 🇲🇽 and told me the legend. He heard her as a child…booooo 👻

  • fuxk this shit i watched this at 2 in the morning here i am dying

  • Pure shit

  • I heard the story but THE MOVIE 😁😁

  • James wans ones the Masters of horror from Hollywood movies, when this director make a horror movies, he hit the jackpots all the movies he make are very good uuuuuuuiiiiii is time to watch horror movies la llorona.

  • Who wanna see the full movie

  • Is this movie right here any good ?

  • Just a little thing they did was have the kids watch Scooby doo, because the main character, the mom, was Velma

  • Sooooooo, is this ghost a Spaniard & will I need subtitles for when she says BOO?

  • Father, bring me a glass of holy water please.

  • That scene where the boy was watching the crime scene and he hears her cryin in back of him then she starts walking towards him was probably the best

  • Anyone here, who know wht's the tittle of mexican music in the opening scene?

  • #TheCurseofLaLlorona | #Hollywood #Movie | #Review by Umair Ali Khan from #Karachi #Pakistan

  • Alguien se sabe el nombre de la niña?

  • La Llorona was a blast! People were singing La Lloronas song, couples were making out and there was an old man gasping at every little scare ( I was afraid he’ll get a heart attack) finally everyone yelled at "Patricia" and clapped at the end! Real entertainment

  • The Curse of La Llorona full HD

  • 1:30 HOLY SH*T

  • Jinkies.

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  • I love that name

  • Based on the back story of what I've heard about her, this movie doesn't seem accurate. Lol





  • I found This info from Snarled btw but..

    La Llorona is a Mexican myth. Once upon a time there was a woman named Maria. She was so amazingly beautiful, everyone longed for her. One day Maria caught a wealthy nobleman’s eye. He smooth talked her and they soon got married. She had two boys. The husband traveled a lot, and one day stopped coming back. A couple years had passed and Maria was walking along the river with her children, and spotted a familiar man. It was her ex husband. But next to her was a young woman with expensive clothing. He greeted the boys and was intentionally ignoring Maria. Then they drove away. Maria was filled with heartbreak, humiliation, and rage. Without thinking, she hurled her young boys into the water and it wasn’t until she saw their bodies floating downriver that she realized what she had done. She threw herself in too, in hopes to be reunited with her children in the afterlife, but sadly, that wasn’t the case. She had committed the ultimate sins: Murder and Suicide. Now, she is forced to roam the earth between the physical and spiritual worlds forever searching, in vain, for her children. Be careful, because if she approaches you, she will give you bad luck and misfortune. Children must be extra careful, because she might mistake you for one of her own. But when she realizes you are not her son, she will throw you into the river. She is now known as La Llorona, The Weeping Woman. Always crying.

  • Americans are getting even more lazy, they have stopped saying 3rd and started saying 3…

  • not scared

  • Cry more

  • "mu mu mu mu mu mu mu myyyy Llorona"

  • Who brings there kids to a murder scene?

  • okay fine I admit 2:02 I jumped 😂

  • It will be a good day when Hollywood finally gives up making corny ass Jump-Scare-Only bullshit ass horror movies like this. How these films continue to make money, and people are somehow entertained by them, I have no fucking idea. You want to watch some horror movies? Go pick up some Japanese shit. With subtitles, fuck that over-dub shit. There's a movie industry that understands atmosphere, imagery and tension. Something we lost here in the states a very long time ago, save for very scarce examples. This jump scare shit is so fucking corny.
    Watch a movie like this with the sound off, or on very low, and you will Never even get slightly creeped out nevermind scared. Do the same shit for a well made Japanese horror movie, and you'll still be fucking terrified. If your horror movie lives or dies on whether the volume is cranked to 11 or not, your movie is dog shit.


    I watched this movie in theaters, it was actually pretty good. But, I was very disappointed to see that the scenes from 1:56 to 2:04 were not in the movie.

  • Mis hijos

  • People aren't watching Warner Brothers films anymore because the company
    is now viewed as an evil corporation which steals and cheats hard
    working independent creators.

  • People aren't watching Warner Brothers films anymore because the company
    is now viewed as an evil corporation which steals and cheats hard
    working independent creators.

  • People aren't watching Warner Brothers films anymore because the company
    is now viewed as an evil corporation which steals and cheats hard
    working independent creators.

  • People aren't watching Warner Brothers films anymore because the company
    is now viewed as an evil corporation which steals and cheats hard
    working independent creators.

  • Doesn't look scary to me!!

  • 1:00 – 1:07 this is how my cat walks toward me

  • True story my ass

  • the description said that there is no escape from the curse… so i guess the ending will be predictably… 😏

  • Wheres Hawkeye when u need him lol. Thats Hawkeyes wife

  • QUE COMER VERGA!!!!!!!!! LA LIORONA!!!!!!!!!!! STUPID ASS CUNT BITCH!!!!!!!!!

  • Is there a way to watch it right now?

  • Looking in comments guess I'll watch shit don't look scary at all guess I'll go see really fast….

  • a NORMAL kid with HALF a brain would of 1) yelled for his mum! 2) Beeped the horn frantically! Tell me I'm wrong and this movie isn't stupid?? Just like the ghost demon sheet headed thing would of just unlocked the car door! It would take sooooo much more effort to wind the windows down! Rofl. HOW can people just accept stupid movies like this & waste their time??

  • cheap thrills

  • The Witch from Left 4 Dead. Just leave her be. Don't come near her or point a light her way and you will be fine.

  • What is the la llorona

  • This movie is ass

  • Typical Wan movie

  • o treiler deveria ter mais cenas da atividade da chorona e menos das cenas perifericas dos demais personagens que nao os que a chorona persegue.

  • fico pensando, eles fantasmas do mal agem a bel prazer no mundo matando e destruindo pessoas inocentes e sem noção do mal como certas crianças e me pergunto onde fica Deus que tudo vê nestas situações de cada um por si?

  • I didn't know it would be part of the Conjuring Series.

  • This movie is so dark make sure you watch it with night goggles.

  • To those who seen the movie and when the little went out in the hallway…………
    "Ahhhhhhhhh sh*beep*

  • I just got done watching this movie I’m so scary‼️‼️

  • They need to go back to some 70's 80's n 90's movie imagery and mix it up cause all this modern CGI stuff isn't scary. E.g. The Exorcist

  • Coco : bruh

  • What they dont know is, she had 2 sons, not a son and a daughter, but great movie

  • filme ruim do crlh meu kkkk

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