The Dudesons Vs. Funhaus • Local Newscast

Will the squads
break the news or will the news break them? Back to you, Keith. Um, thanks.
Uh… – This week on Squad Wars.
– Whoa. We’re here at the NBC4 newsroom in Los Angeles, California. Whoa, breaking news. The pressure is on
as our squads compete to become professional
news team. We’re moving.
We’re moving. In the end, they will be judged and only one will win the most coveted reality show
award ever, The Try-phy. This is just in,
we’re on air. We’ll do it live.
[bleep] it. ♪ ♪ Welcome to Squad Wars.
We are the Try Guys. And today, we’re at
the NBC4 news center. Keith and I will be
your hosts for the day, which leaves Eugene and Zach to embed with the Squads. Okay.
Flawless turn. I’ll be squading up
with James and Elyse from Funhaus. Their hilarious YouTube crew demos videogames
to the delight of millions. Welcome James and Elyse. My squad is the only squad that I ever want by my side,
it’s Elyse, my wife. I think that we’re gonna do
a good job. I think we’re gonna
stay focused. I hope we win. – Tell us more about Funhaus.
– It’s a gaming channel where we like to play games
you’ve never heard of. The games usually, they’re not that great,
but we have fun. That’s exactly
what we talk about
when we describe ourselves. We’re not that great,
but we’re really fun. – Yeah.
– Yeah, absolutely. Another epic squad of YouTubers,
the Dudesons, a crazy stunt crew
from Finland. Their prank videos have amassed
hundreds of millions of hits, not to mention
those to their guts, faces, and crotches. What up Jukka and Paul? – What up?
– What’s up? I’ve grown up doing stunts,
and blowing up cars, and houses. Go big
and go to the hospital. Are you guys crazy? – Ow.
– Yeah, yeah, there it is. What’s the craziest prank
you guys have ever done? I stuck my testicles
in a mousetrap once. [laughs] I do not recommend that. All right.
Eugene and Zach, you may crossover
to your squads and become a gamer
and Finnish respectively. – Great.
– We now hug. – All right, man.
– Yo. – We hug it out.
– Oh, great. I’m was expecting a nut hit,
I was very nervous. I’m constant–ow. You had to be–
that is expected. Now, that’s what I call
breaking news. Hey, one of the gang now. Squads, no challenge
is too big for you to try, so we figured, we’d get you
to try one of ours. For today’s Big Try, both squads will become… a local news team. [laughs] – All right.
– That’s right. You will do
a live news broadcast right here
at the NBC4 studio. Breaking news
straight from Finland. See you at the finish line. The Finnish line. Hey, that was on purpose. When live broadcasting,
timing is crucial and you cannot trip
over your words. That’s why we’ve created
a Mini Try to help you get warmed up
for a live reporting. The squad that gets the most
repetition of tongue–uh-hmm. The squad that gets
the most repetitions of tongue twisters
correct in 30 seconds wins the challenge. What is a tongue twister? We’re doing
a tongue twister challenge and English is Jukka’s
third language. This is rigged, right? Now, we are ready
to begin the Mini Try. Funhaus, you will be first. The first tongue twister is he threw three free throws. And your time starts now. – He threw three free throws.
– [dings] He threw three free throw. He threw three free throws. – He threw three free throw.
– Oh. – He threw three free throws.
– [dings] – He threw three free throws.
– [dings] – He threw three free throws.
– [dings] He threw three free throw.
He threw three free throws. – Sorry, I messed up.
– [indistinct] we did good. Dudesons, it’s your turn.
Are you ready? – Yeah.
– Your time starts now. – He threw…
– Who threw [indistinct] He threw three free throws.
He threw three free throws. – He threw three free throws.
– [dings] – He threw three free throws.
– [dings] – He threw three free throws.
– [dings] – He threw three free throws.
– [dings] – He threw three free throws.
– [dings] – Zach.
– Zach, come on. – He threw three free throws.
– Time. – The Dudesons are in shambles.
– Wow. All right.
Funhaus, round two. The second tongue twister is, Fred fed Ted bread
and Ted fed Fred bread. Your time starts now. Fred fed Ted bread – and Ted fed Fred bread.
– [dings] Fred fed Ted bread
and Ted fed Fred bread. [dings] – Fed Fred…
– Oh. Fred fed Ted bread
and Ted fed Fred bread. – [dings]
– Fred fed Ted bread and Ted fed Fred bread. Fred fed Ted bread
and Ted fed Fred bread. – Stop.
– I’ll give it to them. I’ll give it to them.
That one got in. – 8 points, nice.
– Okay. All right.
Dudesons, this is it. The score is 21 to 9 and you need 13 points to win. – Your time starts now.
– Fred fed Ted bread – and Ted fed Fred bread.
– [dings] Fred fed Ted bread
and Ted Fred–Fred bread. – Eek.
– Ted Fred–Fred Ted… Fred fed Ted bread
and Ted fed Fred bread. – Yeah.
– [dings] Fred should have eaten
his own bread. [laughs] Fred bread–Fred fed… – And that’s time.
– And that’s it. – Woo. We win.
– Dudesons, I don’t know
why you’re celebrating. – You lost pretty miserably.
– You lost pretty badly. Congratulations, Funhaus. For winning the Mini Try. Funhaus Squad,
you will get a choice of whether you want
to go on air first or second. – We will go second.
– Oh. Which means the Dudesons
will be breaking the news first. You’ll be judged
on professionalism, overall flow and cohesiveness. As well as the heart, passion, and overall squad work that you bring to the Big Try. This is just in. It’s time for
the squad members to choose their news team roles. Who will be the anchor,
who will be the weather man, and who will be
the field reporter? Dudesons, over to you. – You’re the anchor.
– Yeah. I’ll go and talk gibberish. You’re like the lead singer
of the news. You’ll be the weather man.
So, you’ll be like the bassist. And that leaves Zach? Field reporter.
Let’s do this. Fantastic. All right.
We’re set over here. Funhaus, who’s gonna be
your Ron Burgundy and who’s gonna be
the other people in that movie – and the other roles?
– I think I’m gonna go anchor. I’m very good at pointing things
and saying stuff. Eugene will be
our beautiful weather man. And I should be on the beat
because of my perfect rhythm. – That’s–no, no, no, no.
– All right, squads, it’s time to head to the studio and meet your news team senseis. ♪ ♪ Squads, it is our pleasure
to introduce you to the award winning
news team who will serve as your coaches for today’s Big Try. Working with our weather people, he’s an Emmy award winning
Meteorologist, David Biggar. Coaching our field reporters, the Emmy winning,
Chuck Henry. Assisting our anchors,
also an Emmy winner, Colleen Williams. [cheers and applause] This is just in,
everyone has an Emmy. – Except for us.
– Except for us. Anchors, Jukka and James
will stay here with Colleen, weather man
with the weather man, field reporters
with the field reporters. – Let’s leave.
– Okay. We’re all moving.
We’re moving. [indistinct chatter] – This is the desk.
– I’m right on the edge. – Whoa, whoa.
– So, come back up. – It’s okay, he does stunts.
– Right. This is where
all the breaking news happens. Like, do you,
“Whoa, breaking news.” In some days, I do do that. I started out as a reporter.
I love to report because you don’t know
what’s gonna happen. So, you are
the weather person here. – That is correct.
– Um, explain everything. – Everything?
– Yeah. Couple of things,
what you read here will pop up on your teleprompter there. Sometimes what happens here is the teleprompter
doesn’t move, so you can’t stop
in the middle of the story. You got to keep going. Use your hands a lot
and your body. – We do use our hands.
– Certainly. That’s fine, you can do that. You just don’t wanna do that
with what we call a hand mic or a stick mic because then
you’ll be waving the thing all over the place
and that’ll drive people nuts. – Oh.
– …so, like this. – Oh, wow.
– You’ve got the mic. I have the mic,
and I am talking, and I’m air.
And now, you are talking. Oh, I have taken the mic
and now I am holding the mic, I am talking. Maybe I’ll look behind me… Oh, don’t be–
don’t be stilted. You were so much better
when you’re just yourself. – Great, great, great.
– It’s personality. So, you see these lines here
on the floor? These are the edges
of your frame. The other thing is it’s not like
looking in a mirror. – Oh. It’s flipped.
– It’s not reverse. So, it’ll become a challenge
when you have to figure out where on the map
you’re trying to put your hand. The other thing
you have to keep in mind, you don’t wanna cover
what you’re talking about. But you’re covering the weather,
but you don’t wanna – cover the weather.
– Yeah, exactly. Because you have to be able
to advance your graphics. You have this giant clicker
with a lot of buttons. – Don’t touch most of them.
– Being a weather person is way more complicated
than it looks because you’re juggling
a million things at once. You’re looking
at three different monitors. One of them is on the delay. You can never turn your back
to the camera. You’re working
this remote control to change the slides. This is a lot harder
than I thought. So, you wanna get
comfortable here. – Uh-hmm.
– This–can I do it like… – Is that too comfortable?
– Today, in the news. – Have you ever done it?
– I’m gonna win. Jukka could barely sit still just during the training. – [clears throat]
– Again, again. Oh, is it on already? We have to have
professionalism nailed. So, you’re gonna make a list
of things that we have to do. Be in control,
be relaxed, eye contact. Is there some absolute no-nos
that you should not do? You should never swear
on the air. [bleep]
I apologize. And don’t necessarily interject your opinion – into a story.
– Okay. I put my hand
right on their back like this, then I can always, kind of,
direct you where the camera is. – Oh, okay.
– I’m getting jealous that I’m not getting touched.
Can you touch me, Chuck? Yeah. I would do the–no,
I would do the same with you. – Yeah, I just wanna feel it.
– You just, kind of… No. Hold me like you
held her, Chuck. – Don’t half-ass it, man.
– Okay. We have a wonderful system
of warmth emanating from where my leg is downward towards the southern
nether regions. I thought lifting the leg,
kind of, gave a nice touch, but I don’t know
if that’s traditional. – Not traditional.
– Okay. He referred
to his crotch a lot. And I’m not sure
if Eugene is, kind of, trying to hustle me here and make me a little
over confident or if he’s really just
that bad of a weather man. We take to our LA basin, that’s most of you out there. I love you, guys.
I love you so much. – Thanks for watching.
– Kiss ass. In today’s news, we got,
um, shootout in West Hollywood involving hundreds
of other peoples, um, injured on the scene. – Good.
– It’s a really funny accent, and you’re not making any sense, and your delivery is off. No. It just sounded like
you were thinking about what you’re saying. I’m trying to read
I think in Finnish and translate it into English.
You can see that’s tough. The trick is you have to
make it engaging. You literally
lock on that camera and you don’t let people – tune away.
– Yeah. Hello.
I’m Elyse Willems and I’m coming to you–oh, damn. Oh, it started off
so strong though. – Thank God she messed that up.
– I’m training alongside Zach and it’s making me nervous
because he just seems so charismatic and at ease. Zach, you had
a lot more personality. You know, I’m gonna have to
try to up my charisma because Zach is a natural. Hello.
I’m Elyse Willems. I’m coming to you
from the KNBC newsroom. We’re here with Chuck
and Zach. And we’re talking
Squad Wars today. We’re talking about reporting. Now, Chuck has been
helping us out. He’s trying his damn best. I’ll just try not
to let him down. Chuck, how are we doing so far? I think you’re doing very well. That was so much better
than we first went… – Let me–let me touch you.
– Okay. That was so much better–
keep your hand up, don’t go down.
Thank you. Okay. That was so much better. – You don’t have to rub either.
– No? Okay. Sorry. – I just–all right.
– No, not necessary. Tosses. This is the hardest part
of this business. The anchors
are gonna toss to you and they’re not just gonna say, “And here’s the look
of the weather,” they’re gonna possibly say
something to you, “I’m planning a barbeque
over the next couple of days. I’m really hoping
it doesn’t get rained out.” Well, David, rain,
it’s always happening. David, that’s a great idea
to bring that jacket. You might not need it
this afternoon though. At the end of the day,
I’m a very competitive person and Paul is knocking this out
of the park. So, if I don’t get my game
together for the Big Try, I might lose it for my squad. Thank you for unloading
all these information… – No, I downloaded…
– …on legends of news. …and let’s see what happens
when it comes back. I hope that we make you proud. Both of us together,
but me a little bit more so. – Thank you for…
– We’re gonna make you proud. – Okay.
– We’ll go touch some people. – Okay.
– In their hearts. Yeah, that’s what–
that’s what I meant. [knocks on door] – Knock, knock.
– Oh, whoa. This is just in,
your squad mates. It’s really crazy to think
that we’re gonna be judged as a squad considering
we spent the whole day apart and we were training
in our different facets all on our own. But seeing us all together, I think we look a lot like
a news team. If Chuck Henry
taught me anything, – it’s all about personality.
– Is it? I thought it was
not at all about– Colleen said you take your– you take your own personality
out of it. – It’s about the news.
– Oh, I was–I was just told – to point at things.
– Oh, God. Even though we’re not gonna
be together physically, I think we’re gonna be
together in spirit. And I wanna thank you guys
for inviting me into your squad. – Oh, thank you for…
– Oh. – What just happened?
– Yes, yes, yes. Oh, I’m one of the guys–ow. ♪ ♪ Go, Blue Team. ♪ ♪ – Whoa.
– After you. – Look at this.
– Whoo. – This is cool.
– Welcome. Hey, how’s it going? I’m Keith. Howie. Nice to meet you, Keith. – Hi. Ned. Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. – I’m the producer here.
– Oh, great. Well, so are we now. We are the producers
for the day. – We’ll see.
– Okay. We have our rundown
put together. We have our list of stories
that we’re gonna hit. So, we’ll just communicate
with our talent there in the studio
and in the field. Howie, when do you think
we’re ready? I’m ready to go when you are. ♪ ♪ The time has come for our Squads to attempt the Big Try. We’ll do it live.
[bleep] it. – Yeah, okay.
– [bleep] thing sucks. All right.
We’re gonna go live then in… – Do it live.
– In three, two… ♪ ♪ We are live. Good evening.
I’m Jukka Hilden. And tonight,
it’s never a good idea to drink, drive, and Snapchat and a college student in Texas
learned that the– that lesson the hard way. She had an open bottle
of wine in her car. She was Snapchatting
and she crashed into a police car. Good luck
for your career, woman. You got to sober up
and get you’re things together. – All right. Go, Zach.
– So, let’s go live to our reporter, Zach.
How are you doing over there? Oh, you got
a snake around you. Whoa. Jukka.
Oh, he is falling off of me. I’m out here with Chris. We got–
Chris, what is this creature – that’s slithering up on me?
– This is a Dumeril’s boa and they’re native
to Madagascar. Madagascar.
Now he’s trying to escape. What’s going on over there? I don’t want him
to bite you right now. Certainly. So what does
this handsome fella eat? This guy eats about
two to three-pound rabbits. Rabbits? Right.
So my head might– is probably about
two to three pounds. Does it look like
a tasty treat, you think? They could try to eat you,
but I doubt he will. – Uh-hmm.
– Fifteen seconds. Now I heard that they smell
by licking, is that true? Yeah. They’re picking up
air particles and that’s how they smell. They’re put on a Jacobson organ, which is located in
the back of their mouth. Just licking new friends
to make friends. Sounds like Saturday night.
Am I right, Chris? – Every day.
– Jukka, I’m gonna throw it – back to you.
– All right. Don’t get bitten. Now here’s Paul
for tonight’s weather. – How’s it looking?
– The West Coast is looking like
a little colder than usual. We got this low pressure
system here. That means cold winds
coming in from the west and–but LA is still looking
pretty good as usual, you know. We get the good weather.
What can I say? This is Catalina behind you. Yeah, this here is Catalina. Little clouds, little overcast, but overall still a great day
to get on the boat and take the kids out,
have a good time. And, um, uh, we got, uh, yeah, you know. Jukka, do you ever, uh– I don’t know if you ever
take a boat out, you know, but it’s always good
to get out there, enjoy the weather. Jukka, I’m gonna send it
back to you. Oh, caught it right back. – New tonight.
– Jukka, we’ve got some breaking news coming in. We’re gonna go to a live
police pursuit next. So NewsChopper 4
over a live police pursuit. It’s a–it’s police
is in pursuit. Oh, look at that.
He has just hit a palm tree. There’s a dangerous situation. So, I believe
there’s two police cars. It looks like the bad guy
is laying on the ground and surrendering himself. And they’re about
to handcuff him and throw him in jail. Okay. Wrap up the show. Um, thank you for tonight’s… news weirdness. Rock and roll,
and peace, love, and happiness. See you tomorrow. That really sucked. [laughs] That was really bad.
We got to do it again. [laughs] Up next is the Funhaus Squad. I wonder if they can do
any better. – I mean, probably.
– I hope so, yeah. ♪ ♪ Good evening, party people and not so party people.
I’m James Willems. Tonight, it’s never
a good idea to drink, drive, and Snapchat, a college student
in Texas learned today. Police stopped her
and they discovered not only that she had
an open bottle of wine, but she also was naked because she was taking
a Snapchat photo. Elyse, you’re next.
Coming in in ten seconds or so. You know, it’s not an easy job, but someone has to do it. Tonight, we’re live
with an animal wrangler. Let’s go live
to Reporter Elyse. What’s going on
out there, Elyse? Hi, James. Thank you.
I’m here with Chris. He’s a professional
animal wrangler. Chris, thanks for being with us. – Nice to meet you.
– How does–how does… – Oh, sorry.
– [screams] – he’s always getting out on me.
– You got me there, Chris. You knew–you knew
I didn’t like the roaches. You got 30 seconds right now
and keep going. You told me there was just
gear in there, Chris. [gasps] – This is Bubba.
– Oh, my gosh. This is an Argentine
black and white tegu. He looks menacing,
but he’s super friendly. Oh, yeah. I like getting
some tongue action from Bubba to be honest. What’s the most famous project that we would have seen
Bubba in? All kinds of music videos. It’s hard to name.
I’ve done so many of them. Let me show you something else
that we’ve brought. Going too long.
Get out of this. This is Jenny. This is a Dumeril’s boa
from Madagascar. Oh, my goodness. Chris, I don’t know
if I can handle Jenny. I’m sure gonna try
though, but… – You wanna try holding her?
– Sure. All right. Let’s see. Back to you guys in the studio. I’ve got a new pal here.
It’s Jenny. – Back to you, James.
– Thanks, Elyse. That’s great. Eugene, what’s the deal
with this weekend’s weather? Am I gonna be wearing
a Speedo or not? You know, you’re gonna have to
leave that Speedo at home because it looks like we have some
low pressure formations coming from the Pacific Ocean. As you can see over here, we have some rainfall coming in towards San Francisco. So, if you’re out there
in your leather, you might need to dress
a little warmer. Can we see Catalina
behind him real quick? What’s over here,
you see Catalina Island – looking really gorgeous.
– Hey, just so you know, there’s some breaking news
coming in. So, once we get out of this, we’re gonna go straight
to breaking news. Hopefully, that will help
the current drought. Back to you, James. Sounds fantastic. – We have breaking news.
– We have breaking news. There is a police car chase
taking place right now. There appear to be
a few police cars chasing a white suburban, but it appears as though the car just collided with a tree. They are apprehending him now. That was an excellent work
by the police as they kept people safe
along the way. It didn’t work so well
for the tree. For me, I can tell you
that I’ve always been treated quite well by the police. They are always taking me
out to dinner and showing me nice places, and sometimes even
saving me from trees. Well, James, you are of
the right complexion to be helped by the police. But, you know,
I do have to say that that video made me really want – a tall glass of orange juice.
– Oh, yeah. I can–I can totally see
why you feel that way. I would just like to say
that we’ve had a great time talking to you tonight, and kind of covering the news
with you. For any more of your news,
I’m James Willems. And I’m Eugene Lee Yang. And we are Funhaus News 2. Good news to you. Crushed it. – They did it.
– They did it. – They did it.
– More or less. There are some rocky
moments there. And now it’s time to head back
to the Squad War studio as we get to judging. Welcome to
the Squad Wars studio. Our Funhaus Squad
and Dudesons Squad are here with us now,
and they’re both hoping tonight’s top story is that
they won the Big Try. Keith and I will be
your host today, and we are joined with
Los Angeles NBC4 news anchor, Colleen Williams. [crowd applauding] – Colleen.
– Hello. – So excited to have you here.
– Well, I’m excited to be here. As a reminder
to both of our squads, tonight, you will be judged
on your professionalism, your flow, and cohesiveness, and the heart, passion, and overall squad work you brought to the Big Try. And sitting up straight,
by the way. Sitting up straight
is a big deal. It’s time to vote
on professionalism. Funhaus Squad, how do you think
your professionalism was during this broadcast? I thought we were
pretty professional. Yeah. I actually feel like
I remember more of the actual information
from our news story. Dudesons,
why don’t we talk about what you think you did well
in terms of professionalism? I think when you look at
the relative leap that we took. This is like climbing
a Mt. Everest. There was a really wonderful
growth in this squad. Dudesons, your professionalism was way better
than I expected. Over here, my problem
with your professionalism might have been that
you did a lot of your own opinions
on things. For me, I can tell you
that I’ve always been treated quite well by the police. Well, James, you are of
the right complexion. Because of that, I’m gonna vote over here
for Dudesons. – Whoa.
– That’s a shocker. – Boys, stay professionals.
– Thank you. Thank you. – Appreciate that.
– Thank you? That’s BS. [laughs] Funhaus, I thought
you guys did a great job. Each of your roles was defined. I have to give that
to you guys. Yeah, okay. Cool. – Okay.
– Yes, thank you. Funhaus Squad, as Keith said, I didn’t like how you were
editorializing a little bit, and the Dudesons Squad, you didn’t inject your own
personal opinion as much. So I have to go
for the Dudesons Squad. – What?
– Wow. – So with that–whoa.
– Whoa. Oh, God. – Well, nobody saw that coming.
– Professionalism? How did we vote for them
for professionalism? I’m all right.
I’m happy with it. Okay. Somehow, the Dudesons
have won professionalism. The score is now,
Dudesons Squad, one, Funhaus Squad, zero. Up next, flow and cohesiveness.
Dudesons Squad. There were moments
of really seamless transitions as if we were three mouths
on the same body. – Gross.
– Three hats on the same head. Yeah. That’s a better analogy,
I think. Three mouths on the same body
is awful. All right.
Let’s move on to Funhaus Squad. I think the flow
was all in the eyes. Eugene hands me the ball, I take it, I hand it to Elyse, – she takes it to…
– Dribble it for a minute. She dribbles it.
She goes up for a layup, it bounces off the rim,
that’s a miss, but that’s okay.
She gets to rebound, she tosses it back to me,
and then we keep it going. What I loved about this team
especially was interplay. Jukka, you said, “What is that? You’ve got a snake
around your neck?” So you were a participant
in the newscast in addition to being sort of
the captain of the ship. I’m gonna give it to
the Dudesons. – And that means really a lot.
– Thank you. I thought you guys
had a lot of fun, but there were probably
six or seven times where there was just dead air. ♪ ♪ Good evening. And, um, yeah, you know. So because of that,
I’m going over here for Funhaus. – Yeah.
– Thank you. Dudesons Squad, your newscast was filled
with awkward moments. But first, that’s not a good
thing though. That’s not a good thing. Overall, the flow is much better on the Funhaus Squad. – Oh.
– Oh, boy. I also wanna state right now that Ned and I
are not professionals. However, we consistently
are outweighing the actual professional
up here on the judges panel. This just in.
It is now time to deliberate
on the overall heart, passion, and squad work you brought to the Big Try. Squads, if you would reach
under your chairs and grab the noise
cancelling headphones. Where are we feeling right now? I think this team
brought a lot of passion. But would you want them
handling breaking news – that was really serious?
– What I will say about Funhaus is they were sort of like
a decent performance of a news we’re used to. The Dudesons had
incredible amount of heart. They had passion,
they had squad work, but it wasn’t the heart,
passion, and squad work that goes into an NBC
buttoned-up news broadcast. And the Funhaus Squad
was more buttoned-up. I think we might
all be in agreement on who we wanna vote for. I think we’re on
the same page, yeah. – I think so.
– With that, Squads, you may now remove
your headphones. Great. This was not easy, but only one squad can go home with the Try-phy, the greatest trophy
in all of reality competition. – You know what I’m saying?
– Oh, I know what you’re saying. The losers will not be
going home empty-handed. They can stay in the studio. – And tidy up.
– Oh. All right. So… the winner of the Squad Wars News Team Big Try is… – Funhaus Squad.
– Yeah. Congratulations
to Funhaus Squad. Dudesons Squad, you were the greatest show
I’ve ever seen, but not for NBC Live
News Broadcast. Thank so much
to Funhaus and Dudesons for joining us today. And thank you
to Colleen Williams for being our expert. That’s it for this episode
of Squad Wars. Tune in next week
for 22 uninterrupted minutes of Jukka hitting all of us
in the balls. No, no, no, no. I knew it was coming.
I knew it was coming! See you next time
on Squad Wars. Bye. I think I’ll skip that part. Yeah. ♪ ♪

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