The Fastest Photography Filter in The World | The Freewell Magnetic Filter system

Today I’m going to show you a new filter
system I’ve just got their magnetic they’re really cool and they’re from a
company called free well now every so often a product comes along
that I get really excited about and this is one of them if you’ve watched any of
my tutorials I mostly use the round filter system as they’re small and
easier to travel with but the biggest pain about these is having to screw them
on and off the front of your lens I’m so sick and tired of getting filters stuck
on lenses or on step-up rings where I have to tighten them up as tight as
possible to then get enough pressure to remove them from the step-up ring or the
lens as well as the time it takes to screw them on and off I’ve also dropped
a few of them when I’ve been in a rush to get them off the lens which isn’t the
best move in the world now a long time ago I saw a video by Caleb Pike using a
similar magnetic system check out the link in the description below it’s on
Vimeo but it’s well worth a watch anyway he had a set of magnetic adapters which
did a similar thing and when I saw those I was really excited by those however I
couldn’t get hold of these even though I wanted to I think at the time they were
only available in the United States so when the company free well got in
contact and wanted me to test their filters out once I saw that they use
this magnetic system I jumped at the chance now instead of it being an
adapter that you attach to your filters the magnet is built into the filter and
this is pretty cool in a few different ways the most obvious one being the
speed at which you can change these filters it’s as easy as that
the other cool thing is that with every filter they supply you with a lens cap
and not any old lens cap a magnetic one so it has a much lower profile the only
downside to these lens caps is that they’re hard to get off if you have a
lens hood fitted so it would be great to get a magnetic one with some way of
grabbing it from the front to fit it on it’s already attached to the screw bit
that sits on your lens so take it out of the case screw this to the front of your
lens and then pull the filter away then with this adapter on your lens you can
either have the filter in place no filter or the
SCAP in place it also has a thread on it so you can still use your old filters
without removing this adapter now if you’re the kind of safety conscious
person that uses a UV filter to protect the front element they provide you with
a screw-on ring with a UV filter built-in so your front element will
always be protected I prefer not having this and they also provide a ring that
doesn’t have the UV filter built-in so you have options another thing you can
do is easily stack these filters and they will just click into place with the
magnets although I don’t like taking photographs through too many layers of
glass I normally keep it to two as a maximum with the ten stop filter on a 25
millimeter lens I saw no change in sharpness it’s as
sharp without the filter as it is with the filter there’s also no visible
vignette includes so subtle that I corrected it with 150 Kelvin in
Lightroom which is a minut change when compared to my tiff intense top filter
it was so much better the tiffin had a greeny blue color cast
which is really hard to get rid of I’ve worked with it in the past but after
using this much better quality filter I don’t think I’m going to be using it
anymore free will also sent me a circular polarizer now one really cool
thing they’ve been able to do with this filter is to use the magnetic connection
point as a rotational plane so you can see here I can attach it to any of the
mounting plates and then I can rotate it into the position I want it in as it’s a
strong magnet it holds it solidly for the polarization there was no Vinnie
etting and no change in sharpness as well as no obvious color cast a color
polarizer does increase the saturation and deepen the blues and get rid of some
of those reflective lights but I couldn’t see any obvious color cast in
crop mode on the a7 r2 you at 11 millimeters I could see a hard vignette
but this is really really wide and right up to these hard vignettes that aren’t
any visible soft vignettes this shows the glass is really good-quality if you
do shoot really wide lenses a lot just get step
brings and by an oversized filter I always tell people to do this if they
are on say a 16-millimeter on a full-frame camera or anything wider than
12 millimeters on a crop sensor if your widest lens is say a 24 millimetres and
you’re shooting on a full-frame camera or 18 millimeters on a crop sensor
camera these filters work really well and there’s no soft vignette not that I
can see anyway if you want to check these files for yourself I have left the
link in the description below I’ve got RAW files I’ve got JPEGs and
I’ve also got some slightly processed ones none of them have sharpening on and
you can see this in the raw files I’ve been trying to get this filter to drop
off by shaking my camera and I haven’t been able to yet so the magnets are
really strong but I’ll be heading to Wales later in the year and I’ll be
shooting some waterfalls and I’ll be in the woods and doing lots of different
shoots there so I’ll be able to give you an update as to how durable they are
after a few months of use now the only thing I can see going wrong with these
filters is if you drop your camera they may get knocked off I’ve jumped around
with them on the shoulder strap that I have and I haven’t been able to get them
to shift yet so as I’ve said I’ll give you an update after a few months of
using them and let you know how I’m getting on with them and that’s about it
I don’t often get excited about products but when I do I want to share them with
you guys and this is definitely one that I’m excited by they retail at $99 each
no matter what size you order and for filters like this that’s a really good
price point you get the UV part and the non UV adapter mounting screw bit as
well as the lens cap with every filter they also come in this case which is
obviously magnetic I’m going to keep them in a third party filter pouch but
for more protection you could keep them in these cases they are just a little
bit bulky so as I said I’m gonna get a third party case and keep them in there
now if you like the look of these and want to get them I’ve left a link in the
description below they come in a range of sizes from 67 to 82 millimeters as
well as step-up rings for smaller lenses and they also have filters for drones
action cameras as well so go and check them out as always if you like what you
see you give me a thumbs up if you didn’t give me a thumbs down and for
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