The Google Pixel 3 Could Be The BEST Smartphone of 2018

– Yo guys. Jonathan here and the Google
Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL hands down had my favorite
camera on any smartphone last year period. And that has me really
excited for the Pixel 3 so much, in fact, that here’s
why I think it could be the best smartphone of 2018. So number one is the fact that
Google is actually listening. So much, in fact, that back in February, the Google Pixel software team was taking crowdsourcing ideas directly
from users off Reddit which is kind of surprising. (upbeat music) That’s something I think, you
would normally expect it from a company like OnePlus
where they kind of built their reputation off that
but for a giant like Google, it’s kind of refreshing to see. Without a doubt, we’re gonna
see hardware iprovements with the Pixel 3 and Pixel
3 XL but when you combine Android P and Pixel’s
specific request from users, it can only mean a good thing. So number two, again, the
Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL camera is incredible and the
idea that Google could improve upon it and make it
better is really exciting. What Google was able to
do with a single lens on the Pixel 2 is crazy,
like mind blowing, and don’t @ me, there is
not a single smartphone on the market today that can come close to what they’re doing
with portrait selfies. They’re definitely have been
some rumors of the Pixel 3 XL finally adopting a second
lens, I’m not sure how concrete that rumor is but either way,
Google did such a great job with Pixel 2 that I don’t care
if they include a single lens or a duel lens, just the fact
that it’s gonna be better than the Pixel 2 is enough for me. So number three, the
Pixel 3 and 3 XL should be a little sexier, now don’t
get me wrong, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, they weren’t
terrible looking phones but compared to other flagships, they definitely looked a little dated. Based off what we’ve seen so
far, we’re definitely gonna see smaller bezels and for better
or for worse, it looks like the Pixel 3 XL is going to have a notch. Personally, if I’m gonna
confess, I don’t hate the notch. The only thing that looks
a little weird to me is the fact that there’s
a notch plus a chin. The point of a notch is
to minimize those bezels so the fact that we have
to see the chin there is a little weird. On the positive, the chin
more than likely means we should see stereo
speakers and I’m a huge fan of stereo speakers on a smartphone. It’s one of those things that
you don’t really appreciate until you have it but when
you go back to a phone that doesn’t, it is definitely noticeable. Now because we’re talking
about the display, one giant controversy
surrounding the Pixel 2 last year was the blue tint or the blue shift. The positive is Google
did address that with the Pixel 2 in later shipments,
the downside is you almost kind of had to roll the dice
of whether you’re getting the good display or a
bad display but hopefully with the Pixel 3, that
issue is nonexistent and if that’s the case,
it’s shaping up to be a fantastic phone. Now number four is the
hope that Google takes those features that were
lacking with Pixel 2 and brings them to the Pixel 3. At the very least, on the Pixel 3 XL, I would hope for a
higher resolution screen. 1080p on a phone that size
in 2018 for a flagship, I don’t think’s gonna cut it. We should definitely see a ramp up from four gigabytes up to six gigabytes. I have seen rumors of an
eight gigabyte Pixel 3 but I wouldn’t hold my breath for that, that seems more like
something OnePlus would do and definitely not Google. Two other things I’m
hoping for with the Pixel 3 are one, wireless charging,
again I’m not gonna bank on this but I’m gonna cross my fingers and two is going to be
IP68 water resistance. The Pixel 2 is only IP67
so it’s a small thing but Google, most phones
have that certification so please bring it to the Pixel 3. Now number five is software
or more specifically, Android P and Google Assistant. Like I talked about earlier,
the Pixel software team is already listening
to feedback from users so just imagine Android P but fine tuned for the Pixel 3 XL, completely optimized, it’s going to be amazing. I’ve talked about it
also earlier this year, Google Assistant is so far ahead of Siri that it’s not even funny and I think it’s a giant advantage that Pixel has over the 2018 iPhone. I’ve seen rumors of
potentially having the ability to remap the squeeze feature,
which would be awesome, and more so I think
it’s gonna be the combo of optimized software
with better hardware. We should see the
Snapdragon 845 in addition to more RAM so it’s gonna feel
snappier, faster, more fluid. More than anything though,
Google can kind of bring all that together,
improve upon, kind of fill in those blanks that were
missed on the Pixel 2 and make the camera better. Are you kidding me? Take my money. Now as far as availability,
the original Pixel and Pixel 2 were both announced
in October respectively so I would expect the same
thing here with the Pixel 3. Definitely make sure you subscribe for future coverage on that. Also, let me know what
you are most excited for with the Pixel 3 and 3 XL. Thank you guys for watchin’. The last two videos are here. This is Jonathan and I
will catch you guys later.

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  • New episode of the best tech under $50 is live! 👀

  • Love my Pixel 2XL, but most likely will pass on the 3XL. I don't care about the notch. However, I have zero interest in an all-glass phone. Wireless charging is worthless to me. A glass phone is a disaster waiting to happen regardless if it's in a case.

  • The leaked pixel 3 and pixel 3 XL design is worse than the iPhone and the Galaxy phones I mean I don't like the Galaxy phones I like the iPhones better and I kind of like Google not too much but I kind of like them but I'm liking Apple and Samsung more now because Appleton make the notch look ugly and I know if Samsung does it in the future they won't make it look ugly like Google is this year

  • if Google does adding apps to their phone it's not going to matter cuz it's not going to be as good as Apple's because their face unlock is not as secure as Apple's is if it's Apple versus Google with the notch in terms of Face Unlock I have to give this win to iPhone it just does it better here in the noch looks better on the iPhone also

  • Pixel 3 is going to fail the iPhone 11 is going to be boss don't get me wrong I like Samsung phones too but any Samsung or Iphone nowadays is going to be better than the pixel 3 especially making the nurse look better I know Samsung if they adopt the notch after ample it'll still look better than Google if I had to say it was Apple versus Google Apple would win if it was Samsung versus Google Samsung would win they would make the knots look way better just like apple better than the pixel 3 both Samsung and Apple will have better notch looks then the pixel 3 and pixel 3 XL

  • The face unlock on the new pixel 3 is going to be worse then on the new Samsung phones with it if that happens but it will also be worse than the iPhone because my pixel XL can't even recognize me most of the times in the dark so how do you think that the pixel 3 will if the pixel 2 or pixel 1 can't

  • the iPhone 11 and the Galaxy S10 have face unlock and they will both be better than the pixel 3 because the pixel line in the past hasn't been good with the face unlock it literally works like 50% of the time whereas in the Samsung phones and the iPhones work like 99. 9% of the time

  • I'm getting the iPhone 11 in September when it's released and I'm upgrading from a pixel 1 don't get me wrong I like pixel I wanted to try something different I just don't like how they're making the notch a little bit ugly especially uglier than the iPhone and maybe Samsung in the future I know Samsung and iPhone will always look better with a notch then Google does and Google has been giving me issues with random battery drain not telling me what's draining my battery and random app closes out of nowhere and there's no dark mode in YouTube I'm just done iOS has all these things and they do better because iOS and Samsung OS runs better

  • but I can tell you that the Bixby speaker is most likely going to be a flop if not it'll be better than Google assistant and Siri now don't get me wrong I like Siri but when I get my iPhone I'll have Siri and Bixby the best to assistance I can talk to Google and ask her about a new device or really anything coming up and it could be really close to the release date and she has no idea what I'm talking about that's why Siri and Bixby are the best I'm going to get the iPhone 11 with Siri and the Bixby speaker because assistants im probably going to get the Siri speaker too because the Siri speaker and the Bixby speaker are the best to assistant ai's

  • Squeeze to pop up a assistant that's just stupid a lot of people have the pixel 2 in the activate the assistant the normal way you already could why not throw in an extra button to activate the assistant like all other companies have no ideas why don't you it's better than squeezing the phone who wants to squeeze their phone that's just stupid woohoo great brand new future Google wow Google is such an abomination also their voice recognition sucks my speaker keeps cutting out on the microphone it's pissing me off I'm done with Google I'm switching to iPhone 11 in September gosh Samsung speakers work better than Google's in the microphone Department wow what a joke Google get your shit together

  • I know other companies are doing the Notch and everything but look at Google they probably f*** it up more than all the other companies did yes Apple did the Notch and not everybody liked it but if you look back at it and then you look at the pixel 3 or any other phone Apple did it way better and because pixel is adding this Notch does that mean there's going to be some 3D face tracking thing like apple did with an emoji I doubt it because it can't even recognize your face even with the pixel one or pixel 2 very well so I'm pretty sure it's going to be a flop on day one

  • Like for headphone jack on pixel 3

  • 0:51, 2:23, 4:13…… whatsup? Are you trying to subliminally sell us shoes? lol

  • Using a iPhone 6s, not sure if I should get a Samsung S9+ or google pixel 2 xl

  • I wish the front facing camera was just as good as the rear camera

  • I think that the notch it's big because of the two camera "and they are big so much 😅"(just opinion) 'sorry for my ENG'

  • i just want to know if it has a headphone jack. that's the only reason i got a s8+ over the pixel 2xl

  • Oh no. Another bloody phone with a notch! :O)
    I'd rather have a chin, or bezels..still, if you can get rid of it..

  • I'm looking forward to improved video. Was a bit shit on pixel 2. That'll be the winner for me 🙂

  • Why that stupid notch

  • How would this be considered the best of 2018? Literally everything you mentioned you "hope the Pixel 3 has" are already available on flagship phones today, from almost every other manufacturer. The pixel line is behind on every front but software. The pixel 3 and 3 xl will be playing catch up and quickly put to shame in mere months.

  • You can make the notches have a dark background, so you get your notifications there, but dont actually see the notch, that said, notch size is equal to the chin, so you get symmetry, double axis symmetry baby, beat that suckers, plus amazing stereo speakers. Im very excited, love the design of both ardware and software they took with adroid pie. Can't wait. Take. My. Money.

  • When you see the new Pixel 3, you will be surprised ! They are using a form of marketing called reverse leaking bucket or also a part of leaky bucket (reversed). This October 4 you will get also a view of the Google Pixel 3 Ultra……..

  • Pixel 3 comes out at the end of the year so right before Qualcomm upgrades their chips. The phone will be outdated a few months after its release.

  • The next best smartphone without a notch is the BEST Smartphone of 2018 for me.

  • I am still pissed off at Verizon and Samsung for the Note7 debacle & that's why I got the 1st Pixel non-XL. I am not excited about the notch! I think S8 had it, but in software you could hide it. So if there's dual front firing speakers I might be able to live with it, but it's so reminiscent of Apple & I am not a fan boy! I like the early roll out of software updates and the camera is good. But I am tempted by Oppo X with the motorized lense speaker tray. Hauwei is looking better all of the time too!

  • Sorry, but I laugh at the promotion for Google's Pixel 3 – the Pixel 2 has serious issues with Bluetooth connectivity that is causing a lot of pain for the users – Google response has been to ignore it, and leave us in the dark ages of no Bluetooth connectivity with our Cars, Home and Personal Devices. The users have confirmed that it is in fact a Pixel 2 Hardware/Driver issue – used multiple brands of Phones running the exact same OS Build and Apps with No Bluetooth Connectivity issues. So please tell people to verify Pixel 3 Bluetooth actually works before they buy it – it's painful to pay $850 for a phone that doesn't work with your Bluetooth devices.

  • It will be Overpriced compared to similar smartphones when it launches

  • 2:23 ???? SPLY-350 ????

  • You mostly talked about software improvements- which of course will definitely be implemented on Pixel 2 as well.

  • could be , not will be notch sucks u too

  • Idc about the notch but, all I wanna see is.. how the camera goes.. and it would be cool if pixel 3 has a wide angle and tele-photo lens.. and please make another video of google pixel 3 / 3 XL's photographer's review. And thanks very much!

  • 2.23 WHAT IS THIS shoe???

  • the pixel is like the apple for ios….all efforts should be placed on google pixel to produce the best phone and software…everything else is just junk

  • If the Google Pixel 3 XL does not have these features components I'm gonna pass…

    Headphone Jack (or at least some better pixel wireless headphones)
    No display issues
    Wireless Charging
    SD Card reader
    Slim bezzles
    Notch Free
    Dual Camera (back)
    6GB of RAM or More
    Great Performance doesn't slow down over time (not excessively if not at all)

  • How about an unbreakable screen like Motorola.

  • Man I have the Pixel 2 right now. I'm satisfied with everything about it minus the fact that there is no Google made watch and the fact that the phone has ugly large ass bezels. Because of that I've lately been thinking of getting the next upcoming iPhone since ethey got the watch, wireless ear buds and very good looking phone overall. I just wish mine looked good too.

  • fuc**ng nooooottttcccchhhh

  • You could have a smaller chin or no chin at all. The Sony xperia xz2 put the speakers to the very edge of the chin which is really cool.

  • The only reason i switched frm iphone 6 to the pixel xl and the google family was because they were giving quality phones without too much of a price spike. I hope they dnt go too crazy with the price on
    Pixel 3xl. That would be unfortunate plus i have really become accustomed to the Android OS.

  • I have pixel 2 XL and I am just loving it and the camera is just amazing out of the world but being a photographer one thing that I lack is manual focus in pixel 2xl so I'll be amazed and I'll be loving it if pixel 3 launches with manual focus in camera

  • Galaxy a9 and note 9 are best smartphone of 2018 /2019

  • I have the phone and it's a very good phone it doesn't matter to me that it doesn't have a headphone jack I don't see what is the big deal

  • Hey Jonathan can another Jonathan get a like?

  • There should be adaptive volume that works the same way as adaptive brightness. And more camera settings…

  • Pixel is the most over priced, ugly, boring phone

  • No headphone jack = not listening. Camera was good already in the first gen.

  • That give bath tub notch says otherwise

  • the notch may be deep but im deeper into ur mom haha lol

  • I didn't think Pixel 2 XL looked bad at all. One of my fav designs, still.

    What is the name of the song at 2:30?

  • Nexus 5 was the fastest, best camera most durable phone of its time and for a great price. Since then, not a single google phone managed to get my attention.

  • Haha sure, with that ugly notch, no sd card or headphone jack and nearly a thousand dollars?

  • The pixel 3 xl is automatically trash because of that notch.

    Perhaps the standard size pixel 3 will be easier on the eyes

  • Come on Jon…

  • What's with the shoe at 2:23?

  • If Google crowd sourced the pixel 3 design, then we need to permaban those individuals from the internet.


  • Nice video 👍

  • Add the freaking headphone jack back + Quad bit Hifi support and an option to add a micrso sd up to 2TB and it will be the best phone! Just copy what LG is doing and combine it with the existing awesome camera and then you have a winner. Oh and add 4K video recording too.

  • Blue Tint Yeezys? Lol clever add on

  • Well now we know is not going to be, 4gb of Ram only? Huge Notch?

  • Haven't watched the video yet, but I will, there's no possible way in any case that a Pixel phone will be the best. Even the most unknown Asian manufactured budget phone is better…

  • I own a pixel 2 XL, with that being said design does not make any phone the best phone. You talked a lot about it's going to better , but all you said was it's going to better . How you utilize the phone in my honest opinion is what determines if that is the best phone for you.

  • I just got the Pixel 2 XL yesterday refurbished for $400. Great deal I think

  • Cool, but if I want people to know I'm rich, then I must by the next iPhone

  • This video shows that google paid u well !

  • I chose the OnePlus 6 over the Pixel 2; no complaints so far. Sure, camera quality isn't on par (although the camera on the OnePlus 6 is no slouch) but I have a headphone jack and I'm happy.

  • I don't know how good the pixel XL 3 is going to be, but as long as my pixel XL 2 keeps serving me the way it has for the last year, there's no chance of me upgrading anytime soon. My pixel XL 2 is the best ever phone I've ever had since cell phones were introduced.

  • More like the biggest notch of the year

  • Johnathan is paid google bitch

  • Not Even…

  • "Google is actually listening" slaps a big ass notch on the phone

  • Where can I get that shirt?

  • Samsung Galaxies are way better! In fact, their probably the best phones ever.

  • Poor design!

  • After seeing this video I am so excited for October 9th to get here because I can't wait to play the pixel 3 I have the pixel 2 and I heard about the Notch and now learning that the pixel 3 won't have the notch I'm so excited!! Thank you for sharing this video. Super helpful info.

  • If it's fugly, i won't be buying it.

  • you guys and the notch issue, the fucking headphone jack issue.. get used to it until technology moves forward.

  • I still have a Galaxy note 5. I want to change my phone. it's been 3 years. This phone is just not cutting it anymore. My battery lasts like 2 to 3 hours. It lags. The camera is just awful compared to the newer phones now. I just need a new phone. The only thing I still like about my phone is the display and that's it

  • ممتاز 👍

  • Not knowing that the pixel 2 XL screen was 1440p is a really novice mistake. This phone has fail written all over it though. Plus the difference between the pixel 1 and pixel 2 cameras was negligible.

  • 👍🏾

  • Yeah and then the same thing dropped and then you went against what you said here, smfh

  • still 4GB the ram. and only 64gb of storage for the base model …

  • Wait for Huawei mate 20 pro more powerful chip under display finger print . Kirin 980 7nm chip . 4200mh battery 5g phone .

  • I can handle a notch because I'm not a pussy like these people who think a phone needs to have the biggest possible screen but god damn no headphone jack is a big dealbreaker

  • you are spot on….. it is the best smartphone in 2018

  • do any of you tech guys talk about the dangers of 5g?

  • Where is it made? Who makes it? Google doesn't have a mobile phone plant or hardware technology production facilities like Samsung, LG, Sony etc.

  • Google phone is the worst phone which makes problems endlessly. I have lost most phone calls because my Google phone lost the phone call icon and many other problems every time. I have complained about the problems to Google again and again, Google only answers by phone or email without a solution.

  • It gotta be a good reason for me to leave Samsung for Google but y'all we all know Google has copies many things off of Apple

  • Nokia inside.

  • I think I will rather get a 3 than a 3xl becz I hv seen so many review about the notch.. I mean we can hide it but it messed with the screen aft a few times of testing it out..

  • Nice copy with the finger print on the back the same as the Sony XZ2.

  • is it actually snapdragon 845

  • All the shit talking over the notch is kind of hilarious when you think of how far we’ve come. Like I get you like what you like, if you dislike the notch don’t buy the phone, but how greedy and unthankful can you sound? Like that giant ass screen on a phone capable of fulfilling all of the needs required of it, an interesting and different design, but that small rectangle at the top of the screen is absolutely the most evil vile thing anyone has ever seen. Try goin our and smelling the roses, it gets worse I promise.

  • i didn't open this video to see your fucking face. .u son of a hoe .. maderchot

  • i've had a few google phones in the past, and based on my experience after couple of years, they all stop working, either battery problems, or boot loop issues. Don't buy Google phones, you've been warned.

  • 2:23

  • Pice of crap!!!

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