THE MOLDY CAKE | Short film | Agnes Olivo

I asked for love and he gave me a moldy cake. But I asked for love! That is love. Isn’t it going to make me bad? Maybe. So, are you going to take it or not? I don’t know. You know, I’m not going to stay here the whole day Anyway, you don’t know how to cook, so you should take it. Fuck that, I don’t need love! But without love, I realized that I had no wish or strength to do anything anymore Actually, it’s not that bad. In fact, looking at it from the side I almost don’t see any bad part. Okay, my stomach still twists… But most importantly I feel like taking the train and paying my bills. It stinks so much! That’s all I have. To my surprise, it didn’t taste like anything anymore. At least it gives me the energy to get out of the bed. But that is terrible! I call it love. Unable to swallow his love, I closed the curtains and waited for death to come by. But, it wasn’t her. That is not love. Yes, it is! No, it’s not. Maybe I should learn to cook by myself.

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