The Most Surprisingly POWERFUL Smash Characters! (Feat. TierZoo)

Vsauce, I’m Jake and my favorite game series
for Nintendo is Super Smash Bros. And while playing the latest game in the series,
Smash Bros. Ultimate…I got to thinking…what if these
moves that are performed in the game where to happen to you in real life? So today we are going to focus on 3 characters
and a specific move from each of them: Ganondorf, Isabelle and Wii Fit Instructor. Now, it goes without saying that if any character
from Smash were to come at you, your likelihood of walking away from that battle would be
very small but with these 3 characters and their moves we will be discussing, they are
not only deadly but surprisingly so. So let’s start with Ganondorf and his Warlock
Punch. For this move, Ganondorf channels dark energy
into a devastating punch. In the game, when Ganondorf hits you with
his Warlock Punch you generally fly back quite a distance but if this hit you in reality,
it would actually be much much worse. To fully explain why, we need to first talk
about what fuels his punch, dark energy. Dark Energy is a property of space. The more space there is, the more dark energy. That is to say that as space expands, dark
energy is not diluted. And not only that, as more space comes into
existence more dark energy, this energy of space, would appear causing the Universe to
expand faster and faster. This relates to a discarded version of Einstein’s
Theory of Gravity in which he referred to this concept as the Cosmological Constant,
something that counteracts gravity. An additional theory for dark energy relates
back to the first to a degree. It is some kind of energy fluid or field that
fills all of space that as NASA states, “whose effect on the expansion of the universe is
the opposite of that of matter and normal energy.” And that’s really all we know – nobody knows
exactly what dark energy is. It is a theoretical concept to explain a problem…the
problem being the universe expanding at an increasing rate, that something is opposing
gravity. So taking what we do know about Dark Energy,
we can speculate, and I want to emphasize that we are speculating, what Ganondorf’s
Warlock Punch would do if it hit you. Not only would his punch just be incredibly
powerful in and of itself because of his strength and size, but if he did hit you with a Warlock
Punch you would not only be pushed back by the force of the hit but also by the dark
energy force. You just don’t get up afterwards and shake
it off, you keep getting punched in a sense…you are never at rest. The force from his fist is still on you even
though, physically, his fist is no longer touching you. And that force gets stronger and more powerful
as you are flung back further from it. Because dark energy is the opposite of gravity,
unless you were somehow physically stopped, you would just keep going. Forever. And of course at some point the force applied
to wherever you were struck, let’s say the chest, would eventually crush your bones and
organs and you’d just be a corpse moving through the air. Now there are other incredibly powerful punches
in Smash Bros, like the Falcon Punch and while deadly, you can imagine what would happen
if a fist moving so quickly it ignited in flame were to hit you, but for a really wonderful
analisis, Lockstin & Gnoggin have a great video on the topic which I’ll link in the
description. And the term Falcon Punch actually comes from
real life falcons punching their prey in flight…which makes me wonder what are the most powerful
punches in the animal kingdom? To find out I just need to consult my TierZoo
AnimalDex. [TierZoo] And speaking of animals, let’s choose a
new Smash character that I found to be surprisingly deadly, the adorable Shih Tzu Isabelle and
her fishing rod toss. For this move, Isabelle casts out a fishing
line and can capture an enemy, throwing them. This specific move caught my eye because of
just how powerful it is in the game. So how powerful would it be in real life? A fishing rod is a lever. It’s a simple machine generally used to
amplify force. There are 3 types of levers and each one is
distinguished by the relation of the three main parts: the fulcrum, the effort (also
known as the force), and the load. A catapult would be a class 1, a wheelbarrow
would be a class 2, and a fishing rod is a class 3 lever. If we look at a rod the handle is the fulcrum,
the force/effort is the arm of the rod and the load is whatever is attached to the end. In this case, you. Quick sidenote, your arm when lifting is also
a class 3 lever. annnnddd 200. Now here is where something counterintuitive
but perfect for Isabelle’s deadly move comes in: It’s harder to lift something with a
class 3 lever than without one. What it does excel at is increasing the speed
at which that object is lifted. It’s a speed multiplier rather than a force
multiplier. Meaning Isabelle has to be stronger to throw
someone with her fishing rod than if she just picked them up with her paws and threw them. But using the fishing rod she can throw them
much faster. But how much faster? Great question. The increase in speed is directly related
to the length of the lever, fishing rod, compared to the length of her arm. Using freeze-frames we can roughly estimate
that the fishing rod is 9x longer than her arm giving us a 9x speed multiplier. And since it’s harder to lift things with
a class 3 lever it also means Isabelle has to be 9x stronger. She would literally be one of the physically
strongest characters in the game. For example, here is one of the strongest
humans on the planet, Thor Björnsson, throwing a 12.32kg beer keg 8.05m into the air. Isabelle could throw Thor holding a keg faster
and farther. So, with all that in mind and with some really
cool studies on how fast a fishing line travels through the air, we can estimate that if you
were thrown by Isabelle with her fishing rod, you would be travelling at around 643.7 kph
if she threw you straight forward. About 72% the speed of an airplane. You would travel 240 meters in 1.3 seconds. And going from 0 to 643.7 kph in roughly half
a second would mean you’d experience 36.5 g’s. At that level of acceleration the average
human body would briefly weigh 2.6 metric tons, about as much as a small car. You’d bleed into your retinas causing temporary
blindness, and you’d black out either from lack of oxygen going to the brain or just
from the brain slamming into your skull. Oh, and if it were quick enough, your neck
would snap. However that’s not the end of it. If she threw you into a wall or really any
hard surface you would immediately die. Now onto our last character, the Wii Fit Trainer
and her move the Sun Salutation. For this move, the Wii Fit Trainer generates
a sun energy ball that can be used as a projectile. If she is creating a ball made out of sun
energy the closest analogue would be plasma, the fourth state of matter along with solids,
liquid and gases. Plasma is a superheated gas that also conducts
electricity. Now how hot would this be? Well, the Corona, the outermost layer of the
sun is ten million degrees celsius. Even if we went with the surface of the sun
it would still be a disgustingly hot 6000 degrees celsius. Since you would be standing next to this ball
of hot death we are going to go with the temperature of the Corona. If you were faced with a Sun Salutation, things
would be not looking good for you. Water turns into gas vapor at 100 degrees
C, so every liquid in your body would immediately evaporate and so would those nice wet balls
in your head you use to see. Your bones would evaporate too. Actually, everything in the vicinity would
evaporate. The stage you’re on, the air around you,
even Wii Fit Trainer themselves. It would be a kamikaze move. And this would all happen instantaneously. The closest visual example I can think of
is this… So with all things said, you don’t want
to go up against any Smash character in real life but these 3 in particular I found to
be incredibly interesting in just how underratedly devastating they would be in reality. Not just to you but to anyone or anything
around you. If there are specific characters you want
to see explored in scientific reality, let me know in the comments below. And speaking of underrated, let’s go back
to our TierZoo AnimalDex to find out what the 3 most underrated animals are. [TIERZOO] Be sure to follow me over to TierZoo to find
out by clicking the link at the top of the description or by clicking right here and,
as always, thanks for watching.

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