The Notorious P.A.M! part 1

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪ – [Interviewer] Street
performers are a big part of Hollywood Boulevard. This week on TTN, we’re
going behind the masks to find out what life is really like when they’re not out
dressed like superheroes. [Interviewer] So, how did you two meet? – So, I had needed to get my
hair and nails did, right? Hoodrat, s**t, yeah ok,
whatever, you could say that. But, (bell dinging) My girl had the hook up
on some Drake tickets, and I fux with Drake, so a bish was real thirsty to get her look on act-right, you feel me? Ha, ha! But, a bish was short on cash. Short on skrilla, like, Kevin Hart short. Like Tila Tequila’s
career short, you feel me? Like a bish was short. But then along comes this green motha- I mean, along comes my boo. My boo had came walking down the street and he was like “Captain
Save These Hoes” on a bish. Like he paid for my hair and my nails and everything like he made
it rain up in that bish, okay? He took me shopping, he
took me to nice dinn-Ter. It was like some classy place, you’ve probably never been there, was called um,
Chee-pote-lay, Chee-pote-lay. – Chipotle. – Yeah I had like all
the free tortil’a chips I could eat bish, whaaat? Whaaat? Whaaat? – Whipped out the old velcro wallet and we’ve been together ever since. – Yeah, that’s beautiful guys. So the color barrier, it
doesn’t bother you guys? – No, not at all, right baby? – I wouldn’t say all that. There are certain things that interracial relationships
just have to face. – Oh, okay, like what? – Well, for starters, I mean
here I am this Black woman, beautiful Black woman,
Nubian goddess, okay? African princess, everything’s
real, everything’s organic, nothing fake, killin’
the game, Egyptian style, and I’m walking around
with this green dude. It’s like, ugh, you should
see the looks people give me when I’m walking down the street with HIM. – I mean, and I’m super natural
looking myself, so you know. But we don’t, we don’t
let those weird looks, you know, mess with us. Our love is color blind. – Not to my momma it ain’t. You know what she said,
these are her words, and her words she said, “if he looks like “he’s from planet other, “do not bring him home to
your motherrrrrrrrrrr.” – She’s said some worse
things to me in private too. – Wow, she’s a wise woman. Why do you, then why do you
stay with him, if that’s? – Oh cause, when Pam see
green, she see cha-ching. And this green motha
fugga right here though? he gots good credit, yes. His ficus score is through
the roof hon-tea. Bam! – Yeah. – Yeah, I pay on time, yeah. You know Pam here just took out a two million dollar life
insurance policy on me. – What? – You know, cause I’d just
shudder to think of a world where I’m dead and there’s
nobody left to take care of her. – I shudder to think it too. Check this out, I’ve been
poisoning this motha fugga for the past 4 months. – What? – So like I was saying, you
know we good together, it just– – Whoa, whoa babe.
– What’s the matter? – I really, I do not, my
stomach is not, oh, I do not I gotta run to the bathroom. – Oh you okay baby? Maybe you should go lay down. – There’s something wrong with that tea. – [Pam] Oh go, go lay down or something. – [Algae Man] Oh yeah, oh yeah. – Yeah just, you’ll be okay baby. I can make you some more
meatloaf later if you want. – [Algae Man] Okay. – Um…Yeah you gon’ be fine. – [Interviewer] Is he okay? – He’s fine babe. Did you want something to drink? – [Algae Man] Babe! Hey babe? – Huh? – [Algae Man] I’m throwing
up and peeing blood again. – [Pam] Again? – [Algae Man] It’s crazy right? – That is crazy, that’s craaaazy.
He’s peeing blood, girl. That’s a trip. – Should we– – He’s fine, don’t you worry about that, You mind your business. You sure you don’t want nothing to drink? – [Algae Man] It really hurts. – Just get one of my
Maxi pads out the cabinet and you’ll just put that on. You’ll be okay, just, don’t worry baby. Green lives matter. – [Algae Man] Okay. – They don’t matter. – Should we? – [Algae Man] It’s a lot. – You’ll be fine, I’ve
got company, shut it up! – [Algae Man] Okay,
it’s just not stopping. – You’ll be okay! Let me finish my interview okay? Pam is on camera right now. – [Algae Man] Sorry baby. – [Pam] What was we saying? – Should I call someone? – No, don’t call nobody.
– Okay. – Not yet. But that shit
working faster than I thought. Bish! I’m finna get paid! Ha, ha, ha! Yeah bitch! – [Interviewer] Yeah bitch. – You sure you don’t
want nothing to drink? – Yeah. – Okay, everything is safe except when you put it in THIS cup. – Oh. – This cup. ♪ Step into the scene, people notice ♪ ♪ They can’t help but say it ♪ ♪ Tanjareen, Tanjareen, aye ♪ ♪ Tanjareen ♪

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