The Science of Color With Kate Woodman | PRO EDU Photography Tutorial Trailer

(vibrant classical music) – Color is science. It’s wavelengths of light. And on the flip side, it’s emotion. It makes us feel a certain way. But ultimately I think
it comes down to energy. Red literally makes us feel
more energetic, more enlivened. Blue makes us feel calmer. It helps us concentrate. That’s the beauty of color. As photographers, we
can take control of that to infuse our own work with
certain types of emotions to manipulate the audience and
make them feel a certain way. So in this tutorial we’re gonna talk about the properties of color. We’ll talk about hue. We’ll talk about saturation. We’ll talk about luminosity. These are all things that if
you’ve opened Photoshop before, You’ve probably seen them. You know in a vague sense maybe what they do when you change them. But we’re really gonna get into the heart of what those things are and how we’re gonna manipulate them, and you’ll be able to control
them in your own work. We’re gonna talk about the
literal balance of color, color harmonies and how
colors work together, spatial relationships. And we’ll talk about how
we see color in context, not in just an abstract sense, but also in the environment
and in the real world. We’ll go into a studio segment where we’re shooting color in the studio in a really literal kind of way. A location shoot, and we’ll
get into if we’re strategic about color in the first place
in selecting our locations, in manipulating our set and our styling, it’s a lot less work for us when we do take it into Photoshop. And we’ll go through the
retouching from beginning to end. I just want you to go out into the world and just see color, recognize
how it’s making you feel, how it’s affecting you, how
it pairs with other colors. Because as soon as you start noticing it, it’s gonna make your work
so much stronger in the end.

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