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With today’s release of the terrain tools
and stylist career patch, The Sims 4 also has a first person mode, accessible by hitting
shift+tab. While in first person, you can look around
normally with the mouse and issue commands toward anything you can see. For times when there is a door or wall in
the way that won’t let you select the ground behind it, you can simply right click to bring
up a ‘move here’ dialog that will help you get where you’re trying to go… this, assuming
you can stomach first person for any length of time. While in this mode, some players will have
a bit of dizziness especially if they are not used to first person games. You can scroll the mouse wheel back to increase
field of view and reduce the relative motion somewhat, which will help with that symptom. For what it’s worth, this does get better
if you have this problem but it does take repeat exposures to get more used to it. I think Sims is particularly bad because there
is a LOT of head bobbing going on and a shooter would not normally be this jerky. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still cool. It could use a few improvements, like setting
field of view to a default value as it resets each time you enter the mode. You can interact with the interface by holding
shift. For example. this might be handy to cancel a command or
click a need to have your Sim auto-satisfy it, while you’re along for the ride. If you lose control of the camera, it may
be helpful to hit control to look back the way your Sim is looking. You can still remove the interface with tab
like you would for immersion and screenshots. Shift-tab will take you back to normal mode. For now it is really crazy how far away the
camera may go when you leave first person – I do wish it would focus back on your Sim
from overhead. Certain things can be pretty funny when in
first person mode, and I’m sure romantic moments will be worth checking out. Just don’t expect things like woohoo to be
bug-free. It’s going to show you lots of messed up textures
as though you zoomed in super close to the bed. Same for swimming in a pool. I have a copy of Get Famous courtesy of game
changers, but I’d prefer to spend a lot more time with it before I make any content in
video form due to the amount of work, so I’ll be taking notes over the next few days and
try to have something better for you over the weekend. I will also cover the terrain tools, I have
a page up on my guide, though to many of you those will be self explanatory.

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