The Witches (4/10) Movie CLIP – Maximum Results! (1990) HD

*clapping from witches* *clapping stops* You may remove your shoes You may remove your wigs. The doors – are they locked and bolted!? Locked and bolted! Your Grandness- Good, help me. No no no.. *grunts ensue* *soft* Wow.. Witches.. Of England You’re a disgrace! Miserable witches you’re good for nothing worms! Everywhere I look, I see a repulsive sight of hundreds, thousands of revolting little children. I ask you *points* why.. One child a week is no good to me! We will do better we will do much better! *scoffs* Better is no good either! I demand maximum results. So, here are my orders My orders are that every child in England Shall be *inaudible* out DESTROYED Every single child eliminated *gasps softly* Do I make myself clear? *whispers of “yes”* *Coughing* We can’t possibly wipe out all of them! Who spoke..? WHO DARES TO ARGUE WITH ME!? It was you? I didn’t mean to argue your Grandness… You dare to argue with me! No! No.. Honestly it just was a- Stupid witch who answers back Must burn until her bones are black! No! No! A foolish witch… Is at *inaudible* Must sizzle into fiery flame A witch who dares to say I’m wrong Will not be with us.. VERY LONG! *lazers from eyeballs! O snap!* What in the devil?? *Cackles in background* *laughs* *outro song*

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