Theme 1. Greeting – Good morning. Good bye. | ESL Song & Story – Learning English for Kids

Theme 1 Greeting Good morning. Good morning, everyone. How are you? Fine, thanks. How are you? Great! Come in, please. Nice to meet you. My name is Kate. Nice to meet you, too. Sit down, please. Thank you. This is the music room. Wow! They are good. That’s the school library. Wow! Many books! Good afternoon, everyone. Good afternoon, Mr. Kim. My name is Kate. How are you? I’m great. Nice to meet you, Kate. Good morning. Good morning. This is Jiho. This is Bomi. Good morning, Jiho. Good morning, Bomi. Good afternoon. Good afternoon. This is Wiz. This is Wiki. Good afternoon, Wiz. Good afternoon, Wiki. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. How are you? I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine. Thank you. Good afternoon. Good afternoon. Good afternoon. How are you? I’m not good. I’m not good. I’m not good. Oh, no. Good evening. Good evening. Good evening. How are you? I’m great. I’m great. I’m great. Thank you. Good morning, morning, morning. Good afternoon, afternoon, afternoon. Good evening, evening, evening. This is Jiho. This is Bomi. Good morning, Toto. Good morning, Bunny. Okay. Hi, I’m Kiki. Hello, Kiki. I’m Toto. Good morning, Foxy. This is Toto. Hello, Toto. I’m Foxy. This is Bunny. Good afternoon, Bunny. Good afternoon. Good evening. Good evening. Good bye. Bye. Good morning! Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. How are you? Um… I’m Okay. How are you? Fine, thank you. Hahaha. Let’s go! Good afternoon! How are you? Not good! Thank you! Are you okay? Hahaha! I’m great. Let’s go! Are you okay? I’m not okay! I’m not happy! Oh no… Good evening, everyone! Who are you? Oh, no! It’s a lion! Wow, you are a great lion! Thank you! Now, let’s go to OZ!

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